I Bought the Most Hated Car on the Internet (and made $1000)

Prius hybrid battery replacement. Learn how to replace a hybrid battery in a 04-09 Toyota Prius and make money while you’re at it! Replacing a hybrid battery is not difficult at all.

I show you how to scan the computer to check the hybrid battery and we got a P0A80 code which means replace hybrid EV battery. I also show you how to clean the hybrid battery fan to keep the battery cool. To remove a Toyota Prius hybrid battery you remove a few interior trim pieces, unbolt the hybrid battery, swap out battery cells, and reinstall. While I did fix a Prius, you can apply the same process to many other hybrids like Honda, Chevy, Nissan, Ford, and Lexus. So whether you are Prius to fix and flip for a quick profit wheeler dealer style, or you want to fix your hybrid so you can continue to use it, here is the in-depth video on how to replace a hybrid battery safely and easily.

**Where to get quality Hybrid Batteries:**

Printable step-by-step directions: http://bit.ly/PriusHybridBattReplace

OBD2 Scanner: https://amzn.to/2Dr0hHO
Impact gun: https://amzn.to/2Tj9CH6
Panel Clip Pliers: https://amzn.to/2DH9IDF
In-lbs Torque Wrench: https://amzn.to/2DpQq4M
Ft-lbs Torque Wrench: https://amzn.to/2DlFDJ3
Plastic Trim Clips: https://amzn.to/2DLJuQy

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37 thoughts on “I Bought the Most Hated Car on the Internet (and made $1000)

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    2.) I have been working on this video for the last month which includes buying the car, sourcing a high quality battery, taking a class on how to safely and properly replace high voltage hybrid batteries, etc so I hope you love it!
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  2. Very nicely done! I am almost exhausted from just watching. Approximately how long, in real time, would it take for a nuby assuming one had the impact?

  3. I can guarantee you that if I did this there would be bolts left over. In addition, half way through, I would forget something and have to start all over. A 4-6 hour job will become a 3 day ordeal.

  4. It would seem that Toyota could have designed this without having to remove the side panels. Kind of ridiculous how it is positioned.

  5. At that point, you may as well just take out the engine, put some in wheel hub motors on it, put some more battery packs in, and turn it into a full electric. J/K, wish it was that easy.

  6. Hey Chris. Can You Send The Service Manual And Can You Tell Where You Got That OBD Device. Just To Let You Know I Am From New Zealand. My Name Is Ashwant.

  7. Dude…very informative but you talking with your hands, without even being on camera was seriously distracting. Consider not filming your blue hands unnecessarily?

  8. The safety factor is what caused me to NEVER own one of these cars again. If you hit anything with the front end, there is nothing but a slim strip of plastic with white foam glued to it, which makes it rigid and makes it look like there is actually a front bumper. That is all that is between you and whatever you hit. Take a look at where the airbag deployment device is and you will only laugh if you don't own it.

  9. For those curious, to get inch pounds from foot pounds, first divide 1 by 12, which will give you 0.08333… Then when you have your foot pounds, you divide that by 0.08333 and it will give inch pounds. The reverse is to multiply Inch Pounds by 0.08333 and it'll give you Foot Pounds.

  10. I am very impressed. Quick, clear, detailed instructions and perfectly executed! Well done, and congrats on the great find! I love it when good people are able to recycle perfectly good cars at a fraction of the new price..

  11. Haters will hate, but this shows a different side of the hybrid world that dealers will seldom let you in on. I've enjoyed owning a Highlander Hybrid for 8 years, and have 305k miles on it. It still runs great, and the batteries still work.

  12. Great job Chris 👏🏻

    However isn’t this Prius just the living definition of being designed specifically so that home mechanics aren’t going to do it… like no aspect of this has been designed to make life easier for the DIY car enthusiast…

    Modern cars are the same as modern white goods – designed to last a period of time, die, and have you buy a new one 🙁

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