What Happened With The Podcast? And Why That Didn’t Last Long.

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25 thoughts on “What Happened With The Podcast? And Why That Didn’t Last Long.

  1. Dave was always great addition to the show ,
    But his plate was too full trying to live 2 different lifestyle,
    A straight Husband and Father and still living on the downlow with that other Lifestyle and still be a content provider was way too much to carry .

  2. stop stressing .,.,,,if you need advice ,.,you can ask me.,.im been taking care of my son daughter since she was 2 months old.,.,.,cause of jail.,.,congrats and hit me up anytime.,.,

  3. This is why people stopped watching Joe. All you talk about is "oh wow is me, I messed up, I'm the bad guy" and you don't shut up about it. People want prison stories, prison hacks, interviews with other people with crazy stories. This long winded, talking head style video where you're saying nothing for 20 mins isn't appealing. Podcast didn't work out, you thought it should have… End of story Joe. I'm sorry man but you're doing the wrong things. Your best videos are prison stories. Do other shit too, for sure. But go back to bread and butter. Go on 23&1, Jay Williams, etc. Idk, man but this shit bored me to tears. I loved aps and I was excited about you coming back. But if these are the videos you're gonna make them I'm cool.

  4. I know you won’t see this but I remember something that John taffer said. He was the bar rescue guy. He said when you’re failing, you try to do everything. When you don’t know what to do, you do everything mediocre instead of focusing on one good thing. He was talking about how a failing restaurant will throw everything on the menu thinking more options is good instead of focusing on one major content and be great at it. It applies to most things in life. A handy man can get some things done but a professional carpenter will always out do him, a professional plumber, will make more money. If you want this channel to succeed, you need to get back to your roots and focus on what drive people to your channel. I hope this works out and succeeds.

  5. It must be incredibly difficult to just keep on making interesting content.

    You have a business and more importantly your child is about to be born.

    In truth I don't think you, like all new parents, really grasp just how all encompassing a new baby is for one's life.

    My honest advice is wait until your baby is home and you see what is what.

    IMO Joe, you have the ability to work yourself into an early grave: which is no use to anyone my friend …. As hard as it is, try to relax a bit.

  6. Joe I don’t think anybody on this channel cares about a master class on how to make a prison YouTube channel I think the people just wanna hear prison stories and Prison contEnt

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