The Phone In Prison IS NOW FREE..?!


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46 thoughts on “The Phone In Prison IS NOW FREE..?!

  1. No matter how big you are or how many tattoos you have or how bad you think you are… Joe will always be OG of Prison content 💪

  2. Thats not how you do an unboxing! You can't open it first! You're supposed to document every sensation as you run your hands down the cardboard. you're supposed to taste the box! If you don't get a half-rock during an unboxing video it wasn't done right! Fucking amateur!

  3. A couple of videos ago I was thinking to myself how kick ass it would be if ol' Joe designed his background like a real prison cell with items bought from prison resell. Now I'm stocked that he really is. An authentic prison phone…definitely hit the jackpot with this jawn. Damn those phones stank👃🦨👃. And once we memorized our #'s, we all hit that like an accountant. At Cambridge Springs (why they gotta make it sound like a resort) state prison in PA, a 15 min call was $18…back when I did time 06'-09'. Crazy high amount. We NEVER forget that inmate # either. I still have my prison ID card & keep in my wallet to this day as a reminder of who I was, how far I have come, & who I never want to be again✌️

  4. $$$$$FREE PHONE CALL$$$$$$ just got home from county jail In Worcester m like 40 min west of Boston one town away is the dead center of the state both ways but we get 3 15 min free phones every Friday and on the 1st of every months and you make calls from you tablet so no waiting and can sit there and talk all day just expensive there’s no connection fee and like 14 cents a min plus tax so like $4.35 for 30 min call

  5. Its not sweet out here in cali joe u aint just going to hop an anyphone in the day room the polotics r so heavy in there theres unwritten rules to the cali phones

  6. Since prisons are a private company… They'll charge the state. And the state will charge the citizens. All these people's TAXES paying for private company prisons to have free phone calls… smh.

  7. The phone lines are gonna be off the hook 😂 LITERALLY… you know how many people were glued to the phone even when it costs 20$ a minute??

    Now with it free they gonna all be fighting 😂😂😂

  8. Joe you need to pick up a rack, the one inch foam mattress, the John Wayne 100 thread count sheets and that nasty funky pillow with the welcome home snickers bar laying nice a pretty on the pillow.

  9. California inmates don't have phone accounts. The loved ones outside have the accounts and that's how inmates made calls. Now they're free.

  10. That’s a kickass idea Joe making your shed into a cell!! Ya got your prison phone so now you need prison toilet, bunk beds, door with food slot…. Lol You rock!! Watching you play with that prison phone was priceless!! Can’t wait for all the other great ideas you have! Like Elvis being the King of Rock n Roll, You’ll always be the King of APS!! Welcome back!! 😁😁😁😁

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