The Many Different Types Of Jobs A Prisoner Can Have In A Prison Kitchen

From the worst to the best jobs a prisoner can have in a prison kitchen. Hope you enjoy!

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44 thoughts on “The Many Different Types Of Jobs A Prisoner Can Have In A Prison Kitchen

  1. I missed these types of videos ! I still go back and watch the one about the funniest fight you ever witnessed with Ernie and the crack headed coffee bum .. terribly sorry I can't remember the other guy's name..

  2. Hey Joe, good vid.👊🏽keep’em comin & yeah Wednesday wasn’t that good for me either. Guess we all have a bad day once & awhile.

  3. Joe My name is Marian
    I work and live in The Marshall Islands with the United States Military.
    Joe what you and your team are doing is great reaching out to incarcerated and the newly released.
    Joe have you considered becoming a born again Christian?
    Would you believe that God wants to use your experience in prison to start a prison ministry to guide people like the guy that's serving 1800 years to Jesus?His physical body may be in prison but when he dies his spirit would be free.
    Think about this Joe God can use you if your willing and available.
    Praying for you and the people you serve.

  4. I've seen enough of this channel to know one thing:
    This is a good man
    He's had more hardships in his life than most, and yet through hard work has had more of a positive impact on the world than most people who never went to jail. I'm glad he's around

  5. Hey Joe, shoulda seen me yestiddy. Has a bag of crackling with the hardest to bite, leftover. I start thinking. Prison swole!
    So I start smashing. And I smash. And smash some more. All the while thinking, I wonder if Joe knows, pigskin is basically bacon, superfried?

    Anyway, I finish. I grab my
    Plastic, no danger here, not even a spork, spoon. I wiped that cracklin out. Not one tooth on the upper gumline in my mout!!!

  6. It’s true, I worked at the bakery on Rikers Island 🏝. I brought back Sugar, bread 🥖, pastries 🥮, all kinds of stuff. When your OK, the CO”s let you slide. It Helped my bid and helped me stayed out of trouble.

  7. Keep this up forever man, been rocking with APS for 4 years probably now. Dont lose hope because of shit opinions!!! Real loyal viewers and new subs will always support you G

  8. I used to work in the reception intake and go to the kitchen and collect 30x pastries chicken slices 10 ice creams everyday
    Only half made it to its destination lol

  9. Hello joe. I have been a subscriber for awhile and I have a legit question for you. Have you noticed while working in the prisons kitchen that most of the guys that have been working a shift near the food tend to be bigger guys maybe the “jacked ones” because they can consume more calories in a day? (nutritional standpoint)

  10. How do I reach you personally the story of my experience being a 38 year old female and being caught in the system is something I feel you may be interested in hear now I didn't do any prison time I did jail time but I have been completely screwed by the system I have several stories of just how injust the system really is .people claim that white people especially white females have it easier but im here to tell you that is false there has been a ton of instances where someone would comment that since I'm an "attractive" white woman that I probably get away with alot but that couldn't be further from the truth!! I have been through so much that it's caused me to have sever PTSD ,depression and panic attacks as well as being extremely withdrawal and reclusive

  11. I was lead pots and pans 08-09 at CIW CALIFORNIA institution for women and it was the best! I got to work pretty much by myself and eat as much leftover food as I could handle! I also got an awesome letter of recommendation from my boss when I paroled. Good ol C.I. WONDERFUL! good times surprisingly enough!!

  12. Im Canadian and was in the the hole ( solitary confinement). The guards did are meals and one guard was not letting me out for shower. So I took a Dookie in the tray and sent it back.
    Bit I would of never did it if inmates did the trays.

  13. 12 dollors a hour….ya right maybe in virginia I make over 30 and my overtime is almost 50 and I only have 6 years in as a co ether way been a APS fan a few years now but I do wanna correct you when you say cos make lol money most of us made over 75,000 a year and some kill it and make 200,000 with ot so ya 12 a hour makes me laugh I wouldn't walk in a prison for any less then 25 keep it up APS fan 💯🔥

  14. One good thing about Joe's videos is sometimes I don't know where my phone bluetooth speaker is. At those times, Joe is always loud enough. Good juju from SC man!

  15. In NY, we love our tray knockers, we feed them the same stuff we feed the line, always something special- the kitchen dont eat the same as the facility we cook something like fried chicken etc. Now the cooks and hierarchy, we get the shit from the officers mess🤣 but no one wants to bang trays🤣 so we take care of them dudes

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