How to Replace a Front Wheel Bearing

Wheel Bearing Replacement. Learn how to replace a wheel bearing hub assembly. This is a 2007 Mercury Mountaineer, Ford Explorer but the process will be very similar for replacing any wheel bearing hub assembly with an axle running through it. I was quoted over $650 at the stealership to do the job again so save a ton of money and do it yourself and do it properly so it won’t fail again.

Here is the wheel bearing hub assembly I used:
How to Replace another wheel bearing hub assembly (Pontiac G8):
Wheel Bearing Cutaway: COMING SOON!!!
How to Tell if a Wheel Bearing is Bad:
How to Replace a Pressed in Wheel Bearing:
Home-made penetrating fluid:
BlueDriver OBD2 Scanner Product Review:

OBD2 Scanner (Bluedriver):
Breaker Bar:
Slide Hammer:
Socket Set:
3/8 Ratchet:
Torque Wrench:

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  1. What’s the best website for genuine OEM parts? I like ereplacement parts, but it looks like they’re mostly for appliances, mowers, etc

  2. Chris i wish you was close st Louis i really like your advice you always seem like what your working is no problem a piece of cake lol do you cut out any parts that show others thats not as easy as it looks lol i always look here to see what your working on i think it would be a rea l big thing for us to meet up go out for a bite to eat i think of you when im doing something to my truck thank you for all your shows you have had on YouTube God Bless you and your family ! ⚖️🇺🇸🕒

  3. Why does it seem like most car fix vids (no matter how useful) have a substantial amount of downvotes?

  4. I'm going to add, from experience, that on my car's the big axel nut or whatever it's called is a lock nut that becomes dysfunctional when used once.

    I had one car I replaced the bearings on with (so I thought) cheap ones. I wasn't surprised when I had the symptoms a little more than a year later. But guess what? I could almost take the nuts off by hand. They had come loose. I was surprised, didn't know if til much later they were locking nuts. It might have been that the bearings weren't bad, just loose.

    It happened again, different car, two years ago. Tire shop said they couldn't do a wheel alignment without replacing the bearings, which weren't that old. That's when I found out about the locking nuts. They're not readily available where I am so just used loc-,tite.

    If you reuse the nuts, it is not a suggestion but a must to do something to ensure the nuts don't come loose.

  5. I like your voice tone on your older videos A LOT more. Sounds less like you are trying to sell a Sham Wow! Love the videos either way just something I noticed.

  6. GREAT! All this time I was like he is FUGLY and has pot marks on his face probably SH*T brown eyes and handicapped. Turns out Chris has a new fan and NOW MY WIFE likes him more than me.. Damn Chris what's WRONG with you? You fix cars, the voice of a radio jockey cant see any flaws but you hide your face. FINALLY the wife set me straight, she said you hide your face so people can pay attention to the videos and not you. MISSION was accomplished, now Chris needs to FIX my wife seeing your face. Dear Diary will my wife ever love me again? And no Honey I don't know nothing about your mothers car STOP asking me to fix stuff I CANT! 50/50 Marriage, I dirty clothes she washes them. She cooks, I eat! What more can a woman want??? I know what she wants now….. CHRISFIX

  7. If you have a gear puller laying around, it makes the spline easy and safe to push in. The hardest part about doing this job for me was getting the new hub in. I had a hard time getting the bolts at the back started. Wired wheeled the bolts on by vice and it was much easier. Thread locker is also lubricating before it dries

  8. I enjoyed watching this vid. The mechanic used correct tools, including breaker bars, torque wrenches and also used fair PPE to make sure he was protected during the job. THis was viewed without a pause

  9. Hey Chris fix love your videos..I have a 97 lincoln town car my horn will not stop blowing when hooked up what can the problem be

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