We Really Need To Go See Dave

We haven’t seen Dave in a while. So today we go see him. Find out what’s been going on with him and his YouTube Channel “Dave’s World.’ And I also talk to him about Rabbit. Link to Dave’s channel below.

Dave’s World here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClUv_pZZtWs6rVlDJQrE8Jw

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Author: Rafael


31 thoughts on “We Really Need To Go See Dave

  1. we haven't seen Dave in a while. And today we get a chance to see him. it's good to kick it with him and get the laughs and jokes with him. But it also gets very serious too as we talk about everything that's been going on and his own battle with addiction. Also: big update on Rabbit coming. I found a place for him to go. But it is SUPER INTENSIVE… And I'm just hoping he will be willing to go. More on that coming very soon.

  2. New subber for a couple months now, 1st time seeing Dave. This video is awesome! U guys 2gether are 2 funny, thx for the laughs. The Dr Pepper bits omg hilarious! And u can really see the luv & concern Dave has for Rabbit. Mind twist/Mind f*ck..truth. Much luv for u both for what ur doing, all the support & being open and including all of us so we can support u all as well. I esp luv the part about that overwhelming to-do-list & just stopping & slowing down for a minute….Joe, no more 24/7! Take it slow it'll all get done. Burnout is a MF, I KNOW. 🙂 Thx for this video, made my day. P.S. Dave don't feel bad if u can't open your home to Rabbit, u can only do what u can do & u & your family come first most definitely! Wise…wiseazz lmao! Dave imo u should be a counselor helping others trying to stay clean. Addiction Is A Lie…Amen Dave. ❤ Much luv 2 u both.

  3. Your wise dave, exactly joe. If see or not. Take it bro, i know you know well whats there. but staying humble i respect too 😉
    Cool your guys are because of sharing love for your fellow man. I dont type much on videos because of me, now im confident to do what i do.
    Want to speak only real shit, like also know i can crack jokes al the time. Never against meme culture or trolls because whatever i think, doesnt mater. For anything there is a place. Cracking myself up somethimes with it also. Be your best version, but give yourself some room to breath. we all have some we wanna change i believe. except that one dude right 😉 hahah no hate tough, and how do i really can know that right.

  4. I can’t see Dave going back to his old ways. As much as I hope for everyone on this channel, he has a different vibe and has for a long time. He’s turned into a family man and it feels genuine when he gets happiness from small things. Some people think rabbit has been getting high the whole time but I don’t think so. His attitude changed.

  5. I'm struggling after falling back into my addiction, but seeing someone like Dave do so well helps. Even knowing Rabbit is starting again reminds me I can start fresh again too. Thanks guys!!!

  6. AfterPrisonShow 「 神 愛 世 人 , 甚 至 將 他 的 獨 生 子 賜 給 他 們 , 叫 一 切 信 他 的 , 不 至 滅 亡 , 反 得 永 生 。

  7. Lmao!!! The way Joe asked for that Dr. Pepper reminded me of this kid i was in prison with. The kid never hit store and was a total mooch, but the way he went about askin for shit was hilarious. If he wanted coffee he would say "Oh shit! Is that instant coffee? Is it good? Ive never had prison instant coffee. Can i try a cup?" If it was noodles or a cook up, it was "oh man, how are those chili flavor shitz bro? Yo lemme get 1 bro!" Or, "Hey my guy, i aint had a prison cook up yet. Can i get some of that? Please??? Ill do all the dishes!!??!?"
    It was so fun to hear his newest excuse and attempts to get whatever you had that he wanted. LMAO😅😅🤤

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