Update: What Happened Yesterday…

In this video, I want to share the full story of what happened yesterday. As I was filming the video “I might be going to jail,” I didn’t know all of what happened before I showed up. But I now do, and I want to share that with you. Also, I have not been arrested. And not to say that still won’t happen. But I am doubtful that it will. Even though the police told me these people wanted to press charges on me.

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46 thoughts on “Update: What Happened Yesterday…

  1. No reason to be embarrassed you did nothing wrong. 99% of men would have reacted the same way. Every man has an anger issue when their loved one is threatened!!

  2. The only better way I can think of you handling it is to calm down before arriving there (easy to say I know) and go there with the goal of making sure your wife is ok rather than having any involvement with the assholes responsible. I hope nothing too bad comes from this, it's an incredibly unfair situation.

  3. Get a go pro wear it and anytime you go on that property turn it on if that guy shows himself and confronts you it’s all on video if he want to swing on you let him hit you then at that point beat the fuck out of him leave him lay their call the cops let them show up and tell them I got this all on video I feared for my life and acted in self defense plain and simple theirs always ways to handle stuff fuck that guy

  4. Why does not your wife evict that woman and put a trespass on the man so he can not come to the property? You need to step back and not get involved you are more to get in jail due to what can be perceived as aggressive behavior. For your own sake let your wife handle the office, that is her job. If it is too much then ask your wife to change jobs, less stressful.

  5. Tbh I would of just calmly walked up asked to be able to see my wife and then explain what you know however you did what was emotionally right you didn't go off on anyone either.

  6. Buddy, if the cops wouldn't have shown up before you IT IS YOUR JOB TO PROTECT YOUR WIFE. Do not feel embarrassed. You didn't do anything wrong.

  7. i get reacting without thinking first isnt the best, but you did exactly what any other husband that gives a fuck about their wife would have done, i hope nothing comes of the situation im super behind on the videos, i dont got a wife or girlfriend but if i did and this happened to me i would have done the same thing you did

  8. Joe, any man who is a real man will go primal when their woman is threatened, trust me, I've been there only I went much, much further than just jumping out of a vehicle, mad. You are perfectly within your right to have feelings of anger, the good thing was that you were able to curb yours to a much greater degree. We are who we are, Joe and we learn new shit day by day. The fact that you're beating yourself up over the incident means that you have a conscience. Use this experience as part of your personal learning curve, my friend. Good luck and much success to you, your wife, Dave, Rabbit, Cody, Danny and everyone else involved with the show. May y'all live as long as you want and never want as long as y'all live. PEACE!

  9. So showing up to a "scene" is a chargeable offense? Unless there's something he isn't telling us, I don't see a single issue he did wrong. I would've acted the same exact way. I'm fairly new to this channel, the first video I saw, I had the impression of him being aggressive but that's just how he comes across, he seems like a very nice guy. It's unfortunate that situations like this happen all the time. This is what the country has gone to.

  10. My friend, I think that the most important part of the video is the parts where you say "I felt like…". When you arrived at the seen, the situation was stable. The only thing that achieved was to escalate the situation. I know that its hard but allowing our emotional needs to overwhelm the goal of handling the realities of the situation can only lead to harm. No one won that evening. It wasn't a contest. The goal was to protect the community and your wife. The best thing to do would have been to support your wife and work with the police to resolve the situation for the best outcome.
    One more thing. I'm not trying to talk down to you. I'm just calling it like I see it. I have been in situations where I reacted wrong myself. Your a good man. Hand in their!!!

  11. Here's the thing, your wife knows you have a short fuse. If she called the cops, she knew the situation was gonna be handled by them. She should NOT HAVE CALLED YOU FOR ANYTHING. After everything died down, you should have been called. Why? Because everything could have been WAY WORSE WITH YOU INTERVENING. You could have been shot. It's not cute, it's not husbandly to run full speed to save your wife with cops handling the situation. But, whatever dude. Next time, don't show up unless some shit goes down.

  12. Meanwhile a cop would've responded with firing 30 shots and be found not guilty. However if it's a regular Joe………..do nothing. THEN if you decided to call them out for the bullshit and fight back? CLICK You're under arrest! Got I hate cops with a passion anymore. They deserve all the disrespect they get and then some!

  13. You didn't do anything wrong and definitely shouldn't be embarrassed by anything. You reacted like a loyal supportive husband and everything will work itself out. There's always gonna be someone like that guy that could use a good old fashioned ass whoopin but karma usually catches up to them. Keep your head up brother!

  14. So the gentleman has a history. This makes their case even more flimsy. I doubt that anyone would get sent to jail, including an ex-con. Just learn from this. It is hard being a man today.

  15. When one's family is threatened, it's perfectly normal to react the way you did. But having said that, your wife surely would have you back down, then have you serving a stretch in jail.

  16. Hey, I have been watching your videos for quite a while and in this light there are times when you cannot always agree with the way things are handled. For instance I was beat the shit out of on my way home from work and robbed and the cops said that it didn't occur as it turns it was one of their criminal informants I was beat by (I had found out a few months later). My husband was ready to kick the shit out of him and my FATHER almost shot him when he showed up at our doorstep a year plus later to make amends and apologize for what he had done. I agree with what you did and so does my family. Most of which have never served a day in jail. My father included. Always ensure the women in your life are protected or have the ability to be protected. I care about you and your wife. Take care my man. Signed K and N

  17. you must be leaving something out you say your wife could lose or maybe lose her job. She can't lose your job for telling somebody to be careful when driving in a parking lot. And you can't be arrested for just going Up and asking the police for answers when you didn't breakthe law What grounds do they have . But you do have to learn to control your emotions. Because you don't even know what happened yet so to stay calm so you can get answers and understand them. Too often you don't understand what's being said when you're angry your mind is thinking of other things.get all the facts first.

  18. What did they win. I don't understand the story she asked somebody not to drive through the parking lot recklessly. That seems to be it where is there anything that you or her have done wrong none of this makes sense.

  19. You were protecting your wife! Your feelings were valid. I don't see what you have to apologize for Joe, seriously. But please don't get into too much trouble cause we need APS! 😊

  20. I came across your channel yesterday, and watching some of your videos (especially this one) has really helped me. I struggle a lot with anger problems, and hearing you talk about all of these things is helpful, and can be very relatable. Thank you for doing all of these videos! I am going to continue to watch some more now! Cheers!

  21. Wife should have called the police
    and should never have confronted
    The couple. Knowing you have a
    Background your wife should
    Have never called you. Sorry,
    Joe, just keeping it real.

  22. OMG 😱you really love drama 😆 I’ve just seen a few of your movies ,and my impressions are that you say you don’t want drama, but there’s always a “ full story “ full of drama🤣
    Well I guess what you do is great….but it is kind of funny ,listen to you think that you don’t want any drama in your life and have chosen to help ex prisoners 🤔 of course there will be drama🤷🏼‍♀️

  23. Tough situation for sure. They say cooler heads prevail, but what if something worse/bad happened and you did nothing? Sounds like, in the moment, you did what you had to do.

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