Google Pixel XL Review

The Pixel XL is Google’s purest and most complete vision for what an Android phone should be, and it carries on the torch from the Nexus phones that came before it. Be sure to read all about it at

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Author: Rafael


46 thoughts on “Google Pixel XL Review

  1. I'm thinking about getting this phone today can anybody help me out please I wanted something different instead of the same old LG or Samsung thank you

  2. This phone is set to get android 11. Just a year ago android authority said that pie it would be its final update. I got android 10 two months ago. There are still companies barely updating to pie

  3. Battery life never lasts all day even if I don't use the phone. Needs an adaptor for earphones, it's a hassle . Difficult to get it to transfer information to your Apple or PC, drops calls when you turn the phone slightly to the left. Worst sound recorder ever , drops calls all the time. It is really the worst phone I have ever owned, sure it takes great pictures , but seriously when I really compared it to a note 8 I didn't see a big difference, I really have wondered if this is a premium phone because it seems so screwed up to me. I'm going back to Samsung as soon as this thing breaks I suspect that is right around the corner

  4. I've been suffering with this phone for over a year now. The only good thing about this phone are it's stellar cameras. Unfortunately it suffers from boot looping, the battery gets hot and doesn't last long, and the display is actually small by current standards. I really regret buying this phone. For all the good that people have said about this device, it's merely a budget phone in 2019, Google always had issues in the quality-control department, but even without the issues, it's still just and average phone with an above average camera. Google assistant is not reliable, it doesn't work nearly as well as Google claims.

  5. Nothing in these comments but a bunch of broke ass niggas complaining, if it was priced at 400 like y’all other knock off phones y’all be praising it, if you can’t afford it, stfu and move on.

  6. If you want to type everything, then why are you using the assistant? Just do the task. It would be quicker than typing everything out to tell it to do something. I think you are totally misunderstanding how to use it.

  7. ordered the pixel xl and the pixelc c tablet an hour ago. cant wait for next week. my nexus 5 has lasted me since 2013 but its battery has given up and even if i replaced it with my heavy use it wont last with max brightness – that doesnt even do it outdoors in the sunlight anyway – and 4G on. the nexus 5 was the best all around phone ever made.. until the pixel. massive props to google. i m not even mad about the price tbh. the engineering in these machines is astonishing and i LOVE the industrial look – some dont, especially not tech/android/google enthusiasts.

  8. And they say Apple "copies" Google..This phone legit looks just like the iPhone 6 design with a few tweaks. That and the obvious Siri rip off. And this is coming from somebody that absolutely loves android. Smh.

  9. It's a good attempt by Google, but they'll have to try harder if they want my custom. Personally I am not a fan on the backside design, and the front look standardly boring for such an expensive phone. No 128GB option, no SD card expandable storage, I have no wish to place my personal files in the cloud thank you very much, electronic image stabalization is no match for optical image stabalization and there was noticable video image buzz and shudder as the camera tried to stabalise a simple walking shot, no waterpoofing of any sort, lackluster battery life on the standard Pixel, a friend has a Pixel and the assistant is a bit rubbish to be honest and fails to remember context most of the time, no always on display… it's basically a SLIGHTLY jazzed up bog standard Android phone. Not worth the exorbitant pricing. I'll wait to see what the Galaxy S8, S8+, Note 8, and Pixel Version 2 have to offer.

  10. now android is more stable and and more customizable and more advanced than iOS and more futuristic and more easy to use (iOS) meh pefff I don't think so no way that he will be better than android Google u r doing great job

  11. Why tf are you comparing it to nexus and Samsung again and again… this is the first ever real android phone that competing against iphone at the same level.

  12. I have a N5x and it does most of the stuff the SO much more expensive Pixel XL does, but not quite so well. 🙂 Fine by me.
    I can buy four N5x for the price, here in oz, of the Pixel XL.
    That being said, the Pixel is a bold offering by Google and elevates Android to where it should be.
    Finally Apple, after a great start, have met their match, and now must struggle to keep up, which of course they are unable to, as the market is showing.
    This reviewer is great and better than the folk on Android Authority, who now seem just a bit overstated, whereas this guy, like the Nexus and Pixel is understated, honest and sincere.

    Thanks and Like and Sub.
    Greetings from downunder oz

  13. Okay, so I've had a Sony Xperia ZS1 for the past 3 years and I'm about to invest in the Pixel. Was this a worth it investment? I would likely plan to keep the Pixel for about 2-3 years again.

  14. I use both iPhone and Android. I always looked forward to the Nexus and the Pixel is nice but it's way too expensive. Nothing about it makes it stand out. But I want one anyway lol

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