Sentenced To 107 Years In Prison… (Part 2)

In this video, we sit back down with a man who served 30 years in prison for something he did not do… He tells us what it was like to get out after all that time and how he was feeling…

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46 thoughts on “Sentenced To 107 Years In Prison… (Part 2)

  1. I want to give a very special shout out to Darnell for rockin with APS and for allowing us to share his story. There is a lot to this mans story and still more to come. This was an innocent man who lost 30 years of his life behind something he did not do. He is also still waiting to be fully exnorerated which unfortunately could take some time for that to happen. The fastest way the innocence project could help to get him released was to get him paroled out. So that he could begin to get his life back while they continue to work towards that full exoneration. If you would like to contact Darnell, he has allowed me to give his email address which is it is my hope to help this man in anyway that I can through APS. And I hope you will do the same. This man deserves his life back! Thank you.

  2. Wow Darnell! What an incredible way to embrace your life, faith and hope.
    “Your second shine” will be far greater than you could even imagine 🙌🏾🙏🏾 bless you my brother ❤️

  3. You never know how strong you are until BEING STRONG is you only option.I can’t imagine.He came out better and not bitter💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  4. it is not just the cop that did the arrest that did this,while I am not defending him I am saying this was the whole court process and interviews that runs in the U.S. which is supposed to show the correct innocent party but it fails in many scenarios and it did not happen in this example which is good but being put in prison and going in innocent could change someone and make them worse so when they get out this whole process could have added a new criminal on the streets after not being able to find a job or a home people believe they have to resort to drug dealing or something horrible bc they can’t get a job which is why the system is messed up and needs to be fixed, he named all those innocent people that got out and it is also not just the court system being at flaw it is also who runs it because like they say in these 3 interviews they just lie and put down different information and say he said he was guilty and convince the opposing party he is guilty before trial can even starts which is why the system needs to be enforced but it can’t because the people who enforce it will just do the same thing which is why there needs to be more major changes then just adding enforcement to someone’s job there needs to be major changes to stop this from ever happening again. And this could still happen but he named 3 other people that were also innocent if he wasn’t able to do that it would be an improvement

  5. Thee most powerful and inspiring story I've witnessed in a long time. This brotha here deserves everything great until his final transition. His resiliency is infectious! Complain not!!! Is what I'm left with 💯

  6. Am glad he got out after this many years. No amount of compensation will be enough for such a time loss. Am so happy he still have it together. May God guide your path in the new life

  7. Darnell you are one extraordinary man, the calmness and peace you carry would be luggage of bitterness and hatred carried by most. Respect to you my friend.

  8. It seems to me this man's smile is not just because he's now free but because he has an inherent positiveness, and enlightening personality that made him deal with the inferno he had to go through in an incredible manner. This man really deserves the highest respect, admiration and of course he deserves a huge monetary compensation as well although money won't bring back his time spent for a crime he didn't commit.

  9. GUILTY! Who WOULDN'T come out and act like an angel??? This shit isn't fooling me… Yeah, EVERYONE is innocent, right??? Whatever…

  10. This man is so positive its amazing! For him to be in prison for 28 years for something he didn't do and still have a humbleness is remarkable. I pray that God will restore back to him what the enemy tried to steal. God is getting Glory out of this man's life🙏🏽🙌🏽

  11. APS be bumpin!! Damn Cody I was crying with that bumper you was playing under this man's story. APS doing it big. Welcome home Darnell, and welcome to APS Army..

  12. I dont understand locking-up an innocent person, as the real perp is still on the loose and endangering the public? And like the comments I wrote in part 1, I hope this cat sues the shit outta the govt and bankrupts the already bankrupt govt!!!!!!!!!

  13. Innocent peops on death row ? Makes no sense polygraph is ancient tech we now have the ability to look inside your brain with extreme accuracy and look at your thoughts Read your mind makes no sense .2021

  14. Boy I cryed like he was family I. Still crying God bless u Joe i had u tagged different and Banty I know you will be ok God is good all the time 🙏❤

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