Wait for me

I miss ya’ll. And damn I miss APS. Hope you all miss me too. I’ll be home soon.

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44 thoughts on “Wait for me

  1. Joe… you are the reason we’re here. Your best content is just off the cuff stories that draw on your experience and use your natural charisma to draw viewers in. Don’t need to overcomplicate this shit. Just be you ✌️

  2. You dont have to "be done" and "come back" every other week. You don't have to post constantly, just post content you're happy with. You'll lose more people than you would otherwise if you keep telling people your leaving or coming back for good and then not following through. Just post when you feel like it and make content your proud of.

  3. Watched a lot of your prison vids from 2017-2019 roughly. You had me cracking up every night before I went to bed with your stories, especially that 30 days of prison stories that you did that I caught every single day a new vid was put out. Was watching JD Delay's vids as they popped up in my recommendation and it reminded me of the channel.

  4. Honestly, I never did care for kids, (so I didn't ever have any), but I really like to see people that do. I don't dislike babies or kids, just not in my wheelhouse. That kid will grow up with loving parents, that is the first step to his success in life. I think it's great.

  5. Joe just have fun with this channel and make some videos where you are having fun and being your goofy self. You always think you aren’t hitting with your jokes but like 98% of them are funny. You just had a kid and are learning how to be a dad and husband. You basically have to learn a new job and relearn how to be a husband with a new dynamic. So have some confidence in yourself. Post what is fun for you and enjoy life. We will keep watching.

  6. I've done 48 hrs at the County Jail, TWICE, only convicted ONCE, only because I had a crappy (but expensive) lawyer.. Cops are jerks. Lawyers support them and the corrupt judges. No one cares, if they do care, it makes no difference.

  7. NO!!! WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO JOE? MY GOD…. IDK, YOU CLAIMED TO COME BACK THE “KING” OF PRISON CHANNELS. Just don’t make claims man. And I love ya dude and glad… super glad your business is working out… last you said, the painting business took a hit some how… glad it’s goin good man.

  8. It was the great Michelle Madden's birthday today,I said I missed the old bobo gang when I wished her a happy birthday,thanks for the update Joe,we come here for you,your an entertaing character,kept me entertained for around six or seven years now,been slacking on the views for a minute,would be nice to get the bobo kickin again,this APS thing is for life😎 APS4LYFE✌️😎✌️

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