What Will Sam Bankman Fried BE LIKE IN PRISON..?

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43 thoughts on “What Will Sam Bankman Fried BE LIKE IN PRISON..?

  1. Touch'em two times Tommy be popping up in the after prison show not one times not three times but touch'em two times Tommy is in the joint.

  2. Joe, not so quick! This guy paid off the government several millions and millions of dollars. It's like paying the mafia for protection. They're going to take it easy on him considering all the money he "donated." On top of this, if you look more into the situation, he was heavily involved in corruption with the US government running money laundering for them under guise of "Ukrainian aid". Lots of corruption was going on between Bankman, the government, and other high profile people in the system, he knows too much

  3. this dude was a major clown. He used to sit around playing video games while on business meetings. Dressed like a slob, was a pathological liar. basically this guy also was talking about wanting to have sex parties, having a harem despite living with 11 other men and one woman. He's just the classic overcompensating dork who never got no play. In his mind doing a 8 billion dollar theft was his only shot at getting puss. so he thought it was worth the shot going to prison. sad. many such cases

  4. Hey Joe, this is maybe my fifth time time giving you this advice. I'm really rooting for you and I've been watching you for years. PLEASE shorten the video lengths. 30minutes for a humurous video is just absurd Joe come on!!! Look around you, look at YT shorts, look at tik tok. Short form content is trendy because its easily digestable. 30min videos is like a freaking documentary for old people joe. In order to revive your channel, do short videos! Stay trendy! Get more people to watch your videos! Get NEW people to watch your videos! Do you think people are going to share/reccomend your videos to people or friends when each one is 30minutes long?? Please take this advice joe, I think it will only do you good. 30minutes is just too long.

  5. Dude is broke. He never had no money ,it was everyone else's. My thing is ,Is.if it's not tangible then you really don't have it. I don't trust numbers on a screen.

  6. They should of took that 250 million bail money and paid back the money to the people it belongs to. And when it's all over he will be polishing ol bubba's knob for decades. Yikes😬😬😬😬

  7. IF he goes to prison, it will be one of those Fed County Club prisons, that, or he will be Epstiened before he can talk. The Clintons are involved, Just saying.

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