Charger Not Included: How fast will the Galaxy S21 charge?

The S21 doesn’t come with a charger in the box! So how fast will the S21 charge using the charger you already have (even one from Samsung)? Read more:
The S21 needs a USB-C Power Delivery (PD) Programmable Power Supply (PPS) compatible charger to get the fastest charging. But what if you use your old charger, how fast can it charge the S21? Let’s find out!

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49 thoughts on “Charger Not Included: How fast will the Galaxy S21 charge?

  1. If you think you've seen this video already, it's because I inadvertently set it to unlisted last week rather than scheduled. Regardless, it's an interesting video full of stuff you're probably going to need to know for all phones soon, so watch it again!

  2. If it's about the charger why does Samsung offer a charger by itself for sale?
    Them packaging a charger separately creates more waste because it needs another box to ship in.

  3. This is not about saving the environment. This is a greedy business practice started by apple and now others will copy. Do not support these companies.

  4. The funniest thing about this no charger in the box fiasco is all my life of owning a cellphone is that I was always taught to use the charger supplied to avoid any type of problems. 😂😁🙂🙄

  5. I have the note 20 5g ultra and only get up to 25W but I see that the s21 ultra can support the 45W, is there any way to replace charging components from the s21 and put them into the note to get the 45W option

  6. Lol like I'd be stupid enough to believe this has anything to do with the environment i vote with my wallet just like i don't buy phones without headphone jacks i don't buy phones without chargers period

  7. We shouldn't buy their phone as a payback… We should go for the companies that are providing charger…
    If everyone do this,, they will start to provide charger again

  8. Thanks for this informative video! I got a regular S21 and was debating whether I should use my ZTE Quick Charge 3.0 which said 18W (According to your findings 15W for S21). I ended up buying a 25W Samsung charger anyway since I didn't want any compatibility issues for fastest charging possible.

    The question is, is there any other third party chargers like Anker or Aukey that support 25W for S21? The official 25W Samsung Super Fast charger website doesn't mention "USB-C PD PPS" so it's hard to know

  9. I will just not buy a Samsung. Their attitude towards the customers is somehow arrogant … no charger, no card slot, no jack, no, no, then no buy.

  10. I have a 25w super fast charger that I bought separately (my s20 FE came with a 15w adaptive fast charger). I also bought a 25w super fast portable power bank from Samsung, on ebay.

    My FE charges in a bit over an hour with the super fast charger. It takes around an hour and a half- an hour 45 minutes to charge using the adaptive fast charger.
    One strange thing with my super fast charger is that when I use it to charge my portable power bank (capable of 25w fast charging in both directions), the wall plug itself gets super hot while my FE, plugged to that exact same charger, does not get hot at all (the charger. Not the phone)

  11. I don't like it and don't support them removing the charging brick from the box, however the notion is not incorrect that the majority of users likely have a charger that works with the device. I'm sure the numbers tell them that most people don't care or even use the fast chargers that have been coming out.

  12. SIMPLE, I don't buy any electronic communications device without a charger. As it is, I have 2 phones with DEAD batteries, due to NON-REPLACEABLE BATTERIES. Second RULE, NOW I don't buy phones with "Non-Replaceable" batteries..

  13. It should be customer choice, Samsung making 2 different boxes 1 with the charger and other without charger so it makes good service for Samsung.

  14. If you want to use the 3rd party charger for Galaxy as 21, you need to buy a charger with PPS. Besides the Galaxy s21 series have some compatibility problems with multiple port charger.

  15. I wish every smartphone company would standardize their charging watts at 50W across all smartphones. ( 50W= 10Ax5V)
    In this case, is easier for the consumer to use their existing old charger and would not have to waste money to buy a new charger for that specific type of phone.

  16. The 2030 model will ship as an empty box with a link to the web store where you can buy all of the optional parts (all parts to make a functioning phone). Buying all parts will result in a total cost 900% above what the phone should have cost and will produce 20 kg of shipping waste as well as 500kg of CO2 emissions.

  17. I got a $200 Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra pre-order store credit on top of them giving me an $800 trade-in discount for my Pixel 4a. Bought a 25W charger, a dongle, a Note 10 pen and Galaxy Earbuds Live with that credit. I'm good.

  18. The only original Samsung wall adapter that I owned is a dinky 5V/1A charger lol.

    It would be funny if their phones started exploding again due to people using cheap chargers

  19. tried to use my old OnePlus charger (from 5T) on my new s21 ultra… LOL it said it would need 8 DAYS to charge from 70% to full ?!?!? Samsung really hates OnePlus/OPPO

  20. Adaptive charger from Samsung is always safe.
    Either you get 15 watts or you get 10 watts if it's not supported

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