Google Pixel 3 / 3 XL Review: BETTER than you think

Google’s latest phones are better than ever, with improved screens, incredible cameras, and new features like wireless charging. So why are so many people unimpressed with them?

Our review lays out why you should or shouldn’t rush out to buy the Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL. Read our full review @

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Author: Rafael


39 thoughts on “Google Pixel 3 / 3 XL Review: BETTER than you think

  1. 2018 was the last good year for Android security. Face ID is not as secure as a capacitive fingerprint reader, no matter what Google says. And an in-display reader can be opened with a dead finger, an “old fashioned” capacitive reader cannot.

  2. am I one of the few that actually likes the notch look. I've always wanted a phone like that but when I ordered the 3a XL, I was disappointed that it didn't have it:(but overall the bezels aren't ugly, the bezels on my Xperia are a lot bigger.

  3. I had very bad experience with Pixel 3XL. I just ordered a new unlocked Pixel 3XL 128GB from Google store online on 2/1/2019, received it on 2/11/2019. It's nice look, great camera. I like it a lot. But all of the sudden it powered off on 3/5/2019, and couldn't turn on anymore. I online chatted with google customer service, went through all troubleshooting steps, no working. Then they offered me a replacement phone, but when I clicked the replacement link, I found it's a refurbished device they offered. So I contacted Google again, request a new phone as the replacement Since I paid it for a new phone, and it's only 22 days. But they refused to replace it with a new phone because they only have refurbished device as replacement. And they won't refund me because the refund period is only 15 days. I checked the warranty for defective Pixel 3XL is one year, and the context is "Google will in its sole discretion and to the extent permitted by law repair your Device using new or refurbished parts, replace your Device with a new or refurbished Device functionally at least equivalent to yours, or accept the return of your Device in exchange for a refund of the purchase price you paid for your Device." After 32 emails back and forth, they said Google put "in its sole discretion" on the warranty, so they only offer refurbished device. I can take it, or pay the repair outside the warranty. The case is not resolved yet, I will seek for the legal help.

    Two things people needs to think before they buy the Pixel 3XL:
    1. The problem with the invalid operating system on Pixel 3XL is not rare. After I ran into this problem, I did research. There are quite a lot complaint about this problem. And it's a fundamental problem because the phone is dead. No matter how chic the looking is, how good the photo is taken, phone is used to communication. Think of you're on the way to an appointment, and your phone just power off. And you don't remember the address of the appointment and the number of your contact, that's terrible!!!
    2. The way of the customer service explaining the warranty is big big surprise for me too. Refurbished device is usually returned for all kinds of problem. And you paid for a new phone, and only can get a refurbished one as replacement if your new phone had problem. Customer service won't give you any other options.

  4. Ugh, having a real hard time switching from my pixel one. I use the headphone jack all the time. I watch twitch all day at work and I have not found a Bluetooth headset to have perfect video sync and splitting the charger and audio via one port sucks when having the phone in landscape mode

  5. I got mine 3 days ago. I've been a top tier Samsung user for years. I am very impressed with the Pixel 3 XL. The camera is fantastic as well as the on board speakers. All in all, the best phone I've had so far.

  6. Anyone else have clicking/interference when in a call on the earpiece? Seems worse when in an area with weak cell signal. Gone when using speaker phone or earbuds.

  7. if u said so… payd advertise… that phone is a trash and all youtubers make marketing cuz they are paid… a trash phone of 1000 euro lol :)))

  8. I love my Pixel 3. Very impressed with nearly every aspect. After owning nothing but HTC phones, the one slight weakness with the Pixel 3 is the audio performance. Not on calls, mind you, but when playing music. It just doesn't have the beefy sound I became used to.

  9. This is the most positive comments section I've seen on the Pixel 3 / 3 XL topic! Honestly the notch doesn't bother me much, the only time it bothers me is when I watch a vid or movie in full screen and it cuts out a bit of it but I would prefer the XL's notch over shorter battery life with the Pixel 3! I don't like the amount of ram though, why can't they make it 6-8 gigs of ram? I love the camera and google assistant!

  10. Thanks for the video! I'm going to keep my Pixel XL for now. I tried out the Pixel XL 3 and the screen simply isn't as amazing as it should be. That notch is haunting too and is very unnecessary. Pixel XL 4 here I come.

  11. Great review!! I want to buy the Pixel 3 to use as a second phone so I can try the latest features in Android pie and upcoming updates. Probably gonna pick one up this black friday

  12. You must be on some wicked drugs if you think this is a good phone. Here is a real life review. I have had my pixel 3 for a few weeks now and it's utterly crap! Photos are nothing to write home about oh and you are locked in to using Google photos app. Anyone who says otherwise is just dumbly believing the media hype. Battery life sucks I'm a light to medium user can get half a day from it. There is a static noise when making a call it's even worse when charging at same time the speakers in general are bad almost always have distortion. And a background static noise in every video you take. It overheats constantly! During setup, while on charge, while making a call, when you use it as a hotspot, while sending files to my PC via wifi or Bluetooth. I have a disability and can only use the phone one handed it isn't as good as they make it out to be. Messages go missing and so do photos. The only thing this phone is good for is hitting a Google employee around the head with. I want to like this phone. I do like the no bloatware. But even the Sony Xperia XZ2 compact is a better device. DO NOT BUY A PIXEL 3 PHONE EVER!!!

  13. I love the Pixel 3 XL I upgraded to after 5 years with a Nexus 6p on Fi. That device was very expensive back in 2013 /2014 to buy outright ( $650-$700 ) but it was comparable to other flagship devices from other platform and vendors. However , this Pixel is slightly better in specs ( 845 snapdragon, 1more Gig of ram, the camera of course is way better) but not $400 more better. Yes, I love it but it is at the very maximum level of manufacturer cost inflation to release these at basically $1000 ( $899 plus tax is $989…throw in a Spigen or caselogic plus the rediculous $80 charging stand & u exceed a grand) is highway robbery.

    So, very good phone that should sell for a maximum of $700-$750 . Google opted to aim high knowing the expectation would not cause an extra $200-$250 per device an impediment to sales.

  14. warning : Google pixels so called main features are for USA only..

    big turn off .. they should clearly state that .. feels like a rip off

    .. stay in the U.S.A then . dont sell them overseas.

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