The Paperwork From Rabbits Accident

In this video, we go and see rabbit and he shows us the paperwork from the hospital and what happened to him…

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Author: Rafael


26 thoughts on “The Paperwork From Rabbits Accident

  1. Hey joe I just started rockin with aps you are a great story teller I DEFINITELY can relate to the whole cru. .prison and recovery. During this time of the Corona virus outbreak You definitely keep it funky Your stories are hilarious and the way you keeping it funky 💯. I dig your show. shits crazy right now also makes me forget what's happening during this tuff times…rabbit I just hope everything goes well with you life is freaking tough right now for everyone. Mad peace to the APS ARMY …excuse the typos.

  2. Think ol rabbit told the doc he was an addict and the guy or girl prescribed him percocet anyways? This is for sure the beginning of the end. Pay attention kiddies……..Junkies +Pain Meds = shitshow 100% of the time yo.

  3. He's been on drugs ever since aps started,he was on benzos or something way back when,on painpills,got caught smoking crack in an attic,lol,used to use heroin,and admits to drinking which is no big deal until you wreck a moped drinking,how come everyone else is living fairly good,nice homes,decent clothes,a car,and rabbits looking homeless living in the park with a broke down generic moped,Seems to go through alota mood changes from video to video,makes one wonder what's up with that dude.

  4. Thats crazy i just served this dude some work a couple days ago,i was riding with a friend of mine n he recognized him n showed me the videos n its the same guy

  5. Wish I had a DAD like Rabbit don't care about what people say about him. I live in a camper with my terminally ill sister we use the generator and carry water so we know what it is to struggle I've been in jail for murder no one dead just County Jail oh yeah the police love you a lot around here they'll be by first name basis I have struggles in my life I'm inspired by rabbit thank you so cool don't worry about what people say I got that problem too you're my sister's favorite person on there she wants to watch you video Everyday sister Joe Missy said rabbit was all right and that's her favorite person on your show Joe you're a good dude don't let people ruin our friendship or thinking your mind that you need to give people drug test rather spend time trying to help a friend did someone trying to put them down with a drug test friend that looks to me like no matter Eve up a little on old dad rabbit if you're ever around we'll go fishing there's a lake 2 miles from my home in Wise Virginia wise Lake Reservoir big old carp good bass fishing sometime keep doing good Joe enjoy your show watching every day on YouTube that's what we use for phone or television thanks don't let others say you haven't got a good show

  6. You would think prison would build some type of character. Man up and tell the truth. For weak minded people wich is over half the world its easier to tell a lie and harder to tell the truth. I fot no respect for neither of you no more. Joe as a friend to rabbit you are letting him down. Put everything on the table and talk about the real issue.

  7. Even if dude getti g high he seem like a stand up dude not like Danny .so should do go fund me for him .he grown man if he spends it on drugs then he does .if he don't then great .man is what 50 -60 ex con and covid 19 how expect him go get job right now

  8. Just a friendly heads up, Joe: The word is “skepticism”, not “skeptism”. You’re basically missing a syllable when you pronounce it, which is a common mistake.

    I saw someone mention it a while back, but didn’t explain how to actually pronounce it, so I wanted to give you a heads up.

    – As for this video, seeing and hearing rabbit in this could probably make someone relapse, that’s how obvious it is he’s faded.L

  9. I trust Joe 100%, I honestly don't understand what people's problem is?!? I have donated money to gofundme's and I've also been let down by people who have lied but not even once have I ever felt I needed or wanted to seek "evidence" against his credibility for wrong doing or him mishandling of funds. I think the more we help Joe the more in turn he'll continue helping everyone &anyone around him he feels needs it. That's a healthy honest relationship, even from a far. 💚 Love for detroit mi.

  10. So I’m PRETTY SURE Rabbit won’t be as cocky as before when Joe asked for a urine test😂Eat humble pie Rabbit. It was just a matter of time. I’ve been in sobriety for YEARS and you were in relapse mode on the last urine test given. Hate to see it but Rabbit STILLLL thinks he has 1 more run in him. When you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, surrender and join recovery. As for now, you’re just going through the motions. You don’t want to admit you relapsed, you haven’t surrendered and following a 12 step program. Speak to your sponsor, if you have one, before you are found payed out dead on a hotel bed with a metal spike stuck in your vein. Sad story. Get better.

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