Best Android phone in 2018: Google Pixel 2 XL vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Alex takes a look at two of the very best Android phones in early 2018, the Google Pixel 2 XL and Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Which is the overall winner?

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Author: Rafael


40 thoughts on “Best Android phone in 2018: Google Pixel 2 XL vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8

  1. I've never owned a pixel phone I have owned nexus phones I know it's not the same but I own a note 8 at the moment I actually use the s pen and love it as well the design the display the performance and features just win me over

  2. Well presented, logical and without any apparent bias. Will Samsung ever just release and Nude Android Note or Galaxy phone. Keep the Sammy Health app for the watches etc. even keep the Sammy pay app. And dump the rest.
    Let the customer decide. Curiosity killed the cat ….Greed killed the Pig.
    Sammy phone build is 10/10 just the bloat is holding it back from true greatness. Dr Oh Hyun Kwon, your destiny stands alone and awaits you.
    I approve of this message. ……….Just sayin.

  3. He said:" few things that the pixel offers and no other phone can match even note 8" like really ? He said 3 things ! 4th is basically same
    I'll just give him 3 things then… to be fair
    -MicroSD slot (256gb)
    -3.5mm jack
    -S pen
    The list is waaaaay longer common guys it's not because whatever reason you like or dislike a company that you have to overplay it

  4. The AGM X2 pro is hands down the best phone on the market…..well was before they discontinued it but yeah it's Chinese and rugged but on specs smoke everything on the market

  5. It's pretty simple if u want a phone for it's on point updates and a great camera pixel all the way but if u want your moneys worth go galaxy

  6. wireless charging and the S Pen are the reason I would go with Note 8, even tho I love stock Android and all the custom roms I have installed in all my phones I have purchased over the years. But I do want to try something different with S Pen and we can all agree that the screen is crazy good.

  7. There is 2 things great about Pixel which is their camera and android stock. But nonetheless, Note8 is better overall and well packed with other features

  8. I have both. Use both as daily drivers. I like both. I prefer to use my pixel more. But there's things I need the note for like the s pen. Cropping a photo using my s pen vs having to screen shot, go into the photos and crop photo. Camera is no comparison. My pixel takes beautiful photos.

  9. Correction Google phones get 2 years updates and 1 year security (but at there discretion or if they can they may release the latest version of Android even if it's inside the third year, if not it just be the monthly security patches at start if each month)

  10. Other then lack or headphone jack, slightly worse display, no SD card slot, and no wireless charging. What else isn't in the pixel 2 xl? I'm leaning towards the pixel as the screen is still good but not the best, I can live w/o a headphone jack, sd card slot and wireless charge.

  11. If you "know" how to take pictures it won't matter which phone you get for the camera.
    I can take better pictures with my iphone 6 than most Pixel 2 users based on recognizing the optimal way to shoot in that situation. Battery life shouldn't be an issue anymore, even on phones that don't have long life, when was the last time you found yourself without a charger? I personally can't remember. Software can always be upgraded or changed, hardware and the design of the phone cannot. Clear cut winner for me is the Note 8 (this time).

  12. I don't understand everyones obsession with the Pixel. It doesn't make sense. The most important factor, the dis0lay, is severely flawed, and your like, ya whatever, but those updates…" Are you freaking kidding me? Your going to notice your content looking awful and skewed on a Pixel day in and day out but who cares, updates mannnnn… Unbelievable. If this was any other phone maker, these cuckboy editors would be like, "that display is a huge drawback and a reason to look elsewhere" but because it's Google…

  13. I work for Verizon and have both…Pixel 2 XL in my left pocket and Note 8 in my right…I never even pull out my Note 8 except to show people that I have both and regret spending the money on the Note 8

  14. Ive owned many phones, I was a huge NOTE series fan until the 7 had its explosive problems. (No pun intended) I badly want to go back to the NOTE 8 but after having the google pixel original, the camera blows everything out the water. I get continuous questions asking me what phone, when I do post and take pictures where it actually gets annoying. That is the one and sole reason why I am deciding to go back to the Pixel.

  15. I think the note is the most beautiful phone ever but i cant stand those over saturated photos that come from most samsung phones

  16. have a note 8 and love it – i may try a pixel someday… maybe after google gets a few more years of phones under its belt. google is not mature enough at phone making yet imho

  17. I sold my Note 8 for a Pixel 2 XL. Here's what i like about Note 8: Screen is amazing; wireless charging, S-pen (I did use it); optical zoom on second camera. Here's what i like about Pixel 2XL: updates; no clutter; speed and fluidity of operations; camera overall; pure Android experience. I love both phones, but i enjoy Pixel more in day-to-day use, mainly for the fluidity. I do miss that screen, however!

  18. Pixels 2XL only advantage is google assistant. Camera is not better because if you need a software to improve what sensor has captured, then in reality it is not a better picture.

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