Elephone P7000 review

A solid 5.5 inch device, with a 64-bit CPU, an excellent GPU, and a fingerprint reader. Check out our impressions of the Elephone P7000 or read full review: http://goo.gl/xMxsej

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Author: Rafael


48 thoughts on “Elephone P7000 review

  1. Honestly, this guy did a very good review. I like the way he was not so biased. I would like to watch the P8000 review then see which one I can purchase. All in all, this was a very good review.

  2. In a America, most people only choose from Samsung, Iphone, then HTC, or Nexus and the rest no one mentions. I already had a Samsung, it crashed and lagged a lot when I opened the apps. The front camera look like I shot it with my freaking foot. Battery life, new and old battery was 4 hours of usage. Phone back splintered (from opening the case) , the port fell out. Lesson learned. "Flagship" phones are just crap with a brighter name and a few more features. I will save my money.

  3. tell me in one word – is it worth for gaming and social media? i will be using it for 2 years.

  4. my sister has this phone and its so great … I kinda wish I both this one , but I have the doogee nova x100y and its great too… coming from a broken iphone5s loll

  5. Elephone store is the worst seller I have ever used. Terrible. No communication. Say they have phnoes in stock and they do not. Do not buy from this online store.

  6. Why is the p7000 more expensive than the newer p8000? That's confusing to say the least and I've never heard of having to put on the gorilla class by yourself even on a Chinese phone!
    I have heard if to be taken as genuine feedback that the p8000 has some issues with its fingerprint scanner

  7. Personally I think it's great to see these phones coming to the market. I understand what OnePlus is doing, but their method of marketing ("poor-us-we-can't-afford-marketing") coupled with the absolute struggle to buy their phones at launch means that they could soon be eclipsed by the likes of these.

    I've taken a punt and bought the P8000 for 160 USD which to be frank, is lower than a Moto G and a steal…

  8. The phone is beautifully design and it is worth the price. Unfortunately there are some features on the downside. The screen is almost invisible on the sunny day outside and the colors are just acceptable. The loudness of the speaker is rather poor. I couldn't hear my navigation while driving with 3 people in the car talking. GPS doesn't keep up with the car and I had to be ahead of information shown on the screen. The sound quality over the headphones is rather average.

  9. It would be useful to see a review of this phone, or perhaps its successor VS a phone at the same price point rather than comparing it to a current flagship from one of the more established manufacturers. My guess after looking at some prices for new and sim free phones on the internet, that it would be fair game to pitch this against something like a Motorola Moto G 2nd gen, A Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and maybe an iPhone 4s.

    I have been considering the P8000 which is released at the end of this month as a replacement for my old Motorolla Defy Plus, which I have been using since my Galaxy S3 decided to just die without warning or explanation.

    I have always had phones on contract in the past, but now prefer to go sim-only and buy a handset outright and these phones represent a bit of a bargain. I could even afford to change it for the next generations several times in the next couple of years and spend less money overall than I would if I got a flagship phone on a 24-month contract.

  10. Hello, I just want to ask if Elephone P7000 would work with T-Mobile USA, and if it does, will I be able to get 2G, 3G, 4G, 4G LTE? I live in Wilmington, NC area. Thank you!!

  11. Don't mind spending 150 a year , I am happy to buy a new version of this phone . I am done with Samsung, Apple and HTC over priced crap …

  12. Good review man..thnks !!
    Great build quality..
    Would u recommend this over UMI Hammer ????? or over the Lenovo K80 & K3 note ??

  13. I think im going to order one im sick of paying a fortune for flagship phones and not getting what you pay for, this is a stock android phone with a big battery big specs and a fingerprint scanner metal design and is cheap also has no locked bootloader whice is highly frustrating yep im sold

  14. Android Authority should do more Videos on Chinese phones, the likes of Oukitel's U8 and Ulefone's Betouch look interesting too!

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