Turning negativity into something positive

This last week has been hell. But one thing is certain. No matter what I will bounce back from all of this. Thank you all for the support through out all of this.

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43 thoughts on “Turning negativity into something positive

  1. It's okay to cry, Joe. It's always okay to cry. Men are allowed to be vulnerable. I can't imagine how hard it must be to feel like you can't. Much love from just across the state line, Elizabeth City, NC. ❤️

  2. Joe, I hope you get this. I am so thankful that you do this fuckin show, you've shown me that redemption is fuckin possible. Honestly, I need a sober support, even if you aren't close. I live in Alaska, not only do I suffer from addiction but I have an IQ of 120+ yet I'm bipolar/schizophrenic. If you see this, start a program or foundation of some sort to help people like US. Youve started a movement, let's turn it into a support group. Anybody in the 907 hit me up and I'll help you in anyway I can

  3. Joe, (no disrespect at all) keep the money. Use it for yourself, you have NOTHING to prove to anybody right now. You're a decent guy, and nobody would blame you for using the money to get yourself a house or something. A good quote from a programme I saw applies here: "Always forward, never backward"

  4. Grief is the hardest thing to deal with and like you said we all deal with it in our own way. Don't be afraid to cry bud because when l hear certain music or that it sets me of. l lost my dad in 98 then my mum in 06 then l had a bad bike accident in 09 and lost my brother in 2011 and l never understood how people got all depressed but now l know. Every day is a killer Joe but l've got good family around me and 2 great grand kids and for them l have to go on. some people will say it's just a cat Joe but he was your cat, l hope you feel better soon.

  5. most of the big animal charities are full of shit. very little of the money goes to help animals. most of it goes to the pay the salaries of the people who work for the charity and they get paid ALOT and don't work for the animals but for themselves

  6. You got so many likes that I cannot even see the white dislike area on the bar. Good job and RIP Skipper, I never saw him or her, I will look for them!

  7. Donate funds to a no kill animal shelter. Some other ideas: organizations that help children who have parents incarcerated, the innocent project for people who are wrongfully incarcerated or maybe Kairos or another organization that helps those incarcerated.

  8. hey Joe your a big inspiration to me everyday i watch u and u bring a big smile to my face.when my uncle dies i found your channel and from that day ur my hero and my inspiration suffer from anxiety and depression and i ave no friends and when i watch u u brig a smile to my face and u fill me with joy and happyness

  9. i adopted my pup from the aspca they dont care for their animals he was almost dead… im happy to say after 6 months of of medicine and hand feeding every 3 hours on almost zero sleep hes happy healthy and the joy of my day i love my furry lil boy

  10. Seriously Joe, I've lost loved ones, pets, etc, and It has been different for all of them. There were times when I felt I WANTED to cry but I just couldn't. In fact, I felt completely numb, as though my mind just threw up a protective shield and would not allow me to feel, and I stayed in that numb state for over 2 weeks, until one tiny thing reminded me of my lost loved one, and I completely lost it. So you just honestly don't know how you'll react, but as far as I'm concerned, I do not think that there is a "right way" to grieve. I think that pretty much anything that helps you get over feeling pain is how you grieve, and there's no "right or wrong" to that, it just IS. You do you Joe, whatever helps you get over such a painful loss, then you do that.

  11. Some people have an easier or harder time moving on. I have tried the attitude you have. Like what other choice do I have? And I start down that road, but my mind still goes places, and I feel like I'm on an emotional treadmill. I also have OCD, so that might keep me obsessing about stuff no matter how much I distract myself. But yeah, no matter how easy or hard it is to get over something, keep making the right choices.

  12. Nothing wrong with crying. It's healthy. Plus, it shows you don't give a shit how people see you, which is pretty manly. The whole men not crying shit is such a new concept. It used to be seen as manly.

    Like yeah, I'd choke that shit down in prison or something, but in the world, fuck what people think.

  13. I hate the fact that I am watching this in 2019, better late than never cause JOE IS THE BOMB, best youtube channel, I had to start from the beginning, I didn't want to miss one video and I haven't been disappointed yet and doubt I will ever be!! LOVE YA JOE!!

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