How to Check a Wheel Bearing (Sound, play in the wheel, ABS light)

Wheel bearing noise? Learn how to find and how to tell if your wheel bearing is bad. I show you what the wheel bearing noise sounds like while driving, what the play in the wheel looks like, and how to check the abs light if you have one. I also go over a few other tips about the wheel bearing so you can tell if yours is bad or not.

Scanner I used to check the ABS light:

How to Replace a Wheel Bearing:
What Abuse Does Your Suspension Take Every Day:
How to Check a Ball Joint:

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37 thoughts on “How to Check a Wheel Bearing (Sound, play in the wheel, ABS light)

  1. I was hearing that noise and I first i thought it was my tires, but would bad tires make a wheel bearing noise? then I took it to a mechanic and they said it was bad tyrod. I switched the tyrods and I am still hearing the noise on the driver side. they say its my control arm. can a bad control arm and ball joint make a wheel bearing noise when I drive the vehicle?

  2. So when Im going 50 and I turn to the left just a little bit some whining noise start and when I do a curve to the left its gets worse but nothing when i turn right. Could that be a wheel bearing?????

  3. My front right ones bad for sure, I’m currently replacing it, and my front left wheel sounds sort of like it did in the video, when you spun it with the bad bearing, but it’s not as loud. I can’t tell if it’s just the natural sound of the wheel being spun or if it’s bearing is actual bad. Chris if you see this what do you think I should do? Should I replace both bearings on the front or leave it for now??

  4. Thanks man that was exactly what I needed to know. I automatically thought my brakes were bad but it’s clearly my bearings. That’s exactly what my wheel sounds like. I think I’ll still do my front brakes and both bearings since I’ll be in there and my brakes are probably needed. Thanks bro

  5. Hi i got 2009 hinda civic lx-s and the wheels are heating up, i already replace the brakepad, rotor and caliper. I still have this heating problem. Pls help

  6. This just suddenly popped up in my recommended and I just got back from a long drive. I knew something was off about the car but I couldn't tell what it might be since we just got new tires and an alignment. I will definitely get them checked now. The angelic algorithm at work again.

  7. You need to stop talking when your shaking the wheels, so we can actually hear the noise.. All i can hear is your consistent non-stop talking noise which can get a bit annoying from time to time.

  8. What should i do when I bought the car with that problems .And when I come back to dealer they said they dont know why is so the car noisy.i did asked them check everything to me.but nothing happen and while I am running it's exactly things you said.but they still say to me. The car have no problem! Now my car is 44.000 miles already with that noisy everyday until now! I must endure while driving

  9. I've noticed some videos that I've watched while trying to figure out what my problem is on my 2008 Nissan Altima, that a bad cvt transmission belt supposedly seems to sound somewhat similar to the bad wheel bearing noise. I don't know much about cars so I'm having trouble figuring out which problem I have. My Nissan has what I am almost certain is a bad front right wheel bearing. It also makes other noises when I have it in drive or reverse with my foot on the break. It also makes noise when I speed up. I am wondering, is there any way I can tell for sure if it's just my wheel bearing or if it is a problem with my cvt transmission, or both? And what would be the best way for me to figure that out on my own? I'm really concerned about it as I have to use my car for a long road trip a month from now.

  10. Chris, great tips on ways of checking for the bearing problem, sometimes its actually very difficult to tell (by sound – hearing) which side it's coming from, another tip, if you have a good temperature probe, the bad bearing will typically run at least 10-20 degrees hotter than normal so if you compare bearing case temp from side to side you should notice something.

  11. Hey Chris, thank you for this video! How new does the car have to be to use the OBD2 sensor? or how do you check to see if the vehicle uses an ABS sensor in the wheel hub bearing?

  12. still have a whinning whirrling noise front left, replaced wheel bearing, replaced brake pads, disc and caliper, checked the tierod ends and all the other connecting peices and nothing moves, swapped wheels and tires, rotate the wheel and it's quiet as a mouse any thoughts? BWM E46 do you think it's possible that it could actually be the rear instead of the front even tho it's really aggresive in the front?

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