Galaxy Buds Live Review [vs. Buds Plus]: Buds Versus Beans!

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Author: Rafael


39 thoughts on “Galaxy Buds Live Review [vs. Buds Plus]: Buds Versus Beans!

  1. I've had the original Galaxy Buds since April this year and I use them with my S7 Edge. If I were to summarize my experience with them in one sentence, it would be this: Galaxy Buds are inconsistently great. I'm no expert whatsoever on these kinds of things, but I can say that there's an outmatched clarity to these bad boys when it comes to guitars and drums (I listen to classic rock, various forms of metal, and 80s pop). What's so inconsistent about them is the bass side of things. Dynamic mode definitely puts default mode (the eq turned off) to shame, however, it's only ever improved the bass in songs that are mixed and orchestrated in favor of bass. For example, "My Sharona" by The Knack has never sounded better than with dynamic mode. On the other hand, you play a song like "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" and it's just not as good at presenting the low end. Luckily There's Sound Profiles you can create and this makes things a whole lot better but then I have to turn up the volume of the phone, which I don't like doing. So, yeah I'm just looking for that sweet spot where bass guitar thrives without taking away the clarity I still need. I know I'm missing out on Dolby Atmos and the 9 band equalizer that the S10 has, but maybe all I really need is the perfect upgrade πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

  2. Let’s be honest. U don’t need more than 17/18 hrs of battery with case. U physically cannot use more than that in a day unless u never sleep

  3. I just bought the Buds live in Bronze few days ago & i have the Buds+ aswell. Below are my impressions after 1 week of use.

    > Buds Live vs Buds+

    – Both has almost the same sound quality, with the Buds Live having a tab bit more volume & bass if the fit is perfect on your ear (depends on the size & shape of the ear).

    – Since most wont be using the Buds+ 11 hours straight, having more battery on the Buds Live case is more useful (Buds live – 21 on case & Buds+ – 11 on case).

    The Buds+ case dies after 3 days max but the earbuds itself will last for 3 more days where as the Buds live case will only die after atleast 6-7 days with the buds itself lasting 1 more day (using both for a min. of 5 hours a day)

    – ANC on the Buds Live are ok for what they are. (reduces around 60% of only low frequency background noice) They are meant to let in some sounds of the surrounding hence the name Buds "LIVE".

    – Comfort is the main feature of the Buds Live… They sound as good as the buds+ (if the Buds Live fits your ear right) while being comfortable & keeping your attention of the surroundings which is good for long periods of use while outdoors, at work etc…

  4. I watched this and many other reviews and decided to buy them. These headphones are TRASH!!. So i did various activities with these. First I fixed my bike with them, experience was terrible, keep touching them as they kept slipping out. With other buds there is a specific place when you touch them, it changes the track. With these, just touching them ANYWHERE changes the track, this is so annoying, esp when your trying to fit them back in… So i changed to the larger tips, they stuck!! I was so happy, but the larger tips hurt like hell!! They hurt the inner Conch so much, i had to take them out, so uncomfortable. I went for a walk, one of the buds slipped out and nearly fell down a drain!! My heart nearly stopped!! In terms of listening experience, these are very weak for the price, base is good, treble is terrible… music gets drowned out by outside noise even with the noise cancelling feature. Finally these do not look cool. They pertrude so much out of the ear, you might aswell get buds with tips like the sonys or the bud plus, at least with tips they will STICK IN!!. If you have oily skin, DO NOT buy these, they will slip off like crazy. Im already taking them back. RATING 1/5.

  5. I have the Galaxy buds and the Galaxy buds + and I have to say I'm very impressed with both. So far Samsung has done a good job with the updates on the Gear wearable app. Great video stay safe out there.

  6. Can anyone tell me if the Copper color on Galaxy watch 3 for ladies only? I'm trying to decide if I should go with the Copper or silver version, thanks in advance!

  7. This is always frustrating to see!! Especially because the likes of 'Beats' made it so… Heavier Bass does NOT equal better sound quality! You can turn up the bass on the Buds+ and it is noticeably heavier when you do. I don't like heavy bass, so turn up the mids and treble. The Buds Live are for people who want to have good music experience without the in ear design. That is all. The ANC is mandatory for this design. Buds+ are for people who like the in ear design. I would not suggest that the Buds Live have better sound quality just for being "Bass heavy". The difference in price is like $20. You don't get significantly better sound with $20 at that price range. It will pay for ANC though, and that's what you got.

  8. I'm returning my galaxy buds live, they don't sound good at all. First off, it doesn't get as loud as the buds+ and when you're at full volume the bass is too amplified. The call quality is so poor and sounds static, its nothing like what you get with the Buds+. The design is awesome but I rather keep my Buds+.

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