Who’s Going To Help Finish The House..?

In this video, Rabbit joins us as we have to meet with Conner and a possible contractor and are looking for who we can hire for the right price to help us finish this house. Also, there is work to be done at the house I live in as the fence fell down… Anyone know how to fix a fence? How hard can it be?

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Author: Rafael


29 thoughts on “Who’s Going To Help Finish The House..?

  1. DUDE! I'm in 100% agreement with most people on here, and that's pertaining to your cost-slashing approach to EVERYTHING! For real bro, you know what that mentality has gotten you during let's say the past 6 months to 1 year, and there's FAR MORE negative than positive, thus why not switch things up? Not only for your monetary sake, but for your psychological state as well. Heck, even your truck repairs didn't seem to go as designed, and my guess is that you used to cheap-ass shop? SMH

  2. You should really seek council from one of your banks's financial advisors before you do anything else. Even at an ideal price when finished and if you can sell it right away, I'm seeing your margins looking smaller and smaller. It looks like you're in danger of losing a significant amount of money.

  3. "I don't want certified workers coming over here and doing the right job, I want criminals that I can pay 7 bucks an hour then complain about how awful this is all turning out" I already knew you weren't that bright to begin with but damn dude…

  4. Joe sorry to tell you but the 4x4s you used on fence aren't treated lumber, so when you put concrete around your poles it makes the lumber rot over time. Just trying to help by informing you.

  5. Joe you should’ve nailed a 2×4 to the inside of the 4×4 and used it to nail in the sheet just like u would if your framing on a floor doesn’t match up replacing sub floor u add a 2×4 to the exsisting Joyce so the wood has a solid frame to sit on

  6. Look bro you cry way too much your friend told you the real…. You knew what you was getting into when you hired Brian. You knew he had a sketchy background. You getting on here trying to play the poor ol' piffle joe video's hoping your views go way up so you can get a bigger YouTube check or hoping a bleeding heart dropped you a fat donation to pull yourself out of the pinch your in because you knowingly hired a guy with a bad reputation for ripping people off for the exact same stuff your doing and was even dumb enough to advance him money knowing that he's ran off with people's money for work they paid him to do. Joe this whole Brian running off with your money and all that goes with it doesn't sit well with me. It's like you set this whole thing up just to get people to feel bad for you and donate you money. So you don't have nothing in that house and you make a big come up off people's donation's that feel sorry for you

  7. And another thing Joe all this stuff with filing charges on Brian and making it look cool to snitch on people with the "joekashi 69" shit. You know what's gonna happen to you if you ever went back to prison and you all on social media boasting about snitching…. They gonna serve you up something proper. Like I said this whole thing doesn't sit well with me because he didn't steal the Money from you. You willingly handed over the money to him to go get something for the house and advanced him money for work he didn't complete.THATS A CIVIL MATTER NOT A CRIMINAL MATTER! SO WHOEVER BELIEVES YOUR BULLSHIT POOR OL' PIFFLE JOE STORY AND WANTS TO HELP YOU WITH MONEY THEY NEED TO REASEARCH THE LAW ON THAT IN YOUR STATE. I AM AND WILL POST IT WHEN I LOOK IT UP

  8. Joe notice when you went outside your circle of friends how your problem started but soon as your got back with the ones that help you from the beginning things started coming together just a thought but Joe if you would have went with professionals from the beginning house would be done and you would have got more money out of the house

  9. Are you trying to nail a fence together with 1 and a quarter inch finishing nails? I'm sure it will never be windy again ever…your fine.

  10. They'll give you insurance for a commercial go kart track in your back yard won't they? Your HOA doesn't really matter, do they? Lol.

    What is this guy talking about? lol

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