Google Duplex – What’s The Danger?

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Jayce talks about Google Duplex and the dangers of this type of AI.


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Author: Rafael


21 thoughts on “Google Duplex – What’s The Danger?

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  2. This isn’t exactly foolproof…the AI repeats some certain phrases with the exact inflection and it sounds robotic. It’s not exactly passing the Turing Test, but very close…

  3. I think the technology actually is cool and it's up to parents to teach their kids to be interactive. I had to spend time with my 2 daughters to teach them interactive components in life. My fear is not the same as the person in this video but, rather, my heart goes out to the kids that don't get taught by their parents.

  4. We are doomed right at this moment ai is wayyy beyond what we predicted it would be at this moment in time what we are seeing right now should have happened in 230 or 2050 but because the technology is advancing so fast like every 3 years is like 20 years of evolution scary by 20 30 it’s going to be a different world …

  5. I’m a computer scientist so I’m not a technophobe, but…

    Google is downplaying it by saying it’s nothing like human, that it’s only trained to do these calls. It’s only an assistant.

    But let’s think of the possibilities that it already has.

    It can fully synthesize it’s own speech, including those ahas and lip smacks, which make it indistinguishable from human.

    Google claims, and it looks like it from the sound of it, that it can understand the context of an unexpected turn in a conversation, which causes it to adapt and stay on point, to change its goal instantly and discover a solution that it didn’t know about.

    So now imagine, if it can make a phone call and talk to you in the voice of your wife, husband, child, anyone that you regard highly, and if it asks you to do something, is there anything you won’t do?

    It doesn’t need sky net or cool terminators to get rid of humans. It will probably be the first time AI understands the meaning of irony, when it realizes that we ourselves have created weapons of mass destruction of humans, then we built enough bombs to blow up the earth many times over, and then we built AI capable of thinking that humans are simple selfish parasites, driven by greed, pride, arrogance and fear.

    Is that what’s going to happen? I don’t know. Can it? It most certainly can now.

  6. AI is like any other technology, it cannot be prevented, will have good and bad sides. I think some people just focus too much on the bad sides.

  7. When the Google duplex gets released, will they make the assistant talk more human all the time? I think it's voice is to robotic, specially in russian, a lot more robotic and (for some reason) reads text very slow.

  8. For me, Californians who insist on ending every statement with a question mark are creepy enough — and more or less guaranteed to make me "unsocial."

    Robots doing it back to them just feels deserved.

  9. I am mute myself and could really use something like this. It is very helpful and I don't see it being dangerous if handled correctly which I believe it will be.

  10. Hi i have a son on the way and I am completely terrified of how to limit the internet and social media without making him look like an outcast or feel like an outcast I mean I still have a long ways to go he's going to be born in like 2 months but I just don't know what and how are the best ways to limit the social media and not turn my son into a zombie I was born in 1981 so I understand what it's like without the internet and social media the only idea I have is definitely not let my son have a cell phone or any kind of social media device when he's very young like 2 years olds even older then that I just see these kids nowadays and how they are zombified in front of phones the parents just give them the phone and they're two years old and they know how to use that phone better than I'm using my phone right now and I just can't have that so if anybody has any tips how to tackle this situation the right way please let me know thank you

  11. I think that people are finding other ways to connect with people so I don't see this is a killer of human contact.

    Let's not forget that someone can easily use an app to book an appointment.

    I think a bigger danger is the threat to people's jobs.

  12. They used this on me a few minutes ago. Very very real. I had to start asking questions while she was speaking to me, questions to trigger expected answers. It took me 2 minutes to find out as it is very real. Its a shame people are already using this to scam people with little knowledge of technology. In this case she said her name was Ashley and was calling me to get me a good college scholarship, BUT she started asking personal questions such as email, home address, etc. Watch out people! That is only the beginning of this nightmare!

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