Someone Found Some Court Papers About Danny

In this video, some court paperwork was found about Danny. And it’s not pretty at all. I wanted to share this with him, which was not easy to do. And get HIS SIDE OF THE STORY. In conclusion to all of this, I myself, believe what he says in his defense. He also has BOOKS AND BOOKS of court transcripts and documents to back up his story as well. This was not a video I wanted to do. But felt we HAD TO. We had to attempt to set the record straight. And he really wanted to do this as well. Danny’s past is not glamorous at all. That much is a given. But Regardless of ANYTHING, this man has certainly served his time and also his debt to society.

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20 thoughts on “Someone Found Some Court Papers About Danny

  1. We made this video to allow Danny to share his side of a messed up story. Some court paperwork surfaced saying Danny public beat the mother of his kids mother back in 2001 and thats what he went to prison for. However Danny was never convicted of that and instead was convicted of a firearm charge by the feds. Then given the career criminal act enhancement which ended up with him serving 15 years in federal prison. There's also something we misunderstood in the past. Danny got out in 2016 for 3 months then ended up violating his probation for making threats, and went back to serve an additional 13 months. He has now been out for 7 months since serving those 13 months after first serving 24 years in Walpole State Prison from 1977-2001 And 15 years in federal prison from 2001-2016.

  2. Hi the things you're saying to Danny that are just touching my soul for he that is without sin among you let him cast out the first stone at her Jesus said that and the and people or touched by their own conscience. We all are sinners and all of us have nothing but filthy rags even though we get up we try we pray we stumble we make mistakes we pray and stumble some more God forgives us Jesus our lord will forgive us oh, Jesus forgiveness is 70 * 7 * just think about that I pray that Jesus will keep you and Surround you with his blessed love and angels will protect you from the north south east and west did she stand on Solid Ground not sinking sand My Hope for you Danny love you in Jesus name Susan

  3. If Danny HADN'T changed for the BETTER, this guy from APS, would have been EXCRUCIATINGLY checked, within a minute of opening up his trifling pie-hole!

  4. Man that's Crazy . Here in Brazil he could have killed the guy AND his lady he would never faced more than 10 years locked. That guy should never faced more than 1 or 2 years for what he did. If the story is true.

  5. No accountability from this guy, jeez!! It upsets me so much! Can’t he ever say, “I was in the wrong?!”😡 it’s always someone else’s fault.

  6. I don't believe most things he is saying as there are so many seemingly inconsistent things in his story. You don't have the right to hit your kids and you say you don't but you use violence as a threat? Why would that even work if it wasn't intimidating for a reason? I don't believe him. I do get why he would be upset about cheating but idc. He doesn't sound like he was treating ANYONE well. I may be on his side more if he didn't prove himself to be inconsistent with his behavior toward this little girl… Neither of these parents sound like they had her best interest at heart. Poor baby..

  7. Wow,l just came across these videos the other day, not knowing that what happened with Danny, how disrespectful of him, and ungrateful!!! l noticed a few things that l thought were weird, but l thought that was just Danny. He seemed kind of greedy when he would receive a large amount of money. But again l thought that’s just him, thinking he’s been in prison most of his life, so maybe it wasn’t that he didn’t appreciate it, but, watching more videos l did see a few more things, being new watcher of the channel, should have watched from the end, but l thought he was doing so well for all he had been through.l thought that was just him once again!!
    There was when he got off the bus, you could see that different personality change, it wasn’t just tiredness, l noticed when he bumped into that guy when he got off the bus l thought he was going to do something with the look on his face.
    But my opinion has changed after hearing the truth, couldn’t believe it!!!
    All the help, and beyond help and he turned on the people that actually cared about him!!! So sad!!!

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