How to Replace Front Shocks

How to replace shock absorbers. Learn how to replace front shocks quickly and easily with no special tools required. Follow the step by step video and you can fix your own car and save a lot of money!

See what abuse shocks take:
How to replace rear shocks:

Here is where I get my inexpensive shocks:
Here is the ratchet/socket set I was using:
Here is a good inexpensive torque wrench:

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33 thoughts on “How to Replace Front Shocks

  1. Turns out I have the Australian version of your Mazda truck. Made repairs so easy and saved so much money bro.

    Did you jack this car up before you pulled the shock out?

  2. Hi Chris! Thank you firstly for your informative video. I am wondering if you noticed that the original metal gasket and rubber boot are bigger than the new ones?

  3. I decided after watching 30 or so of your videos you are the best on here by miles. In another life you would make a fantastic teacher. All i want to do now is work on my car.

  4. You can spray my nuts with some penetrating fluid any time, Chris 😉 Does make it a lot easier to get them off, gotta say

  5. Youre freakin awesome watched you do this and im going to help myself, called places to assist some refused cause i didnt buy from them, and others wanted way way to much for the job, i will get this done thanks im not mechanic but grew up around cars will give feedback

  6. Thanks for the guidelines Chris. I changed out the front and rear shocks on my 2008 Ford Ranger 3.0 tortion bar truck today(took about 6 hours total for all)! For the front, both top nuts snapped off about 3/5 the way up (I'm in Canada where they aren't shy with salt) but came off nonetheless. I used a double wrench for extra torque to snap the passenger nut on top of the assembly. Took about 3-4 hours total dealing with the rusty situation. One of the shocks failed and exploded on me after removing, but probably due to the twisting during removal. As a reminder to DIY mechanics, never point the ends toward yourself when analyzing the compression of the shock after dismount, esp with old rusty parts! The nut below the bottom washer and bushing was somewhere between 3/4" and 18- 17mm due to rust swelling and I had to experiment with what size I could hammer on. My top nut was 15mm for both sides. Plenty of WD40 helped to penetrate the rusty parts. On the driver side, the lower nuts snapped the bolts coming off, but the passenger ones had to be fully ratcheted off. A 4lb hammer tapped to the bottom of the shock removed it from the lower control arm mount on both sides. Thank you for the detailed guides for these tasks on this model. I lucked out with having a similar model to your truck! Taker easy bud.

  7. Chris your video quality and the way you explain everything is superb. You have an extraordinary talent. Thanks for sharing the valuable stuff.

  8. Does the vehicle need to be lifted in order to change the shock absorbers? What would happen if it was left on the ground with wheels on?

  9. Can you add struts to a truck that has shock absorbers? I have a 1986 4runner and i really need to change them but i'm confused on what i can replace them with. Looking a Bilstein Struts with adjustable lift, thanks!

  10. Hey I am new to working on cars and your videos are by far the best. What brand jackstands do you use, my ramps do not give me comfortable room to work under my vehicle.

  11. My 2004 Dodge Ram has a spring in the truck that the shock just slides out of at the bottom when uninstalled, are there any precautions to take?

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