Rabbit Walked Off The Job…

Friday at the flip house and we’re so close to being done. But in the midst of trying to get the house done, I guess I’ve been making some mistakes too.

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Author: Rafael


36 thoughts on “Rabbit Walked Off The Job…

  1. I love how this fool airs everybody out but yet he'll surround himself with nothing but felons. I just saw a comment about how joes attitudes gonna leave him divorced and such, and i couldnt agree more. No hate joe, but im 21 and i figured out that i need people in my life that are for the better before i even got outta highschool. Completely unintererested in your channel as of late.

  2. Dude you are WRONG!!!!! What is minimum wage? I can work fast food for $10/hr. Rabbit brings experience and he works hard. You're losing all your friends because you treat them like garbage! Then the last half of your video you spend trashing him. "It is what it is". Treat people like you want to be treated and they will stay. I'm starting to wonder if any of your stories are true. Vent to your wife. Don't blast it on YouTube. Remember when you promised not to do that anymore??? If you don't stop this nonsense I will be unsubscribing very very soon.

  3. Yo I hope u aren’t really paying a grown man 70 a day I work with a 68 year old dude that can’t lift anything heavy an he gets 100 bucks for 6 hours your terrible bro that’s ashame

  4. 70 bucks?? To your friend?? Thats pathetic and just cheap. Where i live if you pick up foreign day laborers they wont even work for less than 150

  5. Youre just as much a pos as any other person you've had on this dead channel… Majority of your subs forgot they're even dubbed 😂😂😂

  6. You pay a man for his time. Not for the job he is doing. Everyone who is willing to do an honest day of work, deserves to be able to eat and pay his bills.
    Now, he's working for Gelico. Probably moving "car parts" all night. Because, his honest work wasn't getting him anywhere.

  7. joe aint making all this money everybody thinks he’s making. you people keep talking about video content and how joe makes all this momey from ranbit being in these videos. get social blade and it will tell you what joe makes from videos. if joe was making alot of money it would show in the way he dresses. the car he drives. he’d probably have a nice watch if he was making tons of money. $70 a day if they work 6 day’s a week thats $420 a week. that aint too fuckin bad pay right there causebi bet it’s cash and no taxes are comin out. $70 a day tax free IS $100 a day. same difference cause at $100 a fay they would take $30 out in taxes and medicare and social security. so rabbit really aint got an argument. maybe just maybe rabbit is upset because after he does shit he shouldn’t be doing anyway everyday he doesn’t have any money left over and instead of dealing eith guilt like he should he takes it out on joe and puts the blame on him. like alot of people do when they spend their money on dope. they blame their boss for under paying them so folks don’t question why they are always broke.

  8. I think your channel provides a lot of good information, and the intent is good i know and I feel. But I can't get over the fact that you always have the attitude and always have to say how much they have to thank you for. How much you've helped them. And how dare they to take advantage of you for that. But at the end, as you would know, ex-cons are people to. They deserve to be paid fairly. They are trying realy hard and they are just as good a friend to you than you are for them. You are no God and I don't mean this disrespectful, but maybe it is time to treat these people as equals. Without them your channel wouldn't be this big.

  9. Give him a bonus now that the house is done..he's a good guy..has worked hard and worked for you and what you guys stand for ….good honest help is hard to find Joe..

  10. Brother I know people in the housing industry, cleaning homes, building homes etc, 9$ an hour is a fucking outrage brother. That man Rabbit should have been paid at last 18$ an hour EASY especially doing house remodeling etc. 9$ is slave labor for that kind of work. You are in the wrong on this and i truly truly hope you make things right.

  11. 100 150 dollars a day atleast is what you should pay someone for labor Nd ten hour days that wild.. plus entertainment value getting filmed all the time ..I woulda walked out to for 70 a day that trash

  12. If anything you over pay a true friend! $7 a day for hard work is some bullshit. Can make more flipping burgers and your not on your knees all day scrubbing floors. If anything for days of hard work you should be paying a friend at least $100 per day or more

  13. Rabbit is bitching about money dude your lucky you got any job you want more money you should have learned a trade like the rest of us did instead of doing that you were in jail or prison. YOU screwed yourself nobody owes u anything joe is trying to help you…. How much help you getting from your other FRIENDS its called life man get used to it it never changes there is always someone better than you and if somehow you get a ligit job your a number that can be replaced by someone the learned when they were younger man you are so lucky joe did what he did you didnt deserve it cuz u didnt work to get it he came and picked u up from prison and LITERALLY handed u everthing i dont understand wtf joe did wrong

  14. I’m sorry but he’s right you should have been paying him more. Then insult him because you say all he does is clean floors. If you know you’re wrong then why did you do it. Most important thing to ask is could you have gotten it done without him. Answer is no you couldn’t. So if we’re talking about what someone is worth. 70 dollars a day is way too much for you.

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