Some Things Are Missing From The House…

It’s a safe bet what happened to the items missing from the house. But why THESE RANDOM ITEMS… Do they really take these things..? Asking for someone I thought was a friend.

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Author: Rafael


45 thoughts on “Some Things Are Missing From The House…

  1. This is something new to you so of course you’re going to make a lot of mistakes. The next house you’ll keep doing mistakes but you’ll learn from the ones you made with this house. This is all experience that you’re gaining right now. You just can’t let the mistakes break you. Keep pushing forward my guy

  2. I wouldn't run like Brian! Always gotta be looking over your shoulder, no thanks! Brian, take care of your legal & moral issues. Start life over free & clear!! Joe didn't deserve what you did. Find encouragement & stay encouraged. Life can be great when drugs are removed from it. Trust me! Good luck to all involved.

  3. Flip houses. * i e sweet talker . what color do you want . where do you want the big kitchen fridge. How many bathrooms do you want. You need a fence and deck. Wear good clothing. Smell sweet. But take as much as u can. Sweet talker. Pay less than half the work and get double . the money . world does that. Not good for other. Being . riding the horse y y y. Or pyramid to destiny where you hide in the middle on route to your demise.

  4. Ya boy be dipping and dodging all the time. I hope I am wrong but Gelico I know I spell it wrong seems to be moving in the opposite direction then you and the rest of the crew is.

  5. You seem to have a good heart and that Is really what counts .Sorry that all these things happen but all the people that you bring into your life you need too keep one eye open . And always have your back up plan take pictures all the time check your place everyday without any body knowing your coming

  6. A "gut feeling" is more than just a feeling, homie. What's actually happening when you get a gut feeling/instinct about something is your brain is processing information you don't even know you have. The brain takes in many hundreds and thousands of times more "bits" of information than your conscious mind can actually process, and a lot of stuff your brain deems "unimportant" gets filtered out, but all that filtered information still goes into your unconscious and is able to be processed to an extent, below the surface. Things you saw but didn't realize, things you heard but don't remember, all that stuff is in your unconscious or subconscious.
    When you have a gut instinct, that's your unconscious trying to communicate with you. Always go with your gut.

  7. This is better than any Hollywood produced reality show! I'm sorry Joe but I'm laughing my ass off. Please rewatch this and laugh a little. Then go press charges. I was an Office coordinator at a major construction company. Stop using felons. Get subcontractors to bid on your work. If they bail you can go after their bonding company.
    You are trying to do right intentions with the wrong people.
    PM me if you have any questions, I'll help anyway I can.

  8. You know what, it's too bleddy angering that c!nts out there want to f!ck you over when you do so much good for those in need of support from other people in similar situations… BUT … At the end of the day, you WILL BOUNCE BACK, because you have to too succeed! There is no shame in things going bad, the shame would be in not learning from the situation; you have learned, infact this has been a strong lesson and all the other shit too, adds up … Enough is enough! Not you or your wife need the stress!

  9. Best advice I can give is, only work with reputable companies. Don't do things cheap, it rarely works out. My family has been running 30+ rentals my whole life. It's either best to do it yourself or hiring known reputable companies. The price you pay will cancel it self out in time. Same goes for flipping, we have done that too. If you can't do something yourself make sure you pay someone with a good reputation. Bottom line, don't try to do things as cheap as possible. Quality is always best.

  10. What you would learn from the class is you should start a class to charge suckers 20k for the class. Other than that your best move is don't waist your time going to the class.

    You need to hire somone who knows what there doing with electrical. You are going to get sued for the fire in the house when it burns down. Not even close to up to code. Where are the nail plates, wires no right. Fire hazards everywhere.

  11. hey joe, i had life hit me in the balls and took off for a while. I paused at the moment you set yourself doubt. You are at that stage in the heroic epic stories…. the return home. You will get this set straight my son has been watching you and he has learned one thing from you… JUSTICE! Not karma, not revenge, not hate…. real justice. You take your part and admit your wrongdoings and tou fixed them… may justice find youband nail that dirtball…

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