Top 5 SCARIEST Things About PRISON

In this video, we are gonna talk about the TOP 5 most SCARIEST things about prison… After hearing this you might never wanna go there yourself…

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25 thoughts on “Top 5 SCARIEST Things About PRISON

  1. dude this video should be played on every 10th grade in the united states. This is something extremely valuable that is seldom thought: consequence.

  2. Old English Jails are a sight to behold, The Victorians built these places for nothing but Punishment, Cold and Dank, Roach,s n Rat,s , coming up to the Massive double door,s that looked like they come off a Castle, If it,s is a bright sunny day, the minute you drive through them gates, Doom n Gloom hit you , and that sunny day becomes dark, like a blanket of depression, and that sinking feeling in your gut hit,s you, all of a sudden you find your self needing a DO,DO, HA HA

  3. Dude…I know the feeling. We were not in control. It's a Scarry place to be. I was messed up in jail and afraid to say anything. It was rough. No worries bro…got yet back

  4. Damn, you've actually enlightened me on something that I'm pretty sure I've never thought, although I am an overthinking person that tends to over load his memory card but the fact that you said you had nightmares about scary incidents that you were, I suppose, constantly thinking about… Like how they'd not really be real instances you'd most likely be considering to have happen because I'd assume like many people was trying to walk the line and stay on the straight and narrow path towards success but still somehow your imagination and subconscious had to put you through a lucid reality check to see how you turn out from such a quest…

  5. Top 5 scariest things about going to prison:

    1) going to prison
    2) knowing you’re about to go to prison
    3) being in prison
    4) fear of dying in prison
    5) prison


  6. Damn. This video really hits hard, as it should. I've never been locked up, and I will do everything I possibly can to make sure it never happens.

  7. You have a profound way of expressing your warnings. You should do this professionally. I suppose you already do so for those interested enough in wanting to enlighten themselves willingly. Sobering stuff to consider before you start making some of those life altering decisions that put men behind bars.

  8. Hi Joe, I enjoy every video that I have watched so far including this one. It is very unfortunate that you had to go through what you did while serving your time, but that has turned you into a natural perfessional public speaker on this subject that people that live in the world and never think about the people who are in prison, and don't think about those people ever, that when they hear what you have to say about this subject matter will make them wake up for them to realize how serious this subject matter is, and should be so thankful to you for being the one who tapped on their hard headed skulls to make them stop worrying about their splinter in their finger, or their broken nail that they just got. You are meant to do what you do with the After Prison Show, because you are doing it exactly how it needs to be done, and your staff are awesome also. I'm one of those people who are very thankful to you, because it is a subject that I think is just as serious as you do, which is why I'm 100% addicted to your show, and so glad that I am. Thank you for everything that you do, and keep pushing forward just like I know you will brother. Congratulations with all of your success.

  9. Every time I farted in the cage yard or even inside the common area I would clear the area faster than tear gas,it would even make tear gas break out in tears because those baked beans mixed with 3 beans salad and hot sauce I’m not the only one that had potent farts 💨 I remember a lifer that was doing a shit load of time telling me my farts were worse than a dead body that had been dead for a week that’s how much jail food made my farts 💨 stink so damn bad

  10. I was scared at first because it’s true because everyone is even when they say they aren’t but you just gotta show courage and fight if you really have to even though it’s over bullshit like a bottle of milk or maybe even the last piece of bread but once you show your strength you will be respected and just for that u can expect more fights because jail is very un predictable

  11. I’m a big guy I had a fight with a skinny bloke that was older than me but he lifted me over his shoulder and threw me to the ground,i was more stunned than anything and then the ninja screws came charging in with there hulk built attack dogs and took us both to the detention unit

  12. In prison I can remember this dream I always dreamt,I would be walking across the Victoria bridge (that’s a bridge that is connected from Brisbane city to city suburbs in my home country and city Australia 🇦🇺)but anyways I would walk across the bridge and as soon as I get to the end of the bridge I would always wake up alone in my prison cell

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