Wrongfully Incarcerated For 27 Years In Prison…

In this video, we follow up with Darnell Phillips. A man we first met over 10 months ago who was wrongfully incarcerated for 27 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. DNA evidence would clear this man of the crime he was accused of. But yet after almost 2 years since his release, he is still fighting for a full exoneration. For more on Darnell check out our first video with him here: https://youtu.be/fdk5jqR_FcA

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Author: Rafael


50 thoughts on “Wrongfully Incarcerated For 27 Years In Prison…

  1. Holy shit man… I just cant even imagine. I mean I can imagine of course, but damn. Hearing him speak is just.. it inspires me man. I'm tired of taking my life for granted. I do good for myself and others, but I can do better. And more. And more positively. This show is amazing and I'm glad people are getting their opportunity to explain themselves and their stories, that we would not have ever heard if not these videos.

  2. Thanks for this video. Even though it was long, I did watch it til the end. I appreciate you explanation of everything that happened, especially that Danny wanted more and more money.
    Early on, $5,000 should have been plenty for a trip to see his family for Christmas. He just wanted to blow through whatever money he had. I think the fame got to him. You did everything possible to help Danny and he didn't really seem to appreciate it.
    When he contacted your wife at work, I totally understand it being the last straw!

  3. Smh how tf did the crime happen in Virginia an they send the labs to Cali to b tested but u cant use them back in Virginia that’s the dumbest shit I done heard in my 29 years living. What the fuck was the point in even testing an doin the labs

  4. Sir, I must say there is a common item I see from the multitude of prison documentaries and videos I have watched that shows when a person is ready for change. That is that anger and rage that causes harm has settled down. You sir are so very kind and humble. If there is one thing that I from the outside looking in could say is to work with those to help them funnel that anger to constructive thought and not harmful. Thanks Joe and APS. Of course Rabbit. I really like it when he is on your videos. One day I would love to meet him. Greetings from Nashville, Tennessee

  5. Im facing 3 to 5 years in prison house arrest annoying but these videos helping me through the annoyance of the idea of being trapped for over 1300 days

  6. Peace and blessing to the brother good to see you have a smile on your face and doing well for your self 🙏🏾

  7. If only alot of other young men could learn a trade come home recieve a grant or gain some some type resources to gain proper employment or start ther own biz unfortunely we live in a nation founded off of racism so most end up in a cycle of goin in out for most of ther adult life well at least this guy made something of him self after being falsley accused and incarcerated for a quater century plus 2yrs but hey this is amerikkka and this guy is a symbol of great motivation much respect!!!

  8. They reason they're going to only do parole is that they don't want to pay him for the wrongful conviction. Also so many state have people locked up based on very little actual evidence that they dont want to set a precedence for other cases.

  9. People wrongfully convicted should get a minimum of 1 million per year. And the funds should come from the city, county and state law enforcement retirement funds.

  10. He must be compensated for the time he spent in prison put in by corrupt policeman who knew he was innocent and still put in jail. This crap of just letting him out and life goes on is no good
    This guy must start his own business because no one would give him a job.This humble brother must be given at least 10 million for his troubles. Less than that is not enough

  11. Joe remember you can't help everyone that gets out of prison. You have a lot of haters, people who are jealous of your success. They are mad they didn't think of this,so they will try to knock you down anyway they can. You must pick the people you help out very carefully. There are alot of no good people who wish the worse for you. You have a family and this life is real. I say you should look for JESUS

  12. So he was in PC for 27 for rape fearing for his life against other prisoners for something he didn’t do ? Wow just wow ! He needs to be compensated for each year he was put away .

  13. A majority of this mans life was taken from him, and a man willing to rape and attempt to kill a 10 year old is free. Very sad situation.

  14. For every year he spent incarcerated he should be given $100,000… he should be a millionaire right now and shouldn't have to work a day for the rest of his life. He should be able to relax and live a great life. He honestly deserves more but I guess that's a reasonable number. Defund the police and let's get this man some money.

  15. Knowledge is Success there's a lot of good hearted very very smart wise people in prison but they know that they're so smart they don't want to let him out and they're going to try everything in their power to not let them out and be productive they want them to be locked in the cage is like animals you understand we're going through everything we're going to right now in the world's crisis it because of wrongfully government conformed the other gentleman from this prison show was talking about he made some very good points and it's all very true nothing but a hundred percent what are we going going through put yourself in a positive mindset keep pushing forward not to pray somebody that is done wrong they deserve their time the last but there's a lot of innocent people get mixed in the mumbo jumbo life is not easy but I'm glad that God saved this man's freedom and oversee the situation and I hope that the judge and all the other people that held his life back get their licking

  16. Man I don’t know how he did it. I would of either killer myself or turned into a straight savage with a chip on my shoulder.

  17. Darnell you are a very gifted young man. I want you to keep your faith and keep doing God's will for your life. You are a great inspiration, even for people that haven't been incarcerated but maybe going through something in their life.

  18. I don’t see a bitter man. I see a man full of positivity and initiating change in this world for others. HE WAS WRONGFULLY INCARCERATED FOR 27 YEARS! He now has a voice and is using his time now to advocate for others.

  19. He so humble I hate he have to register as a sex offender. He lived a life in prison I could never. He never settle in like it was his temporary home cause he had faith he’ll be walking out one day. I pray you get all you wanted and more. Virginia need to pay you for 27 years they kidnap you.

  20. This man is literally an angel! To be wrongfully convicted and to still be this positive and full of life and hope! Maaan. He’s an amazing human being! This is great content. Rooting for you Mr Darnell ♥️

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