What Would A Pandemic Be Like In Prison

In this video, we talk about what would happen if a pandemic broke out in prison and how bad and fast it would spread and what would the guards and staff do about it.

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46 thoughts on “What Would A Pandemic Be Like In Prison

  1. God Damn…being locked up in a prison in Iran (easily one of the most brutal, evil cultures in the world) I'd rather be dead with or without the virus

  2. The Corona Virus already is a Pandemic. They’ve canceled all visitation in prisons. People have already bought up all the Water and bathroom tissue, along with hand sanitizer, and now, they’re buying up all the Food!!! For those who are late in preparing, they’re not going to be able to get their basic necessities!! This is a Crazy Time That we are living in. Together We Will Get Through This!!! Stay Strong, Everybody and Be Careful.💯♥️

  3. I think that if the Corona Virus gets in the prison system, they’ll start putting everyone sick in the same building. God I couldn’t imagine what those people are going through. This is a very serious situation.

  4. Joe got me like 3 times when he said, "with that said why don't we…." I thought he was gonna add diiiiiiiiivvvvvvaah at the end of it!😂😂dammit Joe👊👋✊👊👊🖕😂😂

  5. I got staph infection below my left eye while I was in jail. It got big as an egg. It took three days before they did anything about it. I was afraid I was going to lose my lose my left eye or die. I finally popped it, and it got much better after that. Everything you said about the medical treatment in jail/prison is very true.

  6. The jails in California have stopped visits to inmates in jails now they have to visit their kids and wife's girlfriends thru a TV screen no more contact between inmates and family members until it's cleared

  7. Much respect, Joe. I appreciate how genuine you are more than anything. Let's hope this gets handled quickly. Stay safe.

  8. Joe, From my understanding, all the states was going to be infected, as of today, that was already confirmed yesterday morning. 84 dead in 2 weeks now. Now they say in the next 2 weeks, they are saying the tidal wave of illness will be hitting. No where is safe now unfortunately. I know in prison, people do not get acquainted medical, I feel so bad with everyone involved. I am sorry, but if I had to face this, I would rather be in the hole to be frank about it.

  9. Lol I'm in jail medical the trustee's are on the front line. They are mopping and cleaning with extra fervor. Booking and the infirmary benches and areas are being wiped down on the regular. Cold busters and motrin all around.

  10. Joe, check out the movie "The Stand" and pay close attention to Lloyd's story arc. That is probably closer to how things would turn out if this sickness turns for the worst.

  11. Prison in Cleveland released hundreds of prisoners because of it. Using discretion of who they release of course

  12. My bf is currently in the Dearborn County jail Indiana for the past year on a DUI charge. A guard passed out twice at his post. He had been the one to pass out lunch trays. That night, a young kid that just came in passed out, could barely walk, and was taken out. The next day, another young kid was taken out for being sick.
    They treat these people who haven’t even been convicted of anything and are being exposed to the virus. The jail commander had never sent anyone from the staff to advise the inmates on what us happening. They have to watch the news to know what is happening. There are no masks, no gloves, no disinfectant…no one should die over a DUI or a trespass charge.

  13. People at work were saying "I wonder what it would be like in prison during a pandemic" and i knew exactly where to look!! APS is the only real place to get good answers to prison related questions and he's done so many videos you just have to scroll for a little bit and you'll for sure find a video related to what you want to know haha

  14. Idk about everyone else but ive def thought about apocalypse scenerios while i was locked up. That shit is scary man. Like short timers they really gonna leave people in there doing a year for some bullshit? I feel like they would.

  15. I love the show, thank you for bringing this to the public’s attention! As a woman with a loved one who is incarcerated right now, it is such a scary time.. I know he worries so much about what’s going on out here with me and our son, but he’s got to be scared for himself too.. Keep fighting the good fight, man. Keep letting the world know that those are people in there too with families just like everyone else! 🧡

  16. QUESTION: Why would prisons and jails RELEASE inmate early while we're in this crisis? Current issue in my state so I'm curious about your opinion. Thanks Joe!

  17. Hi Joe I love the show you gave me some spread ideas for me and the co-workers when we are on the block and in Seg. Yes I know shocker a law/boss watches your channel lol. In all seriousness I'm glad you made this video it has been on our minds alot as of recently ☹️. The virus is spreading in Texas like a wild fire. Sadly it is already hit our prison system it's public knowledge. We're scared of possibly catching it from an inmate and vice-versa the inmates are scared of possibly catching it from us. We try to minimize contact as much as possible. Unfortunately you know as well as I do most prisons are tight quarters. This honestly will more than likely wreak havoc through the system. Great video keep up the good work love the channel 👍 P.S. the prison hot Pocket recipe is the best one 💯👌👌🔥🔥

  18. Refugee camps and slums definitely beat prisons when it comes to low hygiene and cleanliness. They tend to not even have water or soap.

  19. The man I'm buying my home from works at the Jackson prison as a ccw guard. Life on call! He just told me slot of inside info of what's happening in the prison right now. He's explained that I quote they had to open 5 floors as hospitals. That it's so bad that it's like a trans center. As guards coming on shift to work these units are not aloud to leave the unit once in for there entire shifts. That they have to get a guard to let them out and are never there or available. Said people are sick as shit. Early releases are happening. Mandatory shifts. All kinds of crazy things going on in there.

  20. Hey man, I got a question. If the coronavirus is as bad as they say, wouldn't they put you on a list and start shipping you to a hospital in handcuffs?

  21. Also have to worry about guards deliberately coming to work sick, with the intention of infecting prisoners, spitting in their food, coughing and sneezing on them, etc. Because some guards would most definitely do messed up stuff like that.

  22. "I hope this doesn't becomes some kind of a global pandemic"…
    One month later ………. USA has a Spike in unemployment worst then the great depression, and covid-19 is a huge problem in nearly every country in the world

  23. Interesting story I was locked up in a prison where a guy brought in lice and crabs unknown to staff. By the time they found out all 400 inmates at my single unit open bunk, 4 pod, minimum security prison had to be complete shaved and deloused. Along with a quarantine with daily checks for the next 30 days to insurance the lice did not come back. Are entire unite had to be deloused and we got all new laundry becuse it would take to long to have it sent to the main yard for delousing. The man in question was removed for his own safety and staff was replaced with other COs from the main yard. Thank everyone that it never happened again.

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