How to Fix a Car Horn

Car Horn Doesn’t Work? This video will show you how to test and replace a car horn. I show you how to check which horn, high or low, is bad using a multimeter.

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41 thoughts on “How to Fix a Car Horn

  1. Hi i have a question. I have a pair of piaa superior bass horn and fiamm triple trumpet air horns wired on 2 relays with a 15amp fuse for the 2 relays directly hooked to the battery. Is the fuse size alright or do i need to up it to a 30 amp one?. Thanks

  2. Damn. Mine just has a short somewhere in it. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. It will ruin the turn signal and hazard fuse though cause its all the same in my car

  3. Lmao I can’t help but imagine someone getting in the car and honking the horn while Chris repairing it. I know that’s bad, but it’s also really funny.

  4. Have you ever been electricuted before? Because in your latest videos you always mention "when working with electric, always disconnect the battery" and in older videos like this one, you didn't mention it.

  5. Shouldn't these shape of horns be placed facing the open end forward?
    Why is everyone placing them facing upwards or downwards?
    Am I missing something?

  6. You should title "how to replace horn " not "fix it" you ain't doing much there but loos 10mm

  7. How much of an a**hole does one need to be, to utilize your car horn enough, for the horn to stop working within the life of a vehicle?

  8. I have a train horn scares people and it even scares my little brothers when I am waiting for them outside their football club as they come out THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID I horn at them

  9. I'm troubleshooting the horn on my '03 Impala. The fuse is definitely OK and I swapped out the relay from my '05 Impala which is good and the identical part, and neither the high or low tone horn works. I can hear the pulsing clicking when I actuate the alarm with the key fob, and still the horn doesn't work. I checked the power to the horn plug with an analog multimeter by actuating the alarm and the multimeter needle jumps with each pulse, so I know that power to the horn is OK. I also connected the horn terminals to the battery posts with jumper wires, and the horn still doesn't work. For all intents and purposes, it appears that both horns are shot, but it's curious that both horns would fail at the same time, or maybe they failed one at a time but I never noticed the change in tone. I'm just trying to be sure that the clock spring or some other breach in the circuit isn't the culprit. I also checked by pressing the horn with the steering wheel turned to various positions. Nothing. (I also have nobody available to help by pressing the horn while I listen for the single click of the relay, which I can't hear like I can when I actuate the alarm and am able to hear the repetitive clicks.) Thank you.

  10. Any idea what could be wrong with my horn if the beeping stops on its own when I push the alarm button? It only beeps twice and stops, it got stolen several months ago and I don't know what they could've done to it. Thank you!

  11. I have a auto 93 Silverado ….I changed the horn from steering wheel to the floor like a old style dim light switch it’s a rubber weather seal momentary switch .dont have to take my hands off the steering wheel ….it’s magic.

  12. hi chris, your videos are very usefull, didi you make video like single horn to double horn install?

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