Android 9 Pie: Top 4 Things We Hate! [Android P]

I’ve been using Android Pie on-and-off ever since the first developer preview. And although this is gonna be a weird and slightly negative video, on the whole I actually like Android 9 a lot. The new design direction is great, performance for me at least is fantastic, and I’m mostly onboard with the new gesture navigation too.

But there is certainly room for improvement. Pie is not perfect. So here are the top 4 things I’d change in the latest version of Android.

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46 thoughts on “Android 9 Pie: Top 4 Things We Hate! [Android P]

  1. Its just like an deformed android 6!.
    So horrendous and I hate it.
    Even Samsung phones are slowing to be in uglier design. I wanted to go back in note 5 or else, They are way more better.
    Im not being a hypo but I'm using samsung phones since 2014. I still like them but nowadays, the curve screens driving me nuts!.

  2. After installing Pie, I immediately regretted it. Why on earth did they remove the split screen button, for what purpose. I thought that if I played around, I'd get used to it but no, I want my split screen back.

  3. Does anyone face the same issue why getting phone calls while phone is in the pocket, i mean the caller id sucks. The drag to decline the call is as short of a movement as it could have been. I always get my phone calls rejected if my phone is in the pocket.

  4. I hate pie. Frankly every update I got its always worse and worse. Phones gets slower or I dont like the UI or has features removed… Same happened with my previous phones, from beloved ICS to jelly bean. Then lolipop to marshmallow. And now i got from Oreo to this Pie shit. I just hate it. Its like you buy a blue car and then after some time will someone respray it overnight to red one.

  5. Samsung Note 9 and now with Pie. I get text message notifications from myself if I close out the "non disappearing" text stream notification, or whatever its called too quickly.

    Its infuriating.

    Also the lock screen notifications. If I want a unlock to a notification, it's now, click, then click on the new drop down menu then swipe (basically the entire length of the phone).

    Another thing, the WIFI calling icon in then notification panel keep moving to the first slot. No matter where I move it, in a few days its back to the first slot. I can't stand it. Whatever I have in the 5th slot gets bumped to the double drop down notification menu.

    Theres not one thing I like about Pie.

    I've been die hard Samsung forma long time, and I've had an Android since the first Motorola Droid, but Pie makes me want to switch to Apple.

  6. I hate it so much. It made my phone harder for me to unlock with pattern because I can't watch the pattern anymore, I also hate the new icons, the inability to make the bloody navigation bar to go down and only pop up with a swipe like in Oreo. The possible worst is the fact that you can't remove it from your phone. I think I might go to a phone shop and ask them to do it. I feel violated tbh, my phone is a really personal space for me and I hate that it said "security update" on my phone, then everything got fucked. I don't think I'll be using my phone anymore.

  7. Never hated any version of Android from 1 to 8 I loved it but android pie I can't stand. I hate how then you press the recent tab they don't bring you to the last app you were on but instead another app

    1. Looks like a goddamned kid toy.
    2.The split screen function is a fucking pain in the ass to use. AND I NEED IT ALL THE TIME YOU ASSHOLES.
    3. The grey on white is fucking stupid.
    4. This will push me to an iPhone.

  9. Did the wps feature disappear. I can't find it now. If it's gone then I'm dumping what ever I need to get it back. If it's a different phone or company so be it.

  10. Nobody else has mentioned how bad they screwed up the phone contacts list, why couldn't they leave the alphabet on all the time like the older phones . I have hundreds of contacts and don't want to scroll through them but the temporary alphabet doesn't have all of the letters and disappears to quickly.

  11. I HATE SO MUCH android Pie!!!
    I've never hated any of that …

    Seems that they just wanna make fun of us with this shit…
    Changed everything for worse! You can't use your phone as usually because what was on the left, now on the right, what was up, now is down! The color of the icons are changed, and give a feeling of 60's style…
    With the volume and the alarm I'm not sure that I can hear a call, or I can wake up in time, it's a disaster!
    I want back OREO !!!!! I want my phone back as was yesterday!!!

  12. I hate Android pie so much!!! I'm always pressing the wrong things. Why move stuff around when we're all so used to the way it was. In my opinion Oreo was perfect. Now I hate recent apps, I hate split screen, I even hate that the clock is on the left now? WHY!!!! Like someone else says in the comments it looks cheap now, I feel like I'm using a cheap phone instead of a Samsung. I will be reverting to the last build before this crappy update and will not be updating the firmware until all that is gone or changeable in the options

  13. Attention Samsung users! If, like me, you dislike the new recent apps page and/or changes to split screen functionality, there is a solution. In the Galaxy Store, there is a free app called Good Lock. Install it then download the task changer plugin and the multistar plugin. They will allow you to customize your recent apps page and split screen. You won't get it exactly the same as it was in the previous OS but it's close enough and a lot better than Android Pie's versions. There are also a lot of other customizations you can do through plugins for good lock like changing the icons on your taskbar back to how they used to be or to something completely different. You're welcome.

  14. Google is so lame now, the redhead step child of O.S.'s
    Remember when they made all the menus exactly the same and all on the left hand side. Took them awhile. Then Google went and started to trash all that good work by changing YouTube menus. Go back one year and everything would be great !
    To top it off every freaking week each program has a update so called security patch, but really just changing the entire programs altogether….. Why. It's ignorant and not fun to have to relearn each program weekly !
    And to make things even worse now Google pie is more like Google piss well and shit !
    No way in hell will I do a so called upgrade that's the worst piece of ahot O.S. I've seen in a long time.
    Not only did these idoits take away lots of great features, 80% of the O.S. make no sense. Holly fuck up batman.
    Huge cluster Fuck !
    No wonder people like apple so much !!
    Jesus my dog could poop a better system !

  15. hi, guys. if you mind me asking, what do I have to do in order to show this "P" wallpaper? I know it's silly, but since I updated my android using Smart Switch app, this thing is not showing up.

  16. i hate updates that force you to get the newest android version. I wish it was possible to get back to oreo. You should always get the possibility after an update to get back! Now my phone sucks! I hate it.

  17. Why would they copy iPhone with gestures. We didn't need the fucking gestures, Apple needed it because they didn't have a back or recents button. wtf are they smoking

  18. The new update for Android devices (9.0 pie) has many problems, the most important is that it drains the phone battery more than the previous update
    And also in many times the screen loses the sensitivity of touch in certain places of the screen and does not work until I restart the phone and also became the phone more hot than before, especially when I put it on the shipment with sure of the point of electricity well (my phone is Samsung Galaxy S9+)

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