How To Replace an Outer Tie Rod End

How to replace outer tie rods. This video will show you in depth, how to change the inner tie rods of your car or truck. The job straight forward and anyone with basic tools can do it!

Tie Rod Ends I used:
Mevotech Tie Rods:

How to check to see if your tie rod is bad:
Inner and Outer Tie Rod Replacement:
Outer Tie Rod Replacement in my Truck:
Tie Rod End Cutaway:
HOMEMADE Penetrating Fluid:

Socket set I use:
Torque Wrench I used:
Grease Gun:
Chassis Grease for the Tie Rod Ends:

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40 thoughts on “How To Replace an Outer Tie Rod End

  1. Hey chris thanks for alll great vids .would it work better if you cracked thhe lock nut firrst while everythinng is still tiight . then when you hit wrench to loosen locck nut it wont bounce around

  2. Hey Chris, I have a question about the mevotech parts you are using. How are they holding up? I’m looking at getting all 4 control arms from mevotech for my 2000 Chevy blazer . Did they fit properly? Was the quality worth it? I was looking at Moog but they don’t make the heavy duty control arms for my blazer any more. And when I do find some they don’t have all 4.
    But since I’m eyeing mevotech for now I haven’t bothered with Moog much for other then steering components. If you could please answer ASAP that would be amazing because I need to order those today or tomorrow. Also the parts I’m looking to get are the mevotech supreme. Thanks in advance.

  3. The youtube comments on mevotech parts are overwhelmingly negative. I am caught between OEM and Mevotech/ Delphi for a 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid . Please advice.

  4. I remember the first time I changed tie rods (in winter)…. didn't know about using heat… many wasted hours cursing, hammering, and fighting with that inner nut. 

    I'm getting ready to change them on a truck now so I invested the $30 in a propane torch. Not making that mistake again lol.

  5. I just replaced the right tie rod on my 07 trailblazer with an OEM AC DELCO part. All went pretty well, nothing really tight. The tie rod would not take grease. I removed the zerk and it flowed grease. I knocked the ball around with a piece of wood and I could see that the ball moved. Guess its too tight to let the grease in. I think it already has grease but found this strange. My plan is to try to grease it again after about 1K miles and maybe it will have enough clearance for the grease to enter. Measured and counted turns and its back exactly like it was.

  6. An accident happened and my right side outer rod broke down! I did not have no ideas how to fix ? Chris fix is the best to show by you tube & you are the best! Thank you 😊

  7. When I drive my car to 60 to 70 miles per hour, it goes to the left side I took it and did alignment and it was fine for a few days and then it went back again. The car 2011 Honda CR-Z 50,000 mi on it. Could it be the tie rod need to be replaced? Or something else

  8. i would have counted the revolutions on removing old outer tie rod,or count the threads. that paint pen,is not acurate, at all, sorry, chrissy boy!

  9. great video man, really appreciate all the effort you put into making these and that you put links in the description for all of the stuff you use 🙂 keep up the great work!

  10. One question about the alignment, you said to mark the old tie rod ( the broken tie rod that is out of allignment probably right? Isnt the new one going to be stretched and stressed too much?

  11. I thought you are supposed to see grease start to come out the edges of the tie rod boot to know you put enough in???

  12. Hi Chris, I have a question for you. I replace the ball joint on the 2001 e150 Econoline. I thought by doing that, I was going to fix the toe-in tire problem, but it didn't what I should do now?

  13. Mevotech is absolute junk, especially their Supreme X Factor garbage. I did my entire Corolla front=end over in X Factor. I drive almost all smooth highway, and am easy on my cars. Every Mevotech piece wore out to undrivable within, (not after), 1 year. I also installed some Mevotech on my wife's Windstar at around the same time. You guessed it… totally worn out. It's utter poo folks! I called Mevotech to complain. They did nothing for me at all. Never again! I replaced everything with ProForged which lasted for several years after that til I sold the car.

    HERE'S A TIP…. If you go to the auto parts store to get let's say 2 tie rod ends or anything with a ball joint… 1st, don't get China-made if you can help it. 2nd, try to move the ball stud with your fingers. If one of the two moves easier, ask for a tighter one so the one's you leave with are similar. While I'm told by manufacturers this should not make a difference, every time I had a looser one, it ALWAYS failed much sooner than the tight one.

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