Serving Life In Isolation While In Prison…

In this video, I share an update with you about Doug. A man serving a 1,800-year prison sentence. We just received a letter from him and in that we learn that where he is, he spends most of his time in isolation. What is prison like for someone serving a life sentence? What is the mindstate of a prisoner who is never getting released? It’s through this pen pal relationship that I hope we can gain insight into those exact questions.

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37 thoughts on “Serving Life In Isolation While In Prison…

  1. It would be cool if they had a program that at risk youth that have the same mentality as people locked up for life could try to reach these kids though emails to talk about what got them there

  2. Hey Joe thanks for making such great videos it's made my time go by so much faster in the hospital I'm here because I had to have a toe amputated and develop MRSA I got here March 28th and I go home May 3rd anyways thanks for being entertaining and reading my comment

  3. I can sense the feeling of empathy for this guy coming from you. I am sure it comes from a good place, but normal people do not do what this guy has done. Sure, he seems normal now that he is in a bad situation, but if you were to give him freedom, he would show his true colors soon enough.

    I personally do not feel bad about what is happening to him. And to be honest because we don't have an island we can exile people like this guy, and I am not sure about killing people like him to be the right thing, this is the next best thing. Life in prison is a form of modern day exile. He is not a part of our society. He has done terrible things that are evil acts. I do not believe people like him can be rehabilitated.

  4. I think too many people lack empathy and have little or no idea what kindness generosity compassion or mercy really means. Think of it this way "society being work(s) of fiction is a reflection of the people that have created it" I think it is unreasonable that people feel 1800 years is not enough then you add solitary bad food no contact with anyone etc etc yet people find enjoyment in this and still want a pound of flesh.

  5. Any hate I see in these comments about this guy…I get it, I really do. But like Joe said, he Is Doing His Time. Hell, that's why us in the APS army even know him! 1800 years yall, he isn't going anywhere. He's being punished. Some would argue a life sentence is worse than the death penalty. Having to live everyday with only your thoughts, regret, and no hope other than waking up the next day…being alive. So, is he a bad dude? Yes. But he is getting his and is willing to share his story and life with us. So let's keep it positive, friendly and maybe give this dude a smile knowing some of us out here care.

  6. When I was in prison you couldn't contact another prisoner outside or outside to inside it was a parole violation. You couldn't visit a friend you had met. and that's hard after being friends 4 years and then expecting you to just cut it off. He makes you feel like a turncoat.

  7. This guy can't recieve pictures of his loved ones? What about the loved ones of the people he killed?

  8. Thank you for creating your channel. I am from va it’s very eye opening how prisoners are treated. I reached out to a friend of mine who is serving 3 life sentences in Florida. Your channel helped me know what to talk about in my letters & to have a better understanding on what he’s going through. Thank you! Wish you well.

  9. Joe I was I'm a holding cell in Michigan for 3 days and I didnt eat for the 3 days I was in there cuz they told me they didnt recognize my food allergies. Do prison amd jails have to comadate for food allergies or do they not give a shit just curious

  10. I think research should be done joe.. From what I’ve found, Douglas Waters was indeed a victim of sexual abuse, but he was also a perpetrator of sexual abuse! Now, myself being only a victim of sexual abuse, I cannot feel pity or empathy for this man! As it’s sexual abuse that has made my life a living hell! And it shouldn’t make you inflict that awful crime and suffering on someone else, just because you went through it yourself! Love After Prison Show, and I think you’re great Joe! I just had to put this out there as I think people should know.

  11. My question to any prison official sees this. Why can you not give inmates MREs. Granted some taste like ass but you can open the outer pouch and remove what you do not want them having but it is better than feeding garbage to them. Granted laws were broken but they are still human.

  12. Imagine if we lived for like 2000 years For real lol that dang 1800 sentence would be horrible but hey I guess anyone can escaped prison if you have that long to plot out your escape lol

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