We Got A Message From Bryan…

In this video, we got a message from Bryan. I had given him until just yesterday to tell something. And he finally sent me a message… Wait until you hear what he says.

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Author: Rafael


32 thoughts on “We Got A Message From Bryan…

  1. For the love of God Joe, just hire some damn contractors. We get it, you have a big heart, but your heart is going to bankrupt you. Just go online, research actual professionals, and pay the higher price. If you did that in the beginning you would have saved money in the long run.

  2. It’s not “probably” your fault.. it IS your fault, man. Fucking own it and realize you went about all this the wrong way and trusted too many of the wrong people and gave the wrong people chances that they unfortunately did not deserve. I can’t tell if all of this is just for entertainment value or what.. but the sad truth of the matter is that if all this IS real, then that’s just all on you, bro. 110%. Just the reality of the situation.

  3. That shit does looks horrible I'd fire those kids.. Note I'm no professional but my work would come out looking professional. I've done this type of work and it came out great nothing like this….

  4. Dudes got a gambling problem. Thought he could make the money back. At this point I'm almost sure it's not drugs with this guy it's gambling or something along those lines.

  5. This is a serious question. Why would you start a business in an industry you have little to no knowledge about? Rule #1 of investing is to never put money in anything that you don't understand!

  6. Ive owned well over 200 rental homes as well as 4 apartmemt complexes,nearly a dozen duplexes & commercial propertys,in my old age " 75 " ive had to sell off all but my best income propertys with long term tenants,i currently have 63 single family homes ,2 multi unit apart bldgs and 1 68 apartment complex,from my experience you should never buy a home that your yourself cannot do 100% of the cosmetic work like light plumbing , light electrical,floor tile & carpet,roofing both flat & pitched shingles ,rough carpentry,painting etc,and you ALWAYS want to stay away from plaster skim coating drywall because thats a serious skilled trade youll spend $60 to $90 an hour paying real journeymen plasterers to finish when properly installed drywall has more squarw corners,tighter lines & is something you can do yourself with a few speed squares , chalk line,utility knife,screwgun , taping gear ,this whole millennial idea of " i must spemd as much time with my family as possible vs using those same hours managing my propertys remodel ,learning by hands on experience & being there to supervise work schedules & completion deadlines is the way of a successful property rehab company ,you need to spend every waking minute at your project instead of simply fitting the remodel in to when it's convenient for you & not taking your family time,your way too young to be worrying about family time considering all those yrs in prison put your life experience at a man in his mid 20s ,business comes first if you want to be successful & thats a fact,i just ordered $120,000 worth of McIntosh XR2k speakers for our home theater by putting business 1st .

  7. Not trying to be disrespectful in anyway whatsoever however you are a poster child for Hiring non-licensed contractors by the looks of things you’re going to pay more in the long run

  8. The best thing for that is to rent a damn Tonka and Demo that entire place! Looks worse than it probably was! I’m 99% sure a 10 yr old could do better than THAT! They thru that puddy & plaster up there like cheese dip! 😳

  9. Lmao I hate to see this happen to anyone but where are you finding these workers? Atleast its something to learn from tho. I wouldn't have been able to have the composure you have.

  10. Drywall is all I do brother. And I can tell you that they only put one coat on that. Compound needs 3 coats and at least 15 inches wide. If you need any drywall questions message me bro

  11. Joe, I've watched some videos and I do think you are a good guy. Trying to help people after prison. But rule number 1, you have to or should say, keep the blood red and the money green. Friends and business DO NOT WORK. Hiring felons to work on a house, never going to work. A dog doesn't change its spots. Rule number 2, hire people who you know you can trust. Run backround checks. Prison and business dont work. I think youre to much of a good person to go through what you do on a daily basis. I wish nothing but the best for you.

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