Fitbit Versa: By a recovering Pebble user

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The Fitbit Versa got a favorable review by us, but that was before former Pebble fan Joshua Vergara got his wrist in it. See what our resident smartwatch skeptic has to say about Fitbit’s latest.

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34 thoughts on “Fitbit Versa: By a recovering Pebble user

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  2. Pebble buttons rocked. I hate having to fiddle with touchscreens while busy cycling or driving. Long battery life important. I’ve bought a amazfit bip but gone back to my still working (other that occasional screen freeze) super Pebble.

  3. My versa lite was a birthday gift.⋄⋄>くr  I had gotten one for my friend then she in turn got one for me. I really like it more than I had imagined I would. I like tracking my exercise. I like being able to monitor your rate during exercise. I do use the sleep tracker but mainly for monitoring my overall sleep. I like being able to get texts and notifications on it so if I’m too busy to look at my phone at the moment, I can see if it’s an important text. Also, I like it as a watch. I like the versatility of changing the face and bands for what you are needing or wanting. I use the bands you can wipe off for work and exercise. I have a couple of nice leather bands to wear out to dinner, church, weddings, etc.

  4. Of all my wristwatches (pebble, steel, Tine, ver 2, Tic S, Tic E, Tic Pro and Galaxy S3 Frontier I wanted yet one more. I don't care about health tracking. Mainly notifications, calls and weather. Which they all do. Important to me as mentioned earlier, time, call options, email and text options. Full color ambient. Big deal to me. Don't hide a well designed face behind a simple b&w "battery friendly" option. Great face. Show it off. All the bells and whistles the Gear 3 and Tic Pro have a range the closest thing to the Pebble Time. "Mens" shape and size but not too large. The weight? Can't even tell I'm wearing it. The Tic 2 cut corners on the display (no choice really) in order to keep pricing where it was promised. I'm leaning toward the Versa 2, but was hoping for input from someone that has a Pebble 2 or Time and the Versa 2 that can speak towards both. Thank you

  5. i was an early adopter of Pebble, kickstarter support in the firs original Pebble, got a Pebble Steel, Pebble Time and managed to grab a red (really wanted green though) Pebble 2 at Best BUy just b4 they yanked them off the shelf. all apps/faces still work with Rebble. love them all, also love my Tic PRo, Tic S and Samsung Gear S3 Frontier. i know fitbit bought Pebble. i'm looking for the closest thing to a pepble (original) pebble 2 or Time in a firbit watch. don't care about steps and sleep etc. just a light timepiece that does what pebble did with the option for many hundreds of faces and weather faces, any recommendations?

  6. A Pebble watch fan has picked up Pebble's left behind gauntlet and has started an open source version of the Pebble OS called Rebble OS.
    This Rebble OS open source group has resurrected most of Pebble's offsite, online server functions for Pebble watches and for a small monthly fee has restored/enabled limited dictation from your Pebble watch and to be able to answer emails and messages with short, simple dictated responses.
    Most of the resurrected and new stuff has been added to the already existing Pebble watch app for Android or iOS
    Full dictation for iOS 11 and 12 users is still currently being worked on, but is promised to be coming real soon!
    So, my Pebble Time Steel is nearly fully functional once again.
    Search YouTube for Rebble OS videos.

  7. When he said that it bothered him when he sat too long? Go to settings in the app–> go to reminds to MOVE–> click the tab OFF…. I noticed a couple reviewers bring that up but they weren't aware of this option to shut it off.

  8. I still wear my PebbleTimeSteel 2. You made an informative video. Like you, I love my Pebble Morpheus sleep tracker that wakes me within a 30min window exactly when I am in my lightest sleep, which I can then shut off or snooze with one button (even with my eyes closed). And I love the Pebble OS music controller, that I can control with a simple button up to pause, if my husband or kids need my momentary attention, then simple push on the middle button, again without looking, to continue my music or podcast (this works super in the car, or on a walk too). Plus, the battery never seems to run out. I have an open mind about new technology but so far nothing has taken the place of the my daily use cases solved by (every version of the) Pebble. I've got 3 or 4 backup pebbles, so I think I am good. I just wish someone at Fitbit was listening. I paid for all the products by Pebbles last Kickstarter, and I would be willing to offer up my money again. Hello Fitbit…anyone there?

  9. Ability to use a smartwatch without looking at it, always-on display and fairly long battery life is something that was making Pebble unique. So far I haven't found any worthy replacement.

    Maybe the next Fitbit will be better? I hope.

  10. I bought the Fitbit Versa to go with my BlackBerry KeyOne. I love the watch but notification is hit and miss. Sometime phone calls show up other times they don't.

  11. Pebble time is still the best. How stupid are those guys at fitbit to figure it out. So many people swear by their pebbles. This shows something if you are willing to notice! Long live pebble.

  12. Used for 1 day and I can tell it is no where close to Pebble… No calendar view, music control is very hard to use.. syncing doesnt work :(((((

  13. I was so excited about this watch and could not believe how disappointing it is. They just miss out on the details that made pebble such a good smartwatch. Apps are limited (less than 100) useless Music controls is sketchy at best (for music saved on your phone), no voice reply, music transfer is so slow for 12 songs. One of the worst features (and shouldn't be such an oversight), is the fact the alarm will vibrate for 5 seconds and that's it. What we see here is taking away 80% of the pebble, in exchange for a heart monitor, sleep monitor and one of the most inaccurate pedometer I've seen. Calling it a smartwatch is a bit of a stretch.

  14. It looks similar, but this is still NOTHING like a Pebble. I have an Ionic. The Versa has the same crap UI. And it’s total trash. I hate the Fitbit UI so much I’ll never buy a Fitbit product ever again.

  15. I used my original Pebble until it died last year. I got into Android Wear with a really cheap Asus Zenwatch 2 and I love the ecosystem. There is so much you can do with it. The Apple Watch doesn't even come close to any of these platforms.

  16. I'm still rocking my Pebble Time. I've tried Samsung Gear, as well as WearOS, and I seem to always gravitate back to the Pebble. I will wear this thing to the ground…then probably buy another one 😛

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