Google Pixel 1 Redux: Clear signs of progression

How does the original Pixel stack up today?

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Author: Rafael


48 thoughts on “Google Pixel 1 Redux: Clear signs of progression

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  2. Wish Google would have stuck with the two-tone design. The Pixel 2XL panda and white Pixel 3/3XL were beautiful. They've only got uglier from there.

  3. Heyyo, too true that flagships from years prior can still perform great in 2020. I maintain the LeEco Le Max 2 for LineageOS 17.1 and also TWRP. It runs great on Android 10 and plan to keep using it and keep updating it too. 👍

  4. Love my pixel, battery dies occasionally though, looking to upgrade maybe to 3A but after watching this I might keep this until it carcks it. Thanks

  5. I'm still using my OG Pixel XL as the daily driver, It works great , I am not going to upgrade until the new Pixel can support 5G , then I'll probably wait another 5 years to upgrade after that LOL

  6. In 2016, Android phones come out with 4G RAM and we're like…"Meh, it's ok". Apple comes out with flagship phones in 2020 with 3G RAM, Apple fans are like "WOOT"! LOL!

  7. Loved my Pixel 1 and the camera but I was forced to switch because the battery life had deteriorated far too much to be usable; I was getting less than 3h of SoT each day and performance even in the system UI had become poor.

  8. it just shows how good a phone can be if you keep it updated.

    Samsung: what? I cant hear you over the petitions being made!

  9. I think the video took the complete wrong approach. Sure the original Pixel stands up to todays standards with Android 10, but your forgot all the issues pixel phone have had with hardware. Each generation of the device has been working of fixing the shortcomings with hardware. The real things is that new phones from Samsung & One Plus need those specs otherwise they wouldn't really run well, where as pixel takes a very conservative efficient approach is able to do a lot more with a lot less.

  10. My phone's boot loader not working
    Recovery mode not working
    If I attached my phone with my computer and give adb device command it say no device attached
    Plz help me to start my phone again no issue if data lost
    Contact or whatsapp 8146535307

  11. Still got my original Pixel XL as a backup phone, haven't bought a new one since. My main phone is a OnePlus 6T. The first 2 videos on my channel are from my Pixel XL, the rest are from my 6T. I use my Pixel to take all my photos since it outperforms my 6T in that category. Videos on the other hand, the 6T has 4k 60 fps so it smashes the Pixel in that category.

  12. The answer is none, the og pixel are the only phones with sd 821 that run android 10 officially .. & still have og pixel as my backup phone.. really good, running smooth with android 10.

  13. I still use my OG Pixel today, but HTC really messed up their QA. Got 2 RMAs:
    First died and never turned on again.
    Second battery died
    Third I am currently using has very weak wifi and bluetooth signal, which I can workaround temporarily by pressing hard on the top right corner of the screen. So they messed up the internal connectors for wiring of antenna cables. I discovered that many others also experience this problem on iFixit.

  14. The OG Pixel seems to be the least controversial, again just behind a year in design but otherwise the best Pixel for its time. Definitely aged better than most phones

  15. I own a pixel 3xl and very pleaesed with it for the day to day use. Camera is awesome and so is the performance with a very basic hardware. I feel pixels are overpriced and google should also expand its service network in Asia

  16. Joining the "I watched this on an original Pixel" crowd. I use this phone all day every day and I've beat the hell out of it – it's fine. It takes better pictures than my 2018 iPad Pro. It takes better pictures than my Olympus digital camera.

  17. I still have it. Bought for £400 (in 2017 i think), still perfect phone. All the up to day updates are priceless in comparison with Samsung outdated in 2 years with their crapware on top of it. I'm still not considering buying new phone.

  18. Still have mine, 128 GB white. Love it although battery life is starting to fail. I have been reluctant to upgrade and waiting for pixel xl 5 with hopes

  19. I wish the Pixel phones were more widely available, in more countries, specially the mid-range models (3a and the upcoming 4a). In Brazil, for example, none of them are officially sold.

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