Galaxy Note 7 Scratch Test Video Controversy: Corning Responds

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41 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 7 Scratch Test Video Controversy: Corning Responds

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  2. Hi.. i had a note 3, after years using, only minor scratch.. and currently upgrade it to note 8.. and yes. After 7 month of usage with out any screen protector.. this note 8 screen is easily scratched.. so annoying.. so annoying

  3. what a load of crap from corning, my s7 edge's screen got micro scratches by just being in my pants pocket all by itself, so does it mean that the cotton liner in my jeans rubbed off of my screen? corning should be sued for false claims!

  4. The guy who did the scratch test made another video saying that the picks had the residue of his sharpiner doubling the scratchyness

  5. It is a damn pitty that AA is just Talking and Talking. we all know zack is doing good consistent job. instead of talk why the heck didnt you do your own test ? Easy as that. I really did except something more from you guys in AA.

  6. I'm a note 7 owner. I love this phone. I see no reason for me to upgrade in the near future, unless of course my phone breaks. I did drop my note 7 about 3 days after purchase. It was from about 2 1/2 feet. I had it on my fast charging stand when I went to grab it, it slipped and fell. It did leave a minor scratch on the upper right hand corner. the good thing is that this was with the defected battery note 7 that resulted to a recall. The great news is that I was able to exchange my note 7 for the newer note 7 with fixed battery. I'm glad I have a brand new phone again. But yes, I did drop the phone and left a deep scratch from about 2 1/2 feet, which I was surprised because I watched the video you guys are talking .

  7. My S7E had two deep scratches after one week of absolutely babying the dang thing. Not a screen worthy of an $800.00 device.

  8. my note 7 before it was recalled received a noticeable chip after 2 days, it was in the Samsung smart view case in my pocket, nothing else was in there either so iv got a protector ready for when i get my note back as the glass is pants

  9. Considering the average razor blade is roughly a 5.5, if you believe Corning that gorilla glass 5 is harder and more scratch resistant than GG4, for it to leave transfer on a 5 pick and look more distinct than the 4 scratch you would have to be pressing hard enough to transfer something roughly as hard as steel like it was chalk. You would then have to use the 6 pick without any noticeable difference in how you are scratching and exert a fraction of the force and control the scratch depth to give the illusion of a smooth progression.
    I personally think this would take an inhuman level of coordination and strength to accomplish this in one or two tries. I also don't believe it is humanly possible for someone to be strong enough to force significant visible material transfer of steel to a smooth surface without any increase in visible strain or effort. Unless Jerryrigeverything bought dozens of GG5 surfaces to practice changing scratch pressure on and is incredibly strong, this excuse doesn't seem to pass a simple logic test.

  10. my 3 year old note 3 has still no scratches except some wear and tear on the chrome bezels which is natural.. and yes I haven't used a case or a screen guard

  11. the day i bought my note 7 the plastic tpu case I bought from my carrier put scratches on the back right after putting it on and taking it off .

  12. or ypu could just look after it like a normal human being. if you crash you car into a brick wall it too will obtain scratches. must mean the car manufacturer hasnt built it properly lol

  13. How sad, i was looking to upgrade my Note4 to the Note7.
    I don't want to have to resort to a stupid screen protector, it makes the phone look cheap.

    Samsung should recall all these and replace them with GG4 along with that battery issue.

  14. what kind of material you would carry in your pocket that would scratch it like it did on the video? if you carry those material in your pocket, it wouldnt scratch it like it did, because the pressure won't be the same and likely won't scratch at all. you need to test with everyday material, like keys, coins. if i scratch your bald head with that, guess what would happen.

  15. No more then a couple weeks old and fine scratches have appeared on my mothers Note 7 while my unprotected screen on my Note 5 looks the same as it did on Day 1! Recall the glass while your at it Samsung!

  16. As a geologist (and engineer) I call bullshit on Corning's explanation. The load you apply only matters when the material being tested is very close to the same hardness as your pick. If you scratch a material that has a hardness of 6 with a pick rated at 3, then you better hope you employ a few scientists with sketchy morals to make bullshit excuses to the peasants.

  17. I haven't had a scratch or crack on ANY of my Note devices and I've owned all, but the very first iteration! I never use a screen protector and always carry my phone with my keys in the same pocket, I've dropped my phones on concrete from at least 5 ft with no problem! However, I had a girlfriend who purchased her device with me and her phone was scratched on day one! And almost always cracked the screen, despite utilizing screen protectors! My suspicion is that not all of these devices are actually getting the same glass! The warehouses are cutting corners to get the product out quicker; giving only 50% of the devices actual gorilla glass! Just a theory! My note7 is unscathed and I've dropped it, and consistently put it in my pocket with my keys and no screen protector!

  18. Thumbs up of you agree that Samsung should recall all Note 7s and Fix the battery issues, go back to GG4, and include 6GB RAM.

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