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Take a look into the fascinating world of storage auction and consignment! Part gamblers and part detectives, this colorful cast of professional buyers scour repossessed storage units in search of hidden treasure, paying as little as ten dollars for items valued in the millions.


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Packed with dramatic bidding, intense rivalries and quirky personalities, “Storage Wars” follows treasure hunters Darrell, Brandon, Jarrod, and Brandi as they seek to score big in the high-stakes world of storage auctions.

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Author: Rafael


49 thoughts on “Storage Wars: Watch New Episodes on A&E | A&E

  1. Yes, I do. I remember when Nickelodeon played Pinwheel, and when Disney Channel played shows and movies for the whole family, not just teenyboppers. I remember that.

  2. Hey guys, if you love Storage Wars then your gonna love our spoofs! We even got contacted by the producer and darrell sheets, brandi passante, jarrod shultz, dan dotson and many more of them. We even have a giveaway coming up soon that will be giving away a signed poster by all the storage wars crew. So come check us out and remember to subscribe! Like the comment so more people can see!!!!!!!!!

  3. I enjoy looking at the show even though I find Dave to be more than annoying.

    He reminds me of a guy at a place where I once worked, there is even a resemblance in his rotund appearance; surely just like him, Dave must have absolutely, and positively no friends, just very, very reluctant associates.

    Barry has the appearance of being the gentleman of the group.

  4. @mexpower53 Auction hunters sucked ass and was already a copy of Pawn stars and American pickers. Any show that has a similar format that's come out after them are copies.

  5. @SonnytheArcticFox= He sure got powned by those two psychics that Barry hired, and brought to an auction I saw last night. Boy, was he mad.

  6. hahaha … YEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUPPPP!!!! Darrell really wantz diz unit so imma bid him up!!!!1111! hopefully ma crew hauln my locker winnins will put it in maaa butt DaRReLL!!!!!

  7. @usawthat maybe they just tape it when the 4 main characters are gonna buy/or interested in the units. Other people probably buy other units, it's just that they're not part of the show. It's a fun show to kill boredom though, no matter how fake it may seem.

  8. This is the most stupidist show on cable. The bidders are so ful of crap and think they know it all. I think it is funny when they buy something and think they scored it big and I know right off the bat that they got ripped off and I am usually right. The only reason I watch it is to see sweet Brandy. She can come work with me any day she wants and get the appreciation she deserves.

  9. Nobody but 4 people buy lockers. The other people just stand around. How phoney. That's why it's so fake. They set up those units, to make it interesting.

  10. They set it up after everyone is gone. These wanta be buyers who get paid next to nothing to be on, have dreams of hitting the big time as movie stars.

  11. The Palin reality show on The Learning Channel. This show on Arts and Entertainment. It's obvious network execs and TV producers are so dim they cannot understand the concept of irony. A&E keeps getting worse all the time.

  12. wow cool show, wish I could find some good deals like that. I usually turn off the T.V. on dumb reality shows but this is cool. so tell me, whats the best thing found so far? thanks for your time.

  13. i'm sick of watching these dumb,desperate reality shows.come on man "storage wars".i mean it's just to much garbage. all these greedy,desperate fucking people cheating and beating one another for a dollar. t.v. has turned into a fucking joke. i see why kids are all fucked up and out of control today. what happened to documentaries on wild life,sports,the universe, anything productive except for bullshit like this.

  14. Hey Dan! You’re awesome man! Any chance you’ll branch out to Southern Jersey/Philadelphia? I have some serious characters over here too Believe me when I tell you. Let me know bud. I’ll find you on Facebook and request friendship. -Blair

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