Relationships after prison

Latest video from The After Prison Show series, and it’s a sort one about relationships after incarceration. How do feel about the chances a relationship has with one party incarcerated.? Do you think a prison relationship could last.? And what if it does? Do you think it would last in the free world after prison.? People are cheaters… Whats your take on this topic?

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  1. Started seeing this girl that I've known for a long time, about 3 weeks. She is on probation and after the 3rd week of being together she said she's probably gunna be locked up for 3 months for violating before we even got together. So she goes in for her color and sure enough gets locked up for three months. So I stick by her hold her down for the time. She gets out and I tell her we can try to make this work but she needs to want to get better. I've never been on probation and never had any involvement with the law so she's explaining how it all works. Anyway I have a full time job and she needs rides and a place to live to all her court shit and court ordered program. So I let her stay with me and even use my car for her stuff while I'm at work. Now you would think she would want to try to make her life better being in a great situation. So after about a month of being out she fucks up my car a little bit. Blows the right front tire by hitting s curb, which she says wasn't her fault she tried to avoid swine who was gunna hit her. So I give her the benefit of the doubt. So I let her borrow my car the next week to go to court in the am then her program. She goes to court then I get a call around 1 from her friend in the program. She is passed out in my car doors unlocked and he can't wake her. Im 10 minutes away so I have my sister pick me up from work and go see if I can wake her up and take her home. I get there and open the door to find her slumped over ODing. I call 911 do cpr on her cuz she wasn't breathing. And long story short she survived and got discharged from the program which was court ordered. So her PO wanted to lock her up for a year so she took off frm the court house and was on the run for a couple weeks staying with me. Until I couldn't take the stress anymore from work and her bullshit. So we got into a fight she left and got arrested cuz I got a call from her at the police station. I was thinking you know it's a blessing she got caught now she can serve her time and hopefully change her mindset being at rock bottom. I just don't know if I should help her through this year of prison because I'm the only person she's got that gives a shit about her. She has no family and the only family she has left doesn't want anything to do with her. Im gunna tell her look I'll help you out through this bid but you have to seriously change your life and take care of yourself on your own. Im willing to help my partner out in a relationship to the fullest but I need someone who isn't fucked up with the law who has a job and a car to get around. I can't baby sit everyday all day. Working 6-7 days a week. So we'll see I guess. I just wanted to put this story out there for someone who may be in the same or similar situation. Feedback would be great. Thanks yall

  2. I know this is old, but I try to comment on all of your videos because engagement is part of what helps the algorithm know that a channel is popular, and it's more likely to promote your channel.
    With that being said, here's my opinion about cheating. I made the mistake of being "the other woman" in a relationship years ago (I was 16, so I guess I was the other little girl…lol). It turned out horrible, but when the tables got turned and he cheated on me, it sort of made everything worse as far as how I felt about cheating. The girl he was with was my best friend, I took him away from her. Then I ended up being cheated on myself.
    After that nightmare, I figured out real damn fast that no one wins when cheating is involved, and I vowed never to do it again. In fact, I decided that if I was ever unhappy enough to want to cheat in a relationship, I'd be the grown up/bigger person, and I'd break up with the person instead so that at least they didn't have to ever feel the pain I felt when I got cheated on. I also never wanted to have the guilt I felt over stealing my best friend's man. I'm a grown woman, this happened over 20 years ago, and I JUST RECENTLY stopped absolutely HATING myself over taking her boyfriend in the last 2 years. No relationship is worth that pain.
    Now thankfully, I'm very happily married to my very best friend. I almost feel like we were meant to be together. We've been together since 2000, and he is my very best friend. I cannot imagine life without him. I feel lucky every day that we're together.
    So cheaters never win, never prosper, just don't do it, it's not worth it. The reward is SO TEMPORARY, and it ALWAYS ends bad, so just don't do it!

  3. I’ve been with my boyfriend for now 7 months and I think that If you want it to work it will me and my man are happy and In love and I’ve been holding him down as much as I can and I will remain doing that until he comes home I also think that after when he comes home it will work we’re both good people and are both committed to another so I have high hopes it will work without any issues regardless of what happened we love one another an always will some relationships after prison may not work but if you put work into it and you stay devoted to that person no matter what it will work and if it doesn’t than at least you know

  4. My girlfriend of 3 years is about to do 4 yrs 10 months in a thai prison…she is thai….im struck with overwhelming grief..sadness and depression.She has said to forget her and have a good life but i cant control my heart my kove and feelings for her…anyone got any advice as im pretty sure im unable to visit her and she doesnt want me to visit….

