Someone stole my moped

Today I woke up to get ready for work and I walk outside and realized my moped was gone. crazy story…. shout outs at the end of the video.

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49 thoughts on “Someone stole my moped

  1. I just want to say thank you to everyone for your care and concern. And to everyone who has participated in the gofundme campaign that Josh Taban has created for me, thank you so much… Even though I feel pretty awkward being in a position like this, I am forever grateful for every single one of you who are not only APS ARMY. But are also APS FAMILY!!! I will be making a very special thank you video today. I love you all. And together we move forward, no matter what!

  2. I also am dependent on my moped and let me tell you, ALL but one of the mopeds i own have been stolen. And i'm talking so many i don't even keep track anymore, over twenty. It's a horrible feeling and even though it has been over 5 years since the last one was stolen, (while i was in the hospital by the way) every day when i wake up, the first thing i do is check if it's still there. It feels like a part of my freedom gets taken away. Cheers man, i hope you'll find a new one to call your own.

  3. Joe, police don't show for a lot of calls in Detroit. Remember, these are the police, they have unarmed citizens to find and shoot as opposed to solving crimes.

  4. Same here in canada I new who stole my dad's 4 wheeler cause his girlfriend called and told us that he took it before we new it was gone and the cops did nothing at all.

  5. Sympathy is w u. I know this video is old. Just robbed, stealing stuff from my childhood. Including drawings as well ill never see again from my childhood or youth. You can rock anything. Did u learn to be a good story teller from you or I.p? I mean u are just good w your flow. Keep it up and fend for yourself no matter.

  6. I’m glad I stumbled upon your video! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one whose super bummed to find your moped is stolen… it was my to/from work transportation as well. I was super excited it was gonna be fantastic weather this week, it was gonna be nice to ride in. I love my moped… and just like you said, now it’s gone 🙁 like whoever stole it- if you liked it that much you could have asked where I got it, I would have told you (only thing I can do to make light of the situation is to joke about it)

  7. Joe, when you're angry you vent your frustration in every direction. The police actually do care, but policing is a lot like triage, they perform things in a priority order. E.g. Violent crimes first, everything else second…
    Now I agree you've served your time and answered for your crimes, but one thing you said stuck out to me…"I worked hard for that moped" Yes you did, and now hopefully you look back at the cars you stole and think about how those people couldn't get to work, or take their kids to school… Or… Drive a loved one to the hospital…
    Having someone steal from you sucks and I hope you eventually did your moped back. Thanks for the video.

  8. They took the moped for insulting a parking space by parking a piece of shit there.On a serious note though,to watch these old videos and to know where you're at now in life you're a perfect definition of a real man.You didnt give up carnal,brings happiness to my heart seeing people that have lived the life we did change and make it in life,with heads held high

  9. This just honestly brought tears to my eyes. I'm living in the car right now. Me and the old lady just broke up. I just want to say thank you Joe. Thank you for all these videos I'm so sorry you were in prison man. You're an amazing person man and your honesty means the world to me. God bless you Joe

  10. Put an add in the paper- looking to purchase a Moped ASAP. My son is coming home from school tomorrow. he has been away. Contact me at what ever. Just an Idea Joe

  11. Man Joe. I am so sorry this happened to you. But I am very glad you made it out okay. I wish I could've been here to support you when this video was brand new. I for sure would've donated some money to you to help you buy some new wheels.

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