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47 thoughts on “When Prison TikTok Flip Flops AND YOU GET EXPOSED FOR BEING A FRAUD

  1. I didn’t see this years ago when the series first came out, but I see it now: Joker has a very very smug, smartass-like, punchable face. Very dislikable face.

  2. I’m sure that dude is flake but some juvenile records are sealed and nobody can see them until a judge unseals it but like I said he is a total flake and I’m not trying to say he isn’t a piece of crap

  3. Joe let’s be honest he ain’t the only one a couple of the prison channel people are full of it and by no means I. I trying to say your one but a couple of the guys who do prison story’s are full of shit they even been on no jumper telling bs on there to I won’t say any names just say I think one is a fat white boy who did time in fla buts from near boston that’s all I’ll say him and pno that might mouse guy who is a complete scumbag

  4. Joe can you do❤ some videos where u just compile prison titok videos together and react to them, some of us dont have titok and cant be bothered to download and prison titoks seems fun, i think u reacting 2 them in a series would be good, please guys like this so joe sees it

  5. by joker…. if you mean the miami joker, I used to rap battle him on an app called battleapp…………… and me and this guy have quite a few rap battles. You should do a story on the miami joker.

  6. I've been rocking with this channel for over 3 years I'm pretty sure I've seen every video you have made and I love your content you're so fuckin crazy I love how you keep everything 💯 keep it up you're def starting to feel it again

  7. Joe please do a video called “ reacting to prison titoks part 1 “ many of us dont have titok and it would be good for u to compile them togetehe for us , probs do well the video, thanks❤

  8. Its Da-nesh. I followed him when he first came to tt a couple years ago but soon caught on to his begging ways but i did believe his story. Its crap like this that gives me trust issues

  9. Lol Funny thing is I just watch the videos on joker after all this time. Still amazes me that this guy thought people would believe a story. But obviously there’s more than one joker out there

  10. You didn't pave most of they way. You paved their entire path. These people wouldn't be here doing that if you never chose to do this channel. Back in 2015 you had me making prison food at home just for fun at 15. You created this genre. All these creators are your children. They all learn from you because your the only one who did this. I love you bro. Long time. Keep them coming.

  11. Should've asked joker just how much snitching it takes to give three life sentences back. Dude probably had so many extra hot dog trays they're still shipping them to his house. Not that I believe a word of his story, but his answer would have been amusing.

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