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Author: Rafael


43 thoughts on “Responding To Some INTERESTING COMMENTS…

  1. Hi Joe, my name is Paul I do enjoy your show alot what happened to between you and Danny is sad and it always happens between friend anyway I just want you to convey a Buddha quote's for "Danny"…"Feeds a dog for 3 days and he will remember you for 3 years feeds a man for 3 years and he will forgets you in 3 days!"

  2. Joe i thought you talked about the 1st question in a video awhile ago you walked into the storage unit and seen some stuff you were not suppose too I could be completely wrong tho

  3. Joe. You're doing great stuff. I love After Prison Show. After watching many videos and listening to all your stories, I definitely enjoy your personality and style. I've recently watched the videos about your fallouts with aps associates and I'm still behind you 100.

  4. That last comment gave me a bloody nose lol. They were talking you up then tearing you down. Life’s a gamble, so yeah omg love it love it.

  5. While some good points were made and you're most certainly not perfect, nobody is. Haters gonna hate and you can't please everybody. Keep doing what you're doing and keep learning from your mistakes. You're awesome, Joe!

  6. Joe, you gotta stop letting haters get to you. If I were you I wouldn't delete any comments. Your fans will shit on those people and make them look stupid anyways. Anyways, if something triggers you it COULD be that it somewhat rings true… maybe not (depending on the comment). So, if I were to feel triggered by a comment and it made me feel bad because it had truth to it, I'd just own it. Like for example: If I were to be gay and end up in prison or jail, if anybody tried to make fun of me and call me a "f*g" or something, I'd own that shit. I'd be like, "Yup. So do something about it or walk away". It takes the wind out of bullies sails if you don't let them bother you. That's just been my life experience when dealing with people who talk shit.

  7. Damn, that last dude went ham, lol! What a prick. If he hates what you're doing so much he should just not watch. I'll never understand people like that who will write paragraphs talking shit on somebody else's content. I am guilty of it to an extent if I feel like somebody is REALLY out of line, but they were never people I subscribe to and follow. They're just videos I stumble across and the creator says or does something that I'm seriously against. Even then I try to not write an entire book unless I'm debating other people in the comment section. Anyways, keep doing you man. I'll admit that I don't watch as often as I use to, mainly because when I first started watching you I was a juvenile jail guard, so it was super interesting hearing your jail stories (especially when they related to the guards), then after a while I just started to enjoy your blogging content as well. But I am subscribed to a ton of people, so I'll usually watch a lot of a certain channels videos for a while, then jump back to someone else to get caught up, etc.. You're good though, man. Everybody makes mistakes and those who always have shit to say are probably some of the bigger fuck ups out there. They have to project their own bullshit onto others to make themselves feel better.

  8. Yes! That's the way to do it Joe!! That's the aps i want to see i want the crazy fucker popping up right in front of the camera all zoomed in with something funny af to say!!!🤘🏻👌🏻👍🏻

  9. Your views are down because you pissed off someone at YouTube somehow…… used to show up in my recommended videos but last month or two you have not………just my gut feeling lol

  10. We hav a booking fee as well its 37.50. An whn you get money put on your books they take tht rght off the top. $20 medical fee if you go to medical. An additional fees for wht ever they prescribe you. Its crazy

  11. Its 35$ booking fee in Lexington,Kentucky where I live. And when someone puts money on your books they deduct out of that for your booking fee. Say someone brought 50$ for ur books they took 35$ of that for ur booking fee & left u 15$ & if no one put money on ur books and u get out then u get a bill in the mail for ur booking fee! They suck in our county! The only thing they did recently change is when someone does bring u that first bit of money for ur books they only now take 1/2 for booking of that & then 1/2 the next time to leave u a lil more on ur books. They said the booking fee is paying for them big ass druals & cheap ass socks! Shhhiiid that sure ain't worth no damn 35$. But u actually get charged additional for that cuz my daughter got a DUI in college & got released on a OR & she got a bill for booking for 35$ and of course she never made it pass holding for a couple hours to receive their garbage!!!…..smdh

  12. Shit I used to love blasting this guy in the face book messagener tip….. How's it going if you stumble on this Joe , bigup from Ken bramble ( ramble )

  13. I don’t think you read comments any more especially this bieng a comment response video lol I know you have responded before . What’s crazy that everyone’s else views are skyrocketing cause they are forced to come up with new content and lot of it is creative and joe it’s Sad to says yours are going down but it’s cause all your ideas are becoming whack especially this new asmr idea is not good it will make you to start losing your fans with this asmr . It’s very creepy and wierd

  14. Ya American prison system is crooked AF. $35 booking fees? WTF. And that "Glory God Promotion" comment? I hope I go to hell, if god is owt to do with you, glory god tit. Keep up the great work Joe!

  15. Iam ragging on ya buddy. I promise I don't want your junnies 😱🍑😁 and the 1st question I have seen 2 of my associates in prison that banged a CEO and a Nurse. In their cells

  16. Joe i LOVE After prison show. The old aps, the new aps. I watch every video. The prison game play has been HILARIOUS!! I've been watching for several years now. I dont comment mich but I'm always here… but Joe you a fool for that prison ASMR!! 🤣🤣🤣 I could not stop laughing. Lol it was too funny. I do not like asmr. But the thing I love about you is you are a hustler at heart. Its in your blood. You are always working and trying to come up with new ways to keep your chanel alive and keep making money. Thats a great trait to have. I think this prison game play is going to get your views up. I hope so. I want to see you succeed to the highest degree! 🖤🖤🖤

  17. Yeah fitness exercise taking care of yourself drinking water never guess what age Given that I am a 1980s brat this is one of your better programsThat guy that commented that if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anythingSee I’m more mellow and laid-back if no one did nothing to me I’m not gonna bother them unless necessary

  18. Why would they call your Big mistake negative comments oh my god reallyCrazy, but yikes I feel better already at least I don’t leave no outrageous comments I only truth I😀

  19. Actually Joe, when you work out and you are very sore the best thing you can do is drink as much water as you can. You’re actually tearing your muscles when you work out. Try it.
    No Gatorade, soda pop, coffee or anything like that. You need to just drink plain water and only work out every other day, when you work out you tear your muscles, you need to take the next day off to let your sore/torn muscles heal and drinking water really helps. If you go out and get a massage, they will 99% of the time hand you a water on the way out the door.

  20. Where I live, the jail charges a $20.00 booking fee, PLUS a $2.00 a day "housing fee". Any commissary money you are sent, they will take it out right away. So most people just have people send them ICare packages instead.
    They no longer pay the trustees. They use to pay them between .15¢ – .25¢ an hour, depending on your job, and not charge you the housing fee.
    When they first stopped paying them, they just didn't charge the $2.00 a day housing fee. But they did away with that as well. So you're still charged a housing fee, and not getting paid. Basically, you're paying THEM, for YOU to work. The only benefit to being a trustee, is you get gain time. Which you don't receive ANY gain time if you don't sign up, and are approved to be a trustee.
    If you came in with money, when they release you they deduct what you owe, including any meds your may have received from the nurse (like $3.00 for 2 ibuprofen), and give you the remainder of your money (if you have any) on a card. I was once given a card with $1.00, and some change on it. AT.M fees cost more than that.🙄
    The whole thing is fucking bullshit.

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