How to Install a Performance Intake Manifold and Replace Gaskets (Dyno PROOF)

Learn how to replace an intake manifold and intake manifold gaskets in your car or truck. I am upgrading my intake manifold from a non PI intake to a PI performance intake which will hopefully add some Horsepower and Torque! I also show you how to install a water pump, and how to tap the intake port for a coolant temperature sensor.

Performance Intake:
Extendable Ratchet:
Torque Wrench:
3/8’s Tap and 37/64″ Drill Bit set:
Center Punch:
Heater Tube and Fitting:
Intake Manifold Gasket:
No Spill Coolant Funnel:

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50 thoughts on “How to Install a Performance Intake Manifold and Replace Gaskets (Dyno PROOF)

  1. I really admire the work you put in all the videos. I check for your new videos almost daily and always wonder what takes you so long. Everytime I see the new video I'm like "okay, this was worth waiting". The work you have to put in repairing the car and in addition to that, the work you have to put in moving and placing the camera so every bolt you touch is visible for the viewer and finally editing the video the way you do it (every transition, every splitscreen, all the bolts to mark and these things you do with graphs) must take hours and hours. I really appreciate it and hope that you'll keep doing such a great videos. Even though I don't even have a car, I always enjoy your videos, so one day I buy myself a car, i can do it at home just because of you. Thank you!

  2. A while back, I was about to use gasoline to clean some parts, when my landline rang inside the house.
    There was a full gallon of clean fuel in a rectangular container, ready to receive parts to let them sit for a bit there.
    Anyway, when I came back, the container was completely empty, and i look out the garage to see my dog on the driveway running in circles at full speed! Obviously he drank gasoline and was not feeling himself. Anyway, I’m obviously worried and I’m trying to get him to stop and let me take him to the vet. Anyway, my dog ran circles on the driveway nonstop for over an hour, and suddenly he finally stops and drops on the ground!
    Oh no!!! He’s still breathing but it’s obviously exhausted.
    Anyway, I take the dog to the vet, vet looks him over, and explains to me that th dog is okay. Everything looks good, but that it simply had ran out of fuel!

  3. removing the negative cable from the battery does not mean there's no electricity traveling through the cables. Would you turn off your house lights from the switch and work on the wires? Hmmm

  4. Chris, your videos are the thing, man! You put in so much hard work planning, performing, and then, editing the videos, it appears so easy to the viewers, even though it's not. After seeing your videos, I slowly started learning and trying to fix my 14-year old car, a 2008 Toyota Prius 2nd gen. It had a lot of trouble as I had to learn about MAF sensor cleaning, throttle body cleaning, air filter & cabin filter changing, finding performance oils & oil filters, spark plugs, PCV valves and transmission fluids, but your videos are very helpful man. Thanks!

  5. Can you please make a video on cheapest way to keep torque wrench to correct specifications? A lot of people break their cars and stuff because the tool they rely on. End up with more repairs. I have found no good videos or ideas to cheaply do this.

  6. You make great content and so simple yet so helpful videos. I dont even own a car and still watch alot of your videos. Keep u the good work. All the best.

  7. Been watching you since you got the driftstang and only just subscribed only because I thought I had subscribed my bad, you have some amazing videos and ive been wanting to br a mechanic since I was little

  8. Wish I could follow this 'if it's breaking, upgrade it' philosophy. I mean I could, but I don't have enough first-born sons to give to the insurance company in tribute.

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