Best Smartwatches / Fitness Trackers for Android in Late 2018!

Read more: | There are a ton of great wearables out there, but which should you buy? Allow us to help! These are our favorite smartwatches and fitness trackers you can buy in late 2018.

Some honorable mentions we couldn’t fit into the video: Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro, Samsung Gear Sport, Fossil Sport, and Montblanc Summit 2

Best smartwatches:

Best fitness trackers:

Best Wear OS watches:

Samsung Galaxy Watch review:

Mobvoi TicWatch Pro review:

Skagen Falster 2 review:

Fitbit Versa review:

Fitbit Ionic review:

Fitbit Charge 3 review:

Garmin vivosport review:

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 review:

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Author: Rafael


50 thoughts on “Best Smartwatches / Fitness Trackers for Android in Late 2018!

  1. Hey guys, please give Jimmy a warm welcome! Jimmy leads all our wearables coverage on the website, and this is his very first video. He hopes you like it 😉

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  3. Hi, Yes, I did enjoy it. I have a grand new Zikto Walk without instructions. Do you know anything about them and where to get help? The web site is in Korean!

  4. Just a shame that real good looking options for woman don't exist. Looking to find one for my wife, but none of the options are good in tracking AND look good.

  5. If you're into fitness, definitely don't use the Samsung Galaxy watch as the stair climber rarely doesn't work and the step counter is 20% less accurate than the Fitbit and the treadmill as I counted steps using both watches on a Treadmill. I sent my watch to Samsung for repair and it came back as calibrated correctly. I ruled out operator error as my Fitbit Blaze worked and read stairs but the Samsung Galaxy watch didn't.

  6. I've seen quite a bit of smartwatch vids over the last few days to decide which one to buy and this is by far the best and most informative + concise vid of all of them. Really nice work.

  7. the fitbit charge 3 was total BS. it was counting steps, in the hundreds, while i was driving. so now, whenever people compare other wearables to fitbit charge 3 "oh, but that doesn't count steps properly, because my fitbit was giving me this much, and that only gives me that much", well, they use all credibility. also, the shortcuts you get on the fitbit cannot be changed – you are stuck with what's on it. can't be customized from the phone either. and lastly, i know it's picky, but you always have that constant notification icon on top of your phone, for the fitbit to stay properly connected. always made me think i actually had a notification.

  8. ticwatch pro is interesting if they release a new version with the latest updates and latest processor, and it ticks all the boxes i might get one of those.

  9. Hehe, if you can handle the design of the Versa you should easy handle ionic. Versa looks plastic toy all over it. But look at Apple, most ugly design and this days people call it nice..😁

  10. i was wondering why there was nothing out there that cannot keep up with apple. thanks for letting us know to wait. I was going to switch to apple but now i will wait to see what gets released.

  11. I go between the Ticwatch E and Moto 360 2nd edition. I also use a Garmin vivo smart hr and an Umidigi uwatch which is not bad for 30 bucks. My main goto are Moto and tic. Even though the Moto is a couple years old it's still as reliable because of the Wear OS update.

  12. I had a Fitbit charge 2 which Design-wise is pretty much the same than the charge 3. The straps are nice in theory because you can change them, but they also easily break. In two years I have broken 2 of them at the very same spot. Where you attach them to the screen. Even though I never did anything crazy with my Fitbit. They weren't cheap either, I bought the second one from Fitbit itself cause I was afraid a cheaper one might break more easily.
    The screen is nice, as is the software but sadly mine just died on me with the screen acting on its own and after a bit of research I found this to be a common problem with the charge 2. I have no idea if the charge 3 has this issue also but I'm not going to buy from Fitbit again. I payed over 200 Euros for it so I expected it to last longer than just under two years.
    So I'm looking for a new tracker now.

  13. Still looking for a decent classic design. Have the S3 Classic, but that's too sporty too w/ the minute marks on it, and Samsung managed to make the newer version even uglier.
    What's the point of a smart watch that's so ugly you can only wear it in the gym, or only part of the day? For that I have a Fit2.
    Samsung should have at least 1 classic looking watch w quality display and features WITH NO!!! bixby. (Huawei almost made one then they went down the cheap plastic road too..)

  14. You only included one budget option and thats only for the fitness tracker. I am using the Xiaomi (Huaomi) smartwatch and it's fking awesome no 3rd party app but does most of the smartwatch activities while lasting 3-5 days per charge.

    A dislike from me for not mentioning more budget smartwatches.

  15. Android users are completely let down when it comes to the smart watch game. Nothing on our side comes even close to the Apple watch, and that's coming from an Android fanboy… Me! Wear OS has a wide range of apps and features but it's seriously lacking in overall build quality and style. More importantly, it's processors are massively outdated! As a result they lag, the performance isn't smooth and the battery life is terrible usually only lasting a day. Unfortunately even the new 3100 chipset Qualcomm released will improve battery life marginally but not overall performance as it's pretty much the 2100 with a co-processor bolted onto it to enhance low power usage. It's an improvement, but not the improvement we need. The other option is Samsung's Galaxy watch and even the Gear S3. Both boast mainly the same features, with great build quality, great chipsets that provide the best battery life on a smart watch and smooth performance. The problem?… They run on tizen, not wear OS, and as a result the apps available are extremely limited. If you use your smart watch as more than a fitness tracker with calls and notification abilities then you'll be disappointed when it comes to features, and the lack of a Google assistant on your wrist is disappointing as Bixby on the galaxy watch isnt great, and the S voice on the gear watches completely useless. We NEED a Samsung made watch, with it's build quality, great displays, ease of navigation (rotating bezel) and processors (for performance and battery life) but running Wear OS, not tizen! So we can get all the useful android features, playstore apps (easily integrated with those on your phone) and Google assistant. Or a Google made Pixel watch with some help from Samsung with it's processors and displays. Only then will we have something half as good as the Apple watch for Android users.. till then, it's not worth showing off your android/tizen watch around apple users! They don't come close!

  16. Some of the best Smart Watches/Fitness Trackers weren’t even mentioned. How about the Fenix 5 or 5+ series? They blow most of your “professional” opinion models out of the water.

  17. Quite dissapointed that you didn't mention any Amazfit watch( they're quite potent and also on the cheap side) nor Honor band 4 which is absolutely amazing for its price.

  18. The Galaxy Watch’s health tracking features are broken though. It’s HR sensor basically doesn’t work during a workout, the step counter is off by half (compared to Fitbit & Apple Watch), the GPS tracking is short by 20-50% and Samsung Health doesn’t play nice with other services like MyFitnessPal & Endomondo etc…

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