Galaxy S21 vs Galaxy S20 FE 5G – A tale of two similar phones

Samsung Galaxy S21 buyer’s guide:
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE buyer’s guide:
Join us (again!) as we take a deeper look at the Samsung Galaxy S21 vs Galaxy S20 FE.

How does the vanilla Galaxy S21 compare to its older Samsung Galaxy S20 FE sibling? We look at screen, performance, battery, camera, and more as we explore which one you should buy and we which one we recommend. Enjoy!

0:00 Intro
0:16 – Design
1:44 – Screen
3:14 – Performance
5:09 – Battery
6:48 – Camera
9:03 – Software
10:52 Decision

Samsung Galaxy S21 review –

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE review –

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HDMI adapter I used to test HDMI-out on these phones –

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27 thoughts on “Galaxy S21 vs Galaxy S20 FE 5G – A tale of two similar phones

  1. Hello and welcome to the re-issue of the previous video. I normally would've just issued the two corrections necessary to keep it up in a pinned comment, but the reaction was so over-dramatic and hostile that we felt it prudent to take it down, change the 5 words in 3 paragraphs to make it right, and re-upload. Leave feedback in the comments and I'll try to answer them. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks to the people to who didn't act like the world was coming to an end because I said the number "4" instead of the number "6".

    -Joe Hindy

  2. Oh god, people on the internet are hard to please nowadays, in spite of getting everything for free. There is should be a universal law that prohibits bitter people from using the internet.

  3. I had the FE and it was super glitchy, the finger print reader was terrible, the screen was not bright enough in direct sunlight. All those things are not present on the s21. I like it much better. That being said all the things Samsung has taken away is ridiculous and sad. Thanks for the video, nice work!

  4. I'm debating between S21 5g , S20 Fe 5g(has expandable memory) and Oneplus 9 5g. Can you help me decide? I like to take lots of pics and videos on my phone .

  5. So Joe Hindy is now reviewing phones? Cool.

    Also, the s21 not supporting MST for payments, that tells me Samsung is moving away from Samsung pay. They will eventually shut it down.

  6. Switched from Note 8 to S20 fe 5G…ita effi g amazing.. I was gonna get the Note 20 but it has no MicroSD Card slot… That's ridiculous I can't live without extra hard-drive space I use a 128gb SD card…. I miss the stylus but it's insignificant compared to how amazing this phone is…. And the specs are much better then the Note 20 even tho the Note 20 is more expensive and the only way to get the specs I want on a Note phone and a MicroSD card u have to get the Note 20 ultra which is double the price

  7. I wish they made s20 fe 5g in the size of s21. S21 on the exynos, without having microsd card and being more expensive seems to be worse deal, even despite its compactness.

  8. i presently have the S9+ and I still feel like I am crossed between getting the S2-0 FE for the sake of the battery but I am definitely one who values storage and photo taking so I am kinda leaning on the S21 for that reason. Gah I hate deciding when the phones are like not much different between pricing. I have heard tons of good reviews re: S20FE. Even with my S9+ I guess I could have used the media thing but I never did. (actually forgot it had one til a friend told me lol. I just assumed it had my old media card in it – It didn't) I am still crossed and undecided. HELP!!! lol

  9. are you sure? i have tested both telephotos and the s21 3x hybrid zoom sucked against the s20 fe's optical zoom, especially in low light… well the s21 does not have optical zoom at all, it is just 64mp digital crop

  10. The silver ring around my camera doesn't bother me one bit. I thought it would, it doesn't.
    And it's just STUPID to try to watch something full screen on a phone with a camera punch there. JUST SAYING!!!

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