Flagship Phones – Are They Dying As We Know Them?

Jayce talks about the future of flagship phones

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Author: Rafael


29 thoughts on “Flagship Phones – Are They Dying As We Know Them?

  1. My g4 does everything a new flagship does.. And actually the camera is better once you consider the bigger sensor and shoot in raw.. All the new phones are relying on software hdr garbage with tiny sensors.. Yea the menus might be different on the new phones but i have a removable battery.. So when it dies or takes a crap i can just buy another one for 40 bucks and be good again 😉

  2. but after owning the ZTE zMAX Pro and using it over my Note 5 I would agree Flagship phones are going to be dying because this is a flagship experience with a fingerprint scanner and all for $99 at MetroPCS I don't normally buy phones that are on the cheap side but there's nothing cheap about this phone

  3. I love my Flagship phones but when I heard about the ZTE zMAX Pro I had to check it out I play with my friends and I was mind-blown this does everything my Galaxy Note 5 does and it's only $99 at MetroPCS what look it up it's a absolute great phone I had to buy one and I'm using it as my daily driver over my Note 5 I still need to root the thing and install CyanogenMod but after that it's really going to be on

  4. Battery life is the only thing that needs improvement, this years flagship is next years mid range as we all know

  5. It is just like Windows. No one is buying expensive pic's anymore, because the hardware whether expensive or no has the identical os.

  6. Is the galaxy note 5 laggy ( due to its super amoled display ) , i am buying the phones specially for gamming so i am thinking to change from iphone 6+ to the galaxy note 5 please tell me if it would be a step up or a bad deal ., thanks for the video

  7. That is because consumers have wisened up to the fact that raw specs doesn't necessarily translate into real-world gains. A $150 Xiaomi or $200 Moto G despite low end hardware can easily hang in with flagships easily costing 3 to 4x as much in terms of general performance in typical usage with minimal real-world compromises, so why pay astronomical sums for a flagship?

  8. but apple do this and get away with it so much that it's ridiculous so I think that has delayed androids price drops and won't help with big manufacturers such as Samsung dropping prices

  9. technology never stop developing. just way back 2010 ithink? first galaxy s was relase and were like "omg so great phone so powerful" and now 2015 galaxy note 5 has been relased were like "omg so great so power so beutiful" until we die that

  10. I think its going to be a lot like desktops/laptops were there will always be some crazy high end model that fits some need lets look at gaming computers and laptops. Yes you can find some budget gaming computer which will still be 20-50% above a normal laptop and then there will be the crazy ones out there that are 2-5k. When laptops first game out all of them were super pricy and then slowly there were cheaper ones that worked and the mareket corrects its self. The average smart phone cost will stop around 150-200 and will meet everyones needs like some of the HP/Dell models that every single person had and then you will still get the exhotics there costs will go up a little and the rest will be history.

  11. Flagship phones probably won't die in the U.S. though because we can be greedy pricks that always want the best and want to throw out their phone once something new is announced

  12. Nokia N95! That was the last time I was stunned by a phone.
    That was the time i realized that a phone can have a GPS, good 5mp + flash, Wifi, FM radio, sd-card, apps.. you name it.. and it was 2006! (yes, it was before iphone)
    What have we done since then? We only improved each feature, but did we add some new ground braking feature? No. We didn't.

  13. i think that the mindless masses will but anything with good marketing.

    but if you really believe that the people want something diferent, how about a crazy good quality 5.9" screen, 4,000mA battery, front facing speakers, a number of cores with 2,000+mhz with no stutters, no lag, super multitasking capability, a good camera, and good customer support/service. all of the phones out there have flaws. why not focus on perfecting the raft of doing it right, instead of focusing on the next market trend. be real and original crafters instead of contrived builders. make a phone that will last for 30 years.

  14. I want to be able to play every computer game (CS GO, LoL, WoW, etc) on high resolution on my phone, and a 1,000,000,000 mah battery. Please tell me again how the specs are good enough already.

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