  5. Think after my 3 year DOC trip my wife expected to much 2 quick. Like oh we a family unit again and planned a bunch of stuff and didn't have a clue to give me space when needed. And That's important both ways. I was at 2 units one open barracks other cells. But rules still the same respect boundries. I understood her joy and wanting to be all over me but if you ain't been in a incarcerated environment how could u know. I used to love concerts but after prison big crowds got the anxiety jumpin. So advice I give outta love and respect is pick your spots and think about potential reactions or environment of plans. I have slowly noticed things evolving back to my old personality. TimeLoveAndPatience

  6. I don’t think I ever get the opportunity Joe. I’m near 40. Is it worth the push.
    The whole time I’ve only ever thought ‘ real talk, about one woman..
    Now I just sort of wanna fuck off and kick a football.

  7. Fucken what can I do now, I’m near useless.. I’ve got a fucken gladiators body.. it’s near fucked. Even if I do get a leg up.. the cunts fucked in the morning.. it’s hardly appealing.. i wouldn’t ask her to carry my walking stick.

  8. I've been dating a guy online who is in jail. He will be out 2021. I have never met him in person but he has treated me better than any guy I've ever met in person like he's really caring and super supportive. He said he has so much faith that it will workout with me but we are just going to have to see what happens. I don't want to get ahead of myself.

  9. I’m dating someone that’s in jail he’s been in there for about 5 months and gets out in a few weeks but now that’s it’s close to his release date I’m starting to notice a change like less phone conversations, just not receiving the same energy I was before. should I just run away now?

  10. Dam, I deployed into a warzone and I dumped my relationship. I made my choice to go and I didn’t feel like putting another person through that, and more importantly I definitely did not want no Jody letter. If I had gotten locked up, I probably would have done the same.

  11. A family member told me that I made his prison time easier, faster & I brought a light to his darkness. He told me that I should be a pen pal. I started w 5. One asked me to be his girl. I like this situation cause I can control it, I don't have a man up in my business trying to bully me, & I get hit on every where I go. It's like a bunch of bad dogs humping my leg. So being w someone that isn't trying to sleep w me every chance they get is FANTASTIC. If he is using me, manipulating me or lying, I'll never know.

  12. Been wit my man's for 9 months now actually longer than that cuz we were off and on cuz he cheated while he was out but then we got back together and our loves pretty strong we work on it alot and we both really love each other but idk he cheated on me before and he hates me partying while he's in and I gave up everything for this man's and so did he I just don't wanna be disappointed again by this I don't want him to cheat right when he's out I have a feeling he's gon be in for a long long time to idek know how long yet but ik it's long I just can't imagine my life without him and idk I don't wanna look Stoopid I look fuckn stupid enough for forgiving him tbh and sticking around while he's in idc what ppl think tbh cuz I love him but I hate it cuz I've never done him wrong and I can't let him go and I definitely can't go through him cheating again

  13. Me and my chick ended things truth is it’s better to go thru this alone . I’m gonna do 7-5 years I’m the feds . I understand how she feels prolly betrayed and all . We still love each other but I have a lot shit going on . She’s in the military and going to school for civil engineering… she’s my first love and all . She feels like I won’t offer her anything or add to her life while I’m gone . I’m not mad at her because women want stability and I won’t be able to give her that while am gone . Either way she’ll be around lol but I do get sad some times not gonna lie . Love isn’t enough sometimes I guess . Women don’t love you for you . They love what you can do for them . Can’t wait to get out and just get my shit together and start making large amounts of legal money this time

  14. I’m holding my boyfriend down … he’s been in prison for 3 months now . We’ve been good I uplifts him he uplifts me . We been together since we were 16 we both going on to 20 years old . I love him and I plan on marrying him , but this prison stuff is hard ., like I be feeling like a simp kissing a photo , just because I miss him . We sleep together he Helps my insomnia. I need him so yes I will wait .! Idc how long

  15. I would not get involved with a man straight out of prison, especially if it was hard long time..just because he is now free doesn’t necessarily mean he going to be a changed man..prison residue will continue to be a factor..attitudes and behaviors groomed in prison will still manifest itself.. I would give it a good two or three years before I would venture that road.. most women get involved due to the illusion of potential..I say actions speak louder than potential..usually when a animal experience freedom after a time in captivity they tend to run and fast when released..some never to be seen again..on to new experiences…at least for time being.. don’t be so quick to latched on to a man straight out of prison because of you wanting a title in their life…be careful what you seek…and whom yu seek out..don’t make a miscalculated choice in a moment in time..

  16. Ive been in a relationship with my bf for almost 5 years , 3 of those years he was incarcerated.. he was released 3 months ago to a rehab for 2 months than was sent to a half way house .. he is back and we’ve been hanging out and getting back in to being around each other . I don’t want to rush him or stress him out , It’s like how it was before he went in minus the drugs. It’s like we are relearning each other all over again , we have had some hurtles and I’m sure there will be plenty more we have made it threw the most hardest thing ever..

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