We Got ANOTHER Package From Someone Serving 1800 YEARS…

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In this video, we receive another package from “Doug” who is serving 1800 years in prison… He also has something to tell us about how he feels about some of the comments people have been leaving on the videos… Hope you enjoy the video!

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31 thoughts on “We Got ANOTHER Package From Someone Serving 1800 YEARS…

  1. Doug's drawings are up for sale!! There is only one of each and they are the original drawings so if you have been wanting to have your own drawing from someone who is serving 1800 years in prison this is the time to get one!!! We will also be giving Doug part of the money on each item sold!!!! Purchase here! https://www.apsofficial.com/prison-art

  2. The one with the pig and little boy there precious moments it’s a religious I collection I know because I collect them that’s definitely precious moments drawing by Sam Butcher/prisoner

  3. Doug, if you’re seeing this, I hope all is well and you got the job back. Many people out here on the internet try to get people to react or get angry. When people are upset they explode and to some people it’s entertaining. When you see it, you don’t feed it. It’s something we all have to learn and I’ve fallen for the bait many times. I’m hoping the virus isn’t causing too much drama. It’s good to hear your story. I wish you goodluck, stay safe and much love.

  4. In California they will stamp a PRISON GENERATED MAIL logo on the front of an envelop and they will put the stamp right in the middle of the artwork just to be A**HOLES. Great artwork !!!

  5. ya man these people just say what they can to set you off because they won’t ever be in front of you. it is a shame dude but they are always gonna be there popping off stupid shit. you got alot of people out here that are behind you man. who cares about your chsrges. thats your buissness. as far as i’m concerned your doing your time so nobody can day shit about you. im gonna see if i can’t reach out to you directly and as soon as i have a little money i will help you out some. i get paid soon.

  6. What a nice wholesome looking young man. He deserves another chance to be free. He probably wouldn't harm a fly. And besides he seems eager to meet your wife. He thinks of her every time he is lying in bed and when he is taking a shower. Joe please send him a picture of her for his personal use.

  7. May 20, 2003 — A 19-year-old man wanted in connection with the slaying of a young couple in Virginia was captured by police Sunday after a car chase along a busy highway involving at least three law enforcement agencies.

    Douglas Cole Waters, of Waynesboro, Va., was arrested on a double murder warrant after Cocoa police spotted him and his 17-year-old girlfriend leaving a Best Western hotel on State Road 520.
    "They were definitely trying to get away. The car they were in belonged to the deceased victims," he said, adding Waters was driving a stolen car between 60 and 100 mph on the highway as police closed in.

    Virginia authorities think Waters shot and killed execution-style a young couple in Waynesboro (18 YEAR OLD MALE AND 19 YEAR OLD FEMALE) and stole their 2000 red Honda before meeting up with his girlfriend. They were allowing him to stay in their home for the past month. Robbery was the motive.

    "He told his girlfriend, 'I just killed two people, let's go to Florida, let's go to Cocoa, Beach' " , a conversation overheard by the girl's sister. The girlfriend's sister thought Waters was kidding but went to police who found the bodies Sunday morning, officials said.

    Virginia authorities also alerted Cocoa Beach police and Florida officers patrol area hotels before police Officer Matt Turner spotted the car at the Best Western.

  8. Hey man I really liked your chanel and your projects. I would like to write this guy some times but I don't know how I can get his email. If you can send me his email would be very nice best wishes
    Koohyar from tehran

  9. Holy shit 1800 years, That is the most time i have heard of. I did 12 yrs in my life in prisons. I am 35 yrs old, I been strugling my self. Going crazy i just lost my dad, I am sad. But in good spirit, I like watching aftee prison show. And youtube is a computer channel.

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