How to Install a Tire Pressure Monitoring System in Your Car

TPMS, A tire pressure monitoring system lets you know if a tire is leaking air or if it is flat and creating dangerous driving conditions. Since older cars dont have TPMS and it is a really nice feature to have. In this video I show you how to install an inexpensive TPMS for your car or truck.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Kit:
Hand Held Tire Pressure Gauge:
Cigarette Lighter Power Splitter:

How to Reset a Tire Pressure Warning Light:

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25 thoughts on “How to Install a Tire Pressure Monitoring System in Your Car

  1. Yo – these literally bond to the tyre valve in a way that makes super glue look like soap…. Don't put them on without some lithium grease on the threads or similar!!

  2. I don't care for this technology. The addition of the monitor slightly throws off the wheel's balance. The stem is no longer sealed because the sensor pushes in the pin. When they came out with the atrocious run-flat tire technology they needed a way to warn the driver that a 75 mile range clock was ticking on their flat tire. TPMS was supposed to cure that self-imposed problem when the cure is not getting run-flat tires. Once TPMS existed it was added to all vehicles. But TPMS is a poor solution because it goes bad early in a vehicle's life and is more trouble to fix than it is worth. Most of the people who don't check their tires also can't handle filling them up when they have been notified they are low. If you don't have a compressor it is now hard because gas stations no longer have them, they are broken, or require coins and work like garbage.

    I have something way better than TPMS on my vehicles – a properly inflated full size spare, an 18 inch breaker bar/extension/socket, jack, work gloves, portable compressor, and a tire repair kit. Luckily TPMS is now obsolete and we no longer have to suffer its design flaws, the biggest being turning on a distracting dashboard warning light when everything is fine. My 2015 vehicle uses revolution counting. When you fill your tires you set calibrate. The vehicle then calculates when a tire is low. Unlike TPMS it doesn't go bad due to battery failure and you don't need waste money buying extras sensors for your snow tires. TPMS is junk tech.

  3. why would anyone steal the sensors? it isnt line they would have any value since they only work with the receiver in the vehicle.

    they are probably specifically coded to only work with the receiver so if one goes missing you may have to order a new kit or call the maker and give them the serial number to get a new one.

  4. Do you know of a product that will receive the tire pressure data from manufacture sensors? I'd like to be able to watch for a slow leak

  5. 2019 to 2021 mine cost 60 dollars and it only works in warm weather. This does not work in the cold. Waste of money. If your in NY or NJ do not get these. I respect Chris and am a subscriber but mine only lasted 5 months and then it got cold and stopped working.

  6. Bought a used car recently, pre owner said He checken everything and all
    My Patents said (im 16 i cant drive just yet) it drives a bit weird, we checked the tire preasure and my Front right tire Was at 0.9 Bar wich is extremely low

  7. The inscription on the tyres, clearly state the MAX allowed pressure, for all possible cars on which you will mount them upon. The sticker of every individual car on the other hand, state the actual recommended pressure for that specific model, when it' s unloade and when it' s fully loaded. That' s why the 44 psi was so much off the reasonable pressure.

  8. It's 2021 and I bought a set for my wife's car so she can easily see which tire is low. Like everything eventually the price is lower now but no rubber boots that you mention in the video to keep everything dry. I guess they had to cut costs somewhere. We'll see how long they last.

  9. This could make a cool school project, instead of that, universal tpms mounted directly on the rim and get a raspberry pi and go to town with it lol

    Probably a lot of tears involved in between, but would be a cool project

  10. can somebody please tell me how the hell those sensors for on the tires get power it cant just run endless without power there also doesnt look to be socket for battery

  11. Hey Chris, revisiting an old video to ask if you would recommend changing out a stem-mounted TPMS at home or if you would have a tire pro do it?

  12. TPMS is one of the biggest government scams ever. Why would anyone want to install this system on a vehicle that doesn't have it instead of being a responsible driver and actually checking your own tire pressures occasionally?

  13. It would be a pain if you had a flat tire on the road and you can’t find your spanner. I would rather fill up each tire one by one than pay $55 for this shit. lol

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