Android P Gestures Explained! [Android 9.0 Beta]

Android P has a wild new gesture navigation system. Here’s how it’s different from the button-based system we’ve been using since Android 3.0 — and everything it can do!

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Author: Rafael


41 thoughts on “Android P Gestures Explained! [Android 9.0 Beta]

  1. I've never liked the idea of permanently occupying screen real estate with essential things like status bars & nav buttons. My samsung note 8 (no root) has an option for no visible on-screen nav-bar. Just short swipe-up from the bottom where nav buttons would ordinarily be. I love this concept! (Not to be confused with auto-hide.) This is something that I've used tasker to replicate on previous devices dating back to 2010.
    PLEASE DON'T COPY APPLE! Not all of their ideas are good. We come to Android to get away from Apple's bad ideas and restrictive user experience.

  2. I've come back to the Android Pie two-button navigation–I'm on a Pixel 3a upgraded to Android 10–and I have to say it's a lot more functional than the fully gestural system. Gestures are slick and really great for one handed use but the back button swipe-in really interferes with the hamburger menus in my apps. Peek and pop is silly and the 45 degree swipe-in isn't reliable enough. Though I wish the navbar was as thin as the gesture bar, I appreciate the reliability of buttons and swipes where they need to be without the underlying OS interfering.

  3. I hope Samsung gestures will still be available because this sucks compared to Samsung gestures. Samsung gestures are perfect. Swipe up from where the home back and recents buttons would be. Having a back button or gesture is essential. Why does Google have to try to make android like iPhone? So annoying.

  4. Coming here a year later after Google completely copied Apple with gestures.

    My thoughts. Despite how many people dislike the Android Pie navigation, I've found myself personally to be much more productive with it. 3 buttons look a little more polished, but slower to use for me. 10's gestures are just awkward, confusing, and end up slowing me down. Honestly, I love the 2 button navigation. I hope it remains an option for the few of us that actually do like it.

  5. 2:52 damn never knew what I had been missing with Android P on Samsung. Although they've had Smart Select for years now, it isn't as good/convenient as Google's implementation. Nice to see the former Google Now On Tap functionality being brought back.

  6. My Huawei mate 20 lite had just gotten Android 9 (I haven't installed it yet), but I don't think that this navigation type is there. Why is that?

  7. does anyone know how to make the pull up from home button just go straight into launcher? if i pull up from the right it goes into overview pane so i dont know why i need to pull up from the home button into overview pane as well.. only to pull up even further into launcher

  8. swipe up on home gesture is bugged af. the weird bounce animation makes it even LOOK bugged. on the home screen only swiping up on the home button pill should bring up the recents and not swiping up on the drawer.

    y should we have to access recents and then swipe up again everytime we have to open up the app drawer is something ill never understand. swiping up twice to access something which we use so frequently is ridiculous.

    it couldve been much much simpler: simply swipe up on home button to open up recents and swipe up on dock to open app drawer. it must not even be that hard to implement ffs🤦‍♂️

  9. My Pixel 2XL just got official release of Pie. They didn't add a back gesture, and highlighting text or photos in the app switcher doesn't work at all.

  10. The whole point of "gesture home" is to hide the navigation area and making that area useable for apps. Making screen bigger. If the navigation area is still visible, why there is a swipe to home gesture? I think they misunderstood that concept. Look for MIUI 10 home gesture or iPhone X home / recent gestures and navbar area.

  11. I'm used with gestures in 5.1.6. I have clean screen without that awful navigation bar. Hopefully it won't come back in near future! But what I saw in this video, it is there and seems like whole gesture system is leaning to that awful navigation bar. Fuck that!

  12. Nav bar gestures seem like the worst of both worlds. More clunky and unreliable to use and yet still uses the same amount of screen space as actual navigation bar.

  13. I'm having a problem with mine. When I swipe up it won't let me tap on my recent apps or anything just sits there. And when I swipe to the right it won't do anything either. Please help?

  14. navbar should fade out and when not used for more real state when using apps. It should appear again on touch. There are rooted apps that do this way better.

  15. definitely add a gesture for back, find a better way to enable split screen and long swipe for the app drawer doesnt seem intuitive. new nav system seems like a knee jerk reaction and not well thought through. most definitely make this gesture based system optional. let us disable it in the settings.

    also keen to see how they deal with this in new budget phones that dont have the hardware to deal with this smoothly.

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