What Is Tattooing Like In A Women’s Prison

In this video, we meet with Shannon again. And today she shares with us her prison hustle. Prison tattooing. Something that I did as a hustle in prison also. But something I have no idea about in a women’s prison. Hope you enjoy.

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43 thoughts on “What Is Tattooing Like In A Women’s Prison

  1. Even if you can only afford $1 per month. THIS is the patreon you should be subbed too. Just ask yourself. You're starting with absolutely nothing. People who can use your support. Do et

  2. I was always under the impression to never use printer ink or pen ink for tattoos. I mean I learned how to make a prison candle and collect soot from your videos. That method worked pretty well for me, although it is very time consuming

  3. Hey Joe, I tried to find the video where you talked about doing a wine painting thing at a local bar in your area. It didn't work because of the location you chose… Something you might thing of trying if you can find a better place to do it – wine and tattooing a melon!! I just saw a post about it on whiskeyriff dot com (they won't let me put a link in a comment)… Who better to host a 'class' like that?!?

  4. It's hard being a man these days. We're expected to support everybody, women want all the independence, men are expected to make the first move, a woman can call the first move "sexual harassment". I know not all women are like this, but we men have to be very careful just as women have to be very careful. I don't think men's issues are taken very seriously though. Because roles are no longer defined, i think relationships are very hard these days. I guess because I'm a guy and have only seen the side of the girls I have been with, I'm biased. But they were nasty, took me for all i was worth with no remorse. It hurts and is really damaging. I honestly am incapable of being in a relationship anymore. I was married once and I can't do it again. The stress literally almost killed me. And the person I truly loved who didn't love me back, could only laugh at my misfortunes. It's kind of embarrassing to say but I feel like my sexuality is completely destroyed. I'm only 30 and I have absolutely no desire. The only way I can get with someone is for a quick fuck. Sex is boring these days. Been there, done that. Love is something that means everything to me. Trust and understanding are so foreign to me. I know what it feels like on my end and it's beautiful. The best thing in the world. Now if only I had someone who felt the same way. I don't know. I'm just tired of women taking my money, my love, and my sanity.

  5. I luv how Joe bring out a topic he's like a pro host,Joe u need to hve a tv show surely will be succesful like yr yt channel u hve million subscriber i'm amaze man,God bless Joe.

  6. Money and control… and punishment. The education we get sometimes on how to survive in prison? Wow, you had to deal girl. You sound really good. If you do start a tattoo business let me know. I've never had one but there's one growing in my imagination and I bet you'd understand it.

  7. Omg I love this girl! Never ever get just anyone’s name on your body! She is right about only getting family on your body! Also never get them on your face cause those you can’t just cover up! God bless you honey and Godspeed to you!! Tons of prayers from Missouri!!

  8. Joe I'm from New Orleans & did alot of time as a juvenile & adult. People say I have a interesting story..holla at me..would be willing to share looking to maybe help someone just by sharing. I can relate & nothing I haven't seen or been thru

  9. Can you interview more women convicts? I'm a woman and I'd like to hear more about that side of prison. I've met a lot in recovery and many of the stories are crazy.

  10. Joe, I swear you are the truth man. DO NOT TAKE THE NEGATIVE COMMENTS TO HEART. To hell with the losers who just troll you. The world is now seeing how great you are. Been rocking with you for a long time and I see you have a hand in these peoples SUCCESS!!!! That’s awesome!!!!! YOU are an INCREDIBLE success story yourself. Keep up the great work man!!!!!

  11. I didn't see this, when it originally came out. But seeing Shannon in multiple shows and doing so well, she is such an inspiration. Such a beautiful soul; I hate to think she went through such hard times. I guess it's easier, to think she wouldn't be this wonderful person, without those experiences too. And that might be true, but nonetheless I just love that girl!
    Good luck in all your endeavors Shannon! I'm so glad Joe found you, and now we've got such a "diamond 'no longer' in the rough."

  12. My ears perked up, when I heard "transgender". If that topic has not been addressed yet on here, it should be. I wonder how that works. Personally, I think that they should be separated from all-female or all-male facilities or at least the general population, as that is a delicate situation.

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