Update On Our Business Ideas…

Today we see how our business ideas are doing and wait till you see what is about to happen… Hope you enjoy!!

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48 thoughts on “Update On Our Business Ideas…

  1. It’s been a super busy week APS. We out here on the grind with these business ventures. And I wanted to share what we been up to with y’all. We got some crazy stuff coming. Also, my wife had surgery this morning. And everything went well. I haven’t been able to really tell y’all about much. Only place I had mentioned the surgery was Twitter this morning from the waiting room. But thank you all for the well wishes. And next week we will be back on the grind.

  2. Mad Respect & Pride for you both. I feel like a proud mama. 🌿🌿 Listen, I thought of something that may help when it comes to moving. Having had washer/dryers or what have you, the fells now double up on these moving straps. I talked at length & they say those straps are a god send. Joe, I see you guys loading up couches, boxes et. When moving, name of the game is Preserve Your Backs. I ruined my back moving. 6 surgeries later, I am damn near an expert & if ya don't know how ya know (biggie small in da house) also must say you are always thinking, always researching. Mad Respect 👍💖👍. ..

  3. Happy for you Joe!!! And Gelico really seems like a hard worker not too many people like that around thats for sure 💪

  4. Utilitiy companies come out att No Cost and they Spray Paint the ground different colors so you know where pipes, gas lines & so on are. When you do ANY digging be smart, order thee utility companies, Comcast or what have you to come out. My son broke a main water line & it was a nightmare.👍👍 ….

  5. Damn joe hair got hella gray,lol! Time goes quick, I remember you pointing out a little. Your buddy in the back like put the cam down, stop talking and grab a pick ax, lol! Joe like I'll cut a few branches, damn it's hot time to ride to the dump in this AC,lol

  6. Its tight to see you figure this out and learn it's hard lol. I do this for aliving. 10 years now. And bro. U have t minus 1 year before u hate it FIND WORKERS NOW. SEARCH FOR RELIABLE GOOD GUYS VET THEM WELL YOU WILL HAVE HIGH TURN OVER. DO NOT TRY TO DO ALL THE WORK ND THE BUSINESS SIDE YOURSELF. You will burn out

    Craigs list. You'll find local farms for trees Message me for advice I know it all. On the west coast at least.

  7. Tip for you is to load the thick end of the branches or trees on the ramp side and then it is easier to unload as when it gets lighter on top you can pull the bottom ones and it all comes off…thank me later

  8. Joe, if you ever need a moped mechanic im your guy. Im in Chesapeake in greenbrier area. Just hit me up. Reach out to me and can give you my #

  9. You just found your real business idea Joe!!!! Light bulb should've just went off. This requires minimal labor if any, and you'll get RICH. Ready for it?!?!?!
    YOU are a GENERAL CONTRACTOR !!! ….. go ahead and Google it, I'll wait. Give me a cut when u make it HUGE as a GC

  10. If your looking for help i am down and i know how to make things look beautiful and i know how to make things work thanks to my job at endless summer in Michigan

  11. If you were just be able to persuade a relax in background checks for jobs, you would be a god given saint. The reason most criminals go back to their old ways is usually because they get sick of making $12 and less an hour.

  12. And ill tell you this much a connections and creating business for others while creating business for your self get you alot further due to hey this person cant do this or that but you know how to do it or you knkw someone that does thats business relations give and takethey look out for you if you look out for them

  13. I know many many soberhalfway house owners, and they're all shit head scumbags that ACT like they want to help but really are just out for money. Not that wanting money is a bad thing, but you're taking money from people who literally have NOTHING, and that's completely fucked up, and in reality doesn't help at all.

  14. We definitely notice cops nearly as much . As least I do . I don’t trust them and I have reasons not to do I’m hyper vigilant about there whereabouts. I think anyone who has a a not so friendly stop by any cop is aware of them . Lol ! Joe seriously it’d taken ten minutes to just tack a tarp over that wagon. One it would have kept others behind you safe and two if you were stopped they probably would have given you a verbal warning as opposed to moving violations. Come on . I know you are smarter than this Joe. I mean Y call attention to
    Yourself’s needlessly is all I’m sayn.

